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This is a list of social nudity places in Oceania for recreation. It includes free beaches (or clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches), swimming holes and lakes and some resorts.[1]


Australian Capital Territory[edit]

  • Kambah Pool, ACT

New South Wales[edit]

The following beaches and resorts in NSW are legally nudist or clothing optional:

  • Arcadia
  • Armands Beach, Bermagui, Sapphire Coast
  • Near Byron Bay, the beach adjacent to the Tyagarah Nature Reserve, south of the picnic area at the end of Grays Lane, has been designated a ‘clothes optional beach’ (nudist beach) by Byron Shire Council.[2][3][a]
  • BB at Byron Bay Luxury Naturist Retreat (Affiliated ANF)[b]
  • Gypsy Falls
  • Lady Bay Beach, Watsons Bay, Sydney Harbour[4] (name changed in 1977 from Lady Jane Beach)
  • Cobblers Beach, Mosman, Sydney Harbour
  • Kiata Club
  • Naturi Club
  • Obelisk Beach, Mosman, Sydney Harbour
  • River Island Nature Retreat
  • Rosco Club Incorporated
  • Samurai Beach, One Mile
  • Twin Falls
  • Werrong Beach, Royal National Park
  • Wrenbrook

The following beaches are used by naturists, but nude bathing may not be legally protected:

Northern Territory[edit]


There is no legal nude beach in Queensland. This was restated in April 2016 following another petition to the Labor State Government who said they would not approve a nudist beach. Police Minister Bill Byrne on May 2nd 2016 rejected two attempts - a paper petition with 527 signatures and an online petition bearing 946 names - to create a "clothing optional beach". Petitioners wanted a beach "for the recreational use of those who wish to sunbathe or swim nude without the fear of prosecution". Minister Byrne said the State's Public Safety Business Agency advised Queensland's wilful exposure laws were designed to protect citizens and keep them safe.. "As such, I can advise that the Queensland government has no plans to change the current legislation dealing with wilful exposure, therefore the designation of a clothing optional beach is not supported at this time."

Queensland is the only mainland state in Australia that has no legal nude beaches.

Current unofficial beaches are:

  • Alexandria Bay (known as "A Bay") near Noosa is a popular spot with nudists and arguably the most tolerated nude beach.[6][4]
  • Bribie Island - Remote beaches on Bribie were once popular with nudists, though Moreton Bay rangers as well as police now regularly patrol this remote island.
  • Buchan beach, 27 kilometres (17 mi) north of Cairns.[c]
  • Cow Bay, two hours north of Cairns[4]

The following resorts are naturist or clothing optional:

  • Balkaz
  • Cooroy Colony
  • Eagles View
  • Elephant Rock
  • Savannah Park
  • Tranquility
  • Whiptail

South Australia[edit]

The following beaches in South Australia are used by nudists:

  • Maslin Beach[7][4]
  • Ocean Beach near Robe
  • Pelican Point, Barmera
  • Murrippi Beach, near Whyalla
  • Point Drummond, Eyre Peninsula (not legal)


Tasmania Police in February 2016 said that it was illegal to swim or be in a public place without appropriate attire and patrols at Seven Mile Beach would be increased in response to the complaints.[8]

Nudists use the following beaches:[9]

  • Baker's Beach[10][d]
  • Green's Peninsula Beach
  • 7-mile Beach


Victoria has over 2,000 km (1,242.7 mi) of coastline with hundreds of beaches.[11] Three of those beaches are legal clothes-optional beaches:[12]

Previously listed as clothes-optional beach:

  • Campbell's Cove, near Werribee South[13]

The following are not legal nudist beaches but are used by nudists:

Western Australia[edit]

The following are legal nudist beaches in Western Australia:[14]

The following resort is Naturist:

The following beaches are used by naturists, but nude bathing may not be legally protected:


  • Public nudity is illegal in Fiji, but nude sunbathing is legal in resorts.[22]

French Polynesia[edit]

  • Toplessness is allowed in French Polynesia, unlike most parts of the South Pacific, even though there are no official nudist beaches. Bottomlessness is usually seen in private or hard-to-find beaches, but it can still happen in public beaches.[citation needed]


Yap Island, natives there go topless.[22]

New Zealand[edit]

There is no law prohibiting nakedness in public. In cases of ‘public nakedness’ the police go to the Summary Offences Act 1981 and consider, S27 Obscene/Indecent exposure; S4 Offensive behaviour; or S4 Disorderly behaviour. In 1991 an appeal to the High Court won and determined that the legal definition of 'offensive' was not met by mere nakedness, even in the presence of children, in a place where nudity was 'not uncommon' or 'known to occur'. There had to be 'intent to offend'. Public nudity on beaches is generally not enforceable. There have been a number of successful legal challenges to being naked in a public area, including cycling and running, so long as there was no intent to offend. [23][24][25]

  • Autumn Farm - Golden Bay
  • Breaker Bay - Wellington
  • Guysers Gaystay B&B (for men) - Rotorua
  • Herne Bay - Auckland
  • Little Palm Beach - Waiheke Island
  • Mapoutahi Cove - Dunedin
  • Orpheus Bay - Auckland
  • Ototoka Beach - Wanganui
  • Papamoa Beach - Bay of Plenty
  • Peka Peka Beach - Kapiti Coast
  • Pohutukawa Bay (Longbay) - North Shore, Auckland
  • Rarawa Beach - Northland
  • Smails Beach - Dunedin
  • Spencer Park Beach - Christchurch
  • St Leonards Beach - Auckland
  • Taylors Mistake Beach - Christchurch
  • Uretiti Beach - Northland
  • Waimairi Beach - Christchurch



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