List of social nudity places in South America

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This is a list of social nudity places in South America used for recreation.

Nude beaches[edit]

This list includes topfree beaches, clothing-optional beaches (or nude beaches) and some resorts. Topfree beaches allow women to sunbathe without a bikini top or other clothing above the waist. Clothing-optional beaches allow either sex to sunbathe with or without clothing above or below the waist. A nude beach may also be an obligatory nude area, which means that both sexes are obliged to go without clothing above as well as below the waist.



Family in Brazil, Praia do Abricó

Public nudity is a misdemeanor in Brazil, except in places officially designated by the local authority.

Espírito Santo
Rio de Janeiro
Santa Catarina
São Paulo

Note: Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro is not a nude beach, despite its depiction as such in the 1984 motion picture Blame It on Rio.


  • Horcón: Playa Luna, beach in Caleta Horcón, near Puchuncaví at North of Valparaiso Province.
  • Arica: Playa Corazones has long been a site for nudists. In the 1990s, attempts were made to make it an official nudist beach, but these attempts failed due to the intervention of the local churches.[11]
  • Antofagasta: Playa Escondida (not an official nudist beach but nudity is tolerated there).


  • Tayrona Park, West from Cabo San Juan all the way until you can go no further and there's a nudist beach.[12]


  • Súa, a nude beach located about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of Atacames and about 35 kilometres (22 mi) southwest of Esmeraldas.[13]




Resorts and pools[edit]

Unlike public beaches, these are private property which admits the public.



  • Ecovila da Mata, in the municipality of Entre Rios, Bahia.[19]
  • Pousada Rio e Mar at the Massarandupió beach in Entre Rios.[20]
  • Quinta das Flores, in the municipality of Entre Rios, Bahia, Massarandupió village.[21]
  • Encantos de Massarandupió, in the municipality of Entre Rios, Bahia, Massarandupió village.[22]
  • Pousada Villamor, Coqueirinho Beach, municipality of Jacumã, close to Tambaba nude beach.[23]
Rio de Janeiro
  • Recanto Paraíso Naturist Resort[24] in the municipality of Piraí.
Rio Grande do Sul
São Paulo
  • Mirante do Paraíso[26] in the municipality of Igaratá.
  • Rincão Naturista Clube, in the municipality of Rincão.[27]


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