List of social nudity places in Oceania

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This is a list of social nudity places in Oceania for recreation. Includes free beaches (or clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches) and some resorts.


Australian Capital Territory[edit]

  • Kambah Pool, ACT

New South Wales[edit]

In NSW the following are beaches used by naturists:

The following beaches and resorts are legally nudist or clothing optional beaches:

  • Rosco Club Incorporated

Northern Territory[edit]


Until recently,[when?] there were no legal nude beaches in Queensland. However, following a successful appeal from Ken Wenzel, a Sunshine Coast artist and nudist, the Queensland Summary Offences Act 2005 has been ruled not to apply to licensed free beaches.[clarification needed] The Queensland Labor state government and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council have said that they will now consider any approaches for legal nude beaches in Queensland.

Current quasi-legal beaches are:

  • Alexandria Bay (known as "A Bay") near Noosa is a popular spot with nudists and arguably the most tolerated nude beach.[2]
  • Bribie Island - Remote beaches on Bribie were once popular with nudists, though Moreton Bay rangers as well as police now regularly patrol this remote island.

South Australia[edit]

The following beaches in South Australia are used by nudists:

  • Maslin Beach [3]
  • Ocean Beach near Robe
  • Pelican Point, Barmera
  • Murrippi Beach, near Whyalla


In Tasmania nudists use the following beaches:

  • Bakers Beach (not Legal, be discreet)


Victoria has more than 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) of coastline with hundreds of beaches.[4] Four of those beaches are legal clothes-optional beaches:[5]

The following are not legal nudist beaches but are used by nudists:

Western Australia[edit]

The following are legal nudist beaches in Western Australia:[6]

The following beaches are used by naturists, but nude bathing may not be legally protected:


  • Public nudity is illegal in Fiji, but nude sunbathing is legal on resorts.[11]

French Polynesia[edit]

  • Toplessness is allowed here, unlike most parts of the South Pacific, even though there are no official nudist beaches. Bottomlessness is usually seen in private or hard-to-find beaches, but it can still happen in public beaches.[12]


New Zealand[edit]

Laws against beach public nudity are generally not enforceable.[13][14][15]

  • Little Palm Beach - Waiheke Island
  • Rarawa Beach - Northland
  • Uretiti Beach - Northland
  • Peka Peka Beach - Kapiti Coast
  • Breaker Bay - Wellington
  • Ototoka Beach - Wanganui
  • Papamoa Beach - Bay of Plenty
  • Guysers Gaystay B&B (for men) - Rotorua
  • St Leonards Beach - Auckland
  • Orpheus Bay - Auckland
  • Herne Bay - Auckland
  • Spencer Park Beach - Christchurch
  • Taylors Mistake Beach - Christchurch
  • Waimairi Beach - Christchurch


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