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A glass of Japanese Calpis
A glass of Fanta melon soda
A glass of German fassbrause
A glass of ginger ale
A glass of Swedish Julmust
Kickapoo Joy Juice originated in the United States
Japanese Ramune
Glasses of Red Bull Cola

This is a list of soft drinks in order of the brand's country of origin. A soft drink is a beverage that typically contains water (often, but not always, carbonated water), usually a sweetener and usually a flavoring agent. The sweetener may be sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, sugar substitutes (in the case of diet drinks) or some combination of these. Soft drinks may also contain caffeine, colorings, preservatives and other ingredients.

Note: soft drinks that are sold in more than one country are listed in this article only under their country of origin.


An 1889 Hamoud Boualem advertisement

Hamoud Boualem – soda brand that includes many flavours

  • Rouiba – Juice brand that includes many flavours[1]
  • Tchina – Juice- Group Cevital[2]
  • Xtra Power Energy Drink[3]


  • Hay Cola – Armenian Carbonated Soft Drinks with fruit flavours



  • Back o' Bourke Cordials – Range of popular drinks including Splashe Cola sold throughout north-west New South Wales.
  • BCX Royal Standard A brand that was heavily marketed in central Victoria in the 1960s and 1970s
  • Berts Soft Drinks A "family tradition since 1893" - founded and still operated by the Shelley family, formerly of Shelleys Soft Drinks fame. Located in Sutherland Shire, Southern Sydney
  • Bickford's – full line of juices, sodas, teas, and bottled water[4]
  • Bundaberg – family owned producer of Bundaberg Ginger Beer
  • Cascade – Quality Mixers, Soda and Cordials. Established in Tasmania, 1886.[5]
  • Cohns Another brand popular in central Victoria in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Cooks Soft Drinks – A family owned business in Pittsworth on the Darling Downs. Producers of Cooks and Dads ranges of old style soft drinks.
  • Cottee's – brand of cordial drinks, owned by previously Cadbury-Schweppes, now Schweppes Australia
  • Count Cola – now discontinued brand of soda
  • Crows Nest Soft Drinks – Crows Nest, just north of Toowoomba,[6] one of the oldest in Australia, est. 1903
  • Crystal – discontinued line of soft drinks, renowned for selling via their home delivery service. Later acquired by Cadbury Schweppes.
  • Golden Circle – brand of carbonated beverages
  • Kirks – line of sodas marketed by Coca-Cola Amatil
  • Gest – line of sodas purchased by Coca-Cola Amatil and merged with Kirks
  • Ladd's cordials
  • LA Ice Cola – cola available in four varieties
  • Leed – carbonated lemonade
  • Lido
  • Loys. - was a home delivered soft drink company, mainly in Victoria and South Australia. Incorporated into Slades.
  • McSars
  • McMahons soft drinks – popular family run soft drink company in Ipswich West St, Queensland from 1934 to the late 80s, founded by Frank McMahon
  • Marchants another defunct brand of soft drinks sold in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia until the turn of the 21st century.
  • Orfords, popular Toowoomba softdrink maker 1923–1989 – diversified into refrigerated merchandising cabinets and ceased softdrink production
  • Passiona – passionfruit-flavoured soft drink available previously from Cadbury-Schweppes, now Schweppes Australia
  • PipeLime
  • Port Of Echuca
  • Pub Squash
  • Saxby's Soft Drinks - Australia's oldest family owned and operated soft drink company, based in Taree NSW est. 1864
  • Solo – lemon-flavoured drink, owned by Schweppes Australia.
  • Schweppes – a range of mineral water/fruit juice drinks developed in Australia, with flavours that include orange-mango, and lemon, lime and orange.
  • Shelleys – founded in Broken Hill in 1893 as a family operated soft drink company, popular in New South Wales. Later acquired by Coca-Cola Amatil and eventually merged into the Kirks brand. The Shelley family also later founded Berts Soft Drinks
  • Slades 1860–present. Still produces a variety of niche flavours as well as contract manufacture for retailers private labels.[7]
  • Swing – Popular up until the late 1970s, Swing specialised in weekly home deliveries of glass bottles in wooden crates which are now collector's items. Used bottles were collected the following week, cleaned and reused.
  • Tarax A mainly Victorian brand that had a big presence before being merged with Schweppes. Still available as a bottom end supermarket brand.
  • Weaver and Lock – Western Australian brand of soft drinks now defunct.
  • Whitbreads Cordials – Charters Towers, North Queensland – Locally owned and family operated business since 1896 and still servicing North Queensland today.
  • Wimmers Soft Drinks – Queensland soft drink brand owned by Noosa Beverages Pty Ltd.
  • Woodroofe 'Big Sars' – Sarsparilla, Sno Top, Lemonade, Portello and a range of fruit flavours.
  • YY – Local soft drink brand based in Newcastle, NSW[8]


A bottle of Frucade (2005)
  • Almdudler – an herbal soda called by some "the national drink of Austria"
  • Blue Ox – energy drink
  • Frucade – orange-flavoured soft drink
  • Kracherl – lemon or raspberry-flavoured soda[9]
  • Lattella – whey-based line of juices available in nine flavours[10]
  • Pago
  • Power Horse
  • Red Bull – popular energy drink distributed globally by Red Bull GmbH
  • Red Bull Cola – cola from Red Bull GmbH
  • Rushh – energy drink introduced in 2002 by Rushh Gmbh
  • Dark Dog – energy drink


  • Goombay – locally available, champagne cola and pineapple-lemon flavoured soda[11]
  • Island Queen – locally available, coconut-infused water[11]
  • Junkanoo – locally available, lemon-lime soda produced by PepsiCo[11][12]



Akij Group[13]

Pran Foods Ltd.[14]

Globe Soft Drinks[15]

BD Thai Food and Beverage Ltd.[16]

Al-Amin Beverages[17]

  • Double Cola
  • Thunder – energy drink








  • Bec Cola – a brand of organic cola made in Québec
  • Big 8 – a brand of cola and bottled water distributed by Sobeys
  • Brio Chinotto
  • Bull's Head[19] - Best known for their ginger ale. Produced in Quebec's Eastern Townships
  • Canada Dry – very popular brand of ginger ale, but many other soft drinks are available
  • Canadian Gold Sparkling Waters – also available in flavours "sugar-free" bottled at source Marchand, Manitoba
  • Cannonball Soda – made by Garrison Brewery[20]
  • Cott Beverages – the world's largest bottler of private label soft drinks. Once primarily known for Cott Black Cherry soda and other flavours sold under its own name. At one time used the slogan "It's Cott to be good!"
  • Clearly Canadian – sparkling water available in many flavours
  • Crush – soft drinks available in many flavours
  • Eskimo Soft Drinks – a kosher brand of soft drinks distributed by home delivery in Montreal and Toronto, through the late 1970s
  • Freshie – drink mix available in 5 flavours, discontinued in the 1980s
  • Ice Castle – private label soft drink brand of the defunct Steinberg's supermarket chain. Notable for selling cans without pop tops long after they became industry standard.
  • KIK Cola – a now-defunct brand of cola once very popular, especially in Quebec
  • Life – shopper's Drug Mart brand
  • Marco Spruce Beer
  • Spruce Beer – a spruce-flavoured carbonated drink particularly popular in Quebec
  • Mr. Goudas
  • Pic A Pop – nostalgic brand of soda, currently available in 11 flavours made in Marchand, Manitoba since 1971
  • Pop Shoppe – brand of soda available in eight flavours
  • President's Choice – private label soft drinks line sold in supermarkets owned by Loblaw Companies Limited. PC Cola comes in two varieties, red label and blue label.
  • Propeller Brewery – small brewery that also makes a small line of soda including Cream Soda, Ginger Beer, and Root Beer
  • RELOAD – energy drink
  • Red Champagne[21] – local soft drink from Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec
  • Seaman's Beverages - defunct company, now sold by Pepsi mostly in Prince Edward Island
  • Slow Cow – an "anti-energy" drink from Slow Cow Drink Inc.
  • Sussex Golden Ginger Ale – a "golden" ginger ale originally bottled in the town of Sussex, New Brunswick; sold in Canada's Maritime Provinces and northern areas in the state of Maine.
  • Temagami Dry-brand Ginger Ale and Scotch Cream Soda drinks – available in Northern Ontario, named after the Temagami wilderness area in Northeastern Ontario, bottled and produced by Fortier Beverages in Cochrane, Ontario.
  • TOUCH – "Sugar Free" flavoured Sparkling Mineral Water, brand owned by Canadian Gold Beverages (2012) Golden Medal best Tasting Mineral water in the World 4x times
  • Vrroom – brand of fruit flavoured sport drinks and thirst quenching slush


  • Bilz y Pap – red-colored soft drink, available in regular and diet versions
  • Sorbete Letelier - local cherry-flavored soft drink. Each bottle has a natural cherry inside.


A can of Future Cola (2006)
  • Asia - by Xiangxue Pharmaceuticals
  • Future Cola – known in China as Future Cola, marketed by the Hangzhou Wahaha Group
  • Huiyuan – produced in Henan Province sold under the name Juizee Pop
  • Ice Peak - produced in Xi'an city, Shaanxi province
  • Jianlibao – orange flavoured soft drink
  • Laoshan Cola – produced using waters from Mt. Laoshan in Shandong province
  • Nongfu Spring water - a spring water beverage based in Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province
  • Smart – Coca-Cola Company; soft drinks of various fruit flavours such as apple, watermelon, grape, peach, coconut, etc.
  • Wang Lao Ji – local herbal drink


Postobón soft drinks

Costa Rica[edit]


  • Pasareta - A mandarin-fruit punch flavoured soda bottled by Ferencić and sold in the Istrian Peninsula


Czech Republic[edit]


Dominican Republic[edit]


  • Fioravanti – fruity, carbonated soft drink available in strawberry or apple
  • Fruit – soft drink – Famous old brand, available in many flavours, famous mascot Albertinho Dos Santos is very popular
  • Frukiss Soda – limited availability, and only in the central region of Ecuador
  • Jean Cola – available only in the coastal region
  • Kola Gallito – very similar to the Coca-Cola-owned brand Inca Kola
  • Manzana – apple flavoured sparkling soda
  • Quintuples – fruit flavoured soda, available in many flavours
  • Tropical (soft drink) – strawberry flavoured sparkling soda
  • Orangine – blackberry juice with soda, traditional in Quito.

El Salvador[edit]

  • Kolashanpan
  • Salva-Cola


  • Blue Sheep More Hito – Lime and mint-flavoured soft drink produced by A. Le Coq with the motto Lammastele keelatud!, or Not allowed for sheep!.
  • Buratino – Apple and lemon-flavoured soft drink produced by Tallinn Soft Drinks LTD Co.
  • Düšess – (Duchesse) Pear and soft drink coloured with caramel and produced by Tallinn Soft Drinks LTD Co.
  • Kelluke – (Campanula) Clear, lime-flavoured soft drink produced since 1965 produced by A. Le Coq, known as Tartu Eksperimentaal Õlletehas (Experimental Brewery of Tartu) back then.
  • Limonaad Traditsiooniline – One of the oldest surviving soft drinks in Estonia. The recipe was composed in 1936 by Georgian Mitrofan Lagidze, and the lemonade has been produced by A. Le Coq since 1946.
  • Lumivalgeke – (Snow White) Lemon and lime-flavoured soft drink produced by Tallinn Soft Drinks LTD Co.
  • Mõmmi Limonaad – (Bear Cub's Lemonade)
  • Punane Sõstar – (Red currant) Red currant-flavoured soft drink produced by A. Le Coq since 1969.
  • Tarhun – Carbonated water mixed with estragon-flavoured syrup invented in 1887 by Georgian Mitrofan Lagidze and produced by Tallinn Soft Drinks LTD Co.
  • Valge Klaar – (White Transparent) Apple-flavoured soft drink produced by A. Le Coq since 1976.
  • Hull Õun – (Crazy Apple) Apple and cola-flavoured soft drink produced by A. Le Coq since 2005, discontinued not long after and brought back in 2017.


  • Tarumba
  • Sunrise Orange drink
  • Raro
  • Coconut drinks
  • Kava


  • Battery – energy drink marketed by Sinebrychoff
  • Bratz Vadelma – raspberry flavoured Bratz-brand drink by Olvi
  • Fenix – health drink brand by Hartwall
  • Hyvää Päivää – health drink brand by Sinebrychoff
  • Jaffa – soft drink brand sold by Hartwall since the 1940s
  • La Rita – orange lemonade by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
  • Lemona – lemonade by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
  • Messina – blood orange lemonade by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
  • Muumi – woodland strawberry soft drink by Sinebrychoff
  • Olvi – produces Olvi Ananas (pineapple soft drink), Olvi Cola, Olvi Greippi (grapefruit soft drink), Olvi Hedelmä (mixed fruit soft drink), Olvi Jaffa (orange soft drink) and Olvi Lemon (lemon soft drink), Olvi Omena (apple soft drink)
  • Omenalimonadi – apple soft drink by Hartwall
  • Omenapore – remake of one of the two oldest Finnish soft drinks by Nokian Panimo
  • Pirkka-colaKesko strore brand cola
  • Puolukkapore – lingonberry soft drink by Nokian Panimo
  • Päärynälimonadi – pear soft drink by Hartwall
  • Pommac – oak barrel maturated soft drink, first made in 1914, now by Hartwall
  • Rainbow-colaS Group store brand cola
  • Rio Cola – cola by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
  • Rio Rita – raspberry soft drink by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
  • Sittis – remake of one of the two oldest Finnish lemonades by Nokian Panimo
  • SitruunaSooda – remake of one of the two oldest Finnish lemonades by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
  • Smurffi – pear flavoured The Smurfs-brand soft drink
  • Teho – Many varieties of energy drinks.
  • Turtles Päärynä – pear flavoured Turtles-brand soft drink
  • Vadelmalimonadi – raspberry soft drink by Hartwall


  • Auvergnat cola – regional cola introduced in 2009
  • Badoit – French brand of mineral water
  • Breizh Cola – regionally available cola
  • Cristaline – French brand of source water
  • Corsica Cola – regional cola introduced in 2003
  • Chibre Bleu – French brand of soft drink introduced in 2019 in Marseille
  • El Ché-Cola – natural cola brand, producer donates half its profits
  • Gini – lemon soft drink distributed by Cadbury Schweppes
  • Joker – brand of juices available in many varieties
  • La Mortuacienne - artisanal lemonade produced by maison Rième
  • Liptonic – tea carbonated soft drink
  • Lorina – fruity, carbonated soft drink available in six flavours
  • Mecca-Cola – Muslim-directed cola produced by the Mecca Cola World Company
  • Oasis – fruity multi flavor juices
  • Orangina – orange flavoured fizzy drink
  • Perrier – naturally-carbonated mineral water bottled in distinctive green bottles by the Nestlé Corporation
  • Pschitt – lemon and orange soda available from the Neptune Group
  • Ricqlès – mint-flavoured soft drink
  • Tropico – fruity multi flavor juices. Slogan: "Quand c'est trop, c'est Tropico!"


  • 28 BLACK – Natural Energy Drink[25]
  • Afri-Cola – cola with a high caffeine level – 25 mg/100ml
  • Apfelschorle – carbonated mineral water and apple juice
  • Bionade – lemonade-like non-alcoholic soft drink
  • Bluna – an orange soft drink
  • Brottrunk – traditional healthy beverage made from bread, much like kvass[26]
  • Capri-Sonne – many flavours of juice sold in silver pouches
  • Club Cola – introduced in 1967 in East Germany
  • Club Mate – Mate Tea Soda
  • Deit – lemonade
  • Effect – energy drink
  • Fanta – line of fruit-flavoured drinks, available around the world
  • Fassbrause – spiced fruit-flavour soft drink
  • Fritz-Kola
  • Gerolsteiner – a naturally–carbonated mineral water
  • Hermann-Kola – brand of cola with a high level of caffeine
  • K-Fee – coffee and energy drinks
  • Karamalz – caramel or lemon-flavoured soft drink[27]
  • Libella
  • Mezzo Mix – orange-flavoured cola from Coca-Cola
  • Premium-Cola – line of sodas made in protest of changes to Afri-Cola
  • Red Thunder – carbonated energy drink from Aldi
  • Rhino's Energy – energy drink
  • Schwip Schwap a half-orange lemonade/half-cola drink by Pepsi – like Spezi
  • Sprite – Coca-Cola Company
  • Sinalco – lemonade
  • Spezi the original half-orange lemonade/half-cola drink by Brewery Riegele
  • Vita Cola – available in a Pur, Original and other flavours[28]
  • Gletscher Cola – organic and fair-trade brand of cola with raw cane sugar, guarana and herbs manufactured in Baden-Württemberg[29]


  • Brand "5" – carbonated soft drink available in raspberry and lemon flavour



  • Aquafine Blue Naturelle – spring water purified by reverse osmosis and ozonized by Tropic SA
  • Big Shake – protein shake in Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate by Tropic SA
  • Cola Couronne – fruit champagne by the Brasserie de la Couronne
  • Cola Lacaye – available fruit champagne, banana, and fruit by the Brooklyn Bottling Group
  • Crystal Sources – ozonized pure mineral water by BRANA
  • Fiesta – soda available in citrus, grape and cola champagne by Tropic SA
  • King Cola – available in banana, strawberry, grape, and cola champagne by BRANA
  • Limonade – cola, also available in citrus flavor by the Brasserie de la Couronne
  • Malta H – malt by BRANA
  • Megawatt – energy drink by Tropic SA
  • Ragaman – energy drink by Tropic SA
  • Robusto – malt by Tropic SA
  • Tampico – juice by Tropic SA
  • Tampico Soda – by Tropic SA
  • TORO – energy drink by BRANA
  • Tropic – juice by Tropic SA
  • Frucano Juice

Hong Kong[edit]

  • Vita Cola





  • AdeS – brand of fruit juice
  • F&N
  • Fruity powder drink – pop drink product by Forisa Nusapersada
  • Green Sands
  • Hemaviton
  • M150
  • Nutrisari
  • Piaw A&W Root Beer
  • Sunkist
  • Teh Botol Sosro
  • Sarsi - Sarsapilla
  • Badak


  • Aab Zereshk[39] – a traditional drink made of soaked dried berberis in cold water
  • AshiMashi – soda available in three flavours from the AshiMashi Group[40]
  • Delester A non-alcoholic beer that can come malt.
  • Doogh – traditional yogurt-based beverage
  • Istak A non-alcoholic beer that can come in many flavours such as green apple, raspberry, and melon.
  • Khiss Kardeh, – khiseh or Aab Kardeh – Old traditional drink for winter time, extracted from soaked dried fruits including sour cherries, apricot, prune, peach and fig in cold water
  • Koohrang – mineral water from Lake Shalamazar bottled by the AshiMashi Group[40]
  • Parsi Cola – produced by the Sasan Company[41]
  • Shadnoush – orange and lemon soda produced by the Sasan Company[41]
  • Sharbat – all different sorts, mostly made of cooked sugar + water, together with some sort of fruit for taste and aroma. Traditional sharbats include: Sharbat-e sekanjabin– cooked vinegar, sugar & mint, Sharbat-e beh limoo– quince, lime & sugar, Sharbat-e aab limoo – lime juice & sugar, Sharbat-e albaloo – sour cherry & sugar, Sharbat-e zaafaroon – saffron & sugar.
  • Sherkat alice
  • Tops
  • Ushkaya – hardnes:42, produced by the Kosarnosh Kandovan Company
  • Zamzam Cola



A bottle of Prigat Apple Juice


The bottles of Cupido Drink
A bottle of Italian chinotto
  • Brio Chinotto – A bitter tasting carbonated cola similar in flavor to tonic water
  • Beverly – a bitter-tasting, carbonated drink from Coca-Cola
  • CedrataCitron limonade
  • Chinotto – traditional Italian cola made with the chinotto fruit
  • Cupido Drink – represent the House of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, Italy. claimed to be the only soft drink that contains more fruit juice than a natural Juice 130% – produced by El Badaoui Group srl, Milano[42]
  • Crodino – non-alcoholic aperitif distributed by the Campari Group[43]
  • Crodo – large line of mineral water, soda, juice, and iced tea distributed by the Campari Group[43]
  • Estathe produced by ferrero spa
  • Lemonsoda – lemon-flavoured soda, along with Oransoda and Pelmosoda, distributed by the Campari Group[43]
  • Limonata
  • Sanbittèr San Pellegrino
  • Sanbittèr Dry colourless carbonated non-alcoholic aperitif
  • Stappj produced by diorio spa[44]
  • Sterilgarda – Company natural fruit juices are served in Neos flights
  • Gassosa – sweetened carbonated water
  • Spuma


Spruce beer sellers in Jamaica, circa 1861



  • Asahi Soft Drinks
  • Bubble Man – soft drink marketed by the Suntory Group, many varieties
  • Calpis Soda – a carbonated variant of the Calpis drink listed below
  • C.C. Lemon – marketed by Suntory, third most popular soda in Japan
  • Chanmery – non alcoholic wine substitute[45]
  • Cheerio – brand of soda produced by the Cheerio Corporation, many flavours
  • Hoppy – non-alcoholic beer substitute
  • Ito En Fruits Soda
  • Kirin Lemon
  • Match – drink – fruity soda with lemon and grapefruit flavors
  • Mitsuya Cider – brand of sodas available in six flavours from Asahi Soft Drinks
  • Oronamin C Drink – carbonated health drink produced by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company
  • Ramune – soda which comes in many flavors known for its unique bottle
  • Real Gold – carbonated energy drink from Coca-Cola



  • Amino-Value
  • Bikkle - a popular yogurt-based drink
  • C 1000 Lemon Water – A vitamin drink from the C 1000 pharmaceutical company, also in jelly form
  • Calpis – a concentrated soft drink, also available in diluted and carbonated forms and in many flavours
  • Hot Lemon – a hot winter drink usually served out of vending machines and convenience stores
  • Jūrokucha – blend of 16 teas, available decaffeinated
  • Lemongina – a sour lemon variant on the popular French soda Orangina
  • Momo no Ten-nen sui
  • Natchan! – an orange-flavored juice drink from Suntory
  • Nectar – a peach flavored juicy drink from Fujiya
  • Oi Ocha – a popular tea drink from Ito En
  • Qoo – fruity soft drink in a variety of flavours from Coca-Cola
  • Salt & Fruit – a fruity soft drink with lychee and berry flavors
  • Vita 500

Sports drink[edit]

  • Aquarius – grapefruit-flavoured sports drink
  • Dakara
  • Lipovitan – energy drink first released in the 1960s
  • Pocari Sweat – soft drink produced by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company



  • Bonjus – line of beverages produced in Lebanon by a company of the same name. The company was founded in 1962,[46]
  • Fridge – a brand name of a carbonated juice manufactured by Drinko s.a.r.l.[47]
  • Jalloul – old brand of soft drink
  • Kazouza 1941 – Kazouza 1941 is the nostalgic, yet renewed, Lebanese product/brand with varied and innovative flavors and a unique bottle shape differentiating it from available products in the market.[48]
  • Najem – old brand of Lebanese soft drink and producer of Kazouza 1941
  • Freez – a line of fruit flavored soft drinks produced by Chateau Ka



  • Buratinas
  • Diušes – a pear flavour soft drink
  • Frisco – soda, distributed by the Coca-Cola Company, available in many artificial flavours
  • Gira – a traditional Slavic, Baltic and Germanic beverage, made from fermented rye bread – crusts or malted rye extract, yeast and sugar
  • Selita – various carbonated and still soft drinks – also with juices maker and brand
  • Tarchunas
Discontinued Soviet-era drinks – circa 1980–1990
  • Apelsinas
  • Bachmaro
  • Baikalas
  • Fiesta – a lemon flavour tonic water
  • Mandarinas
  • Sajanai
  • Svaja – a carrot flavour original soft drink with sediments
  • Šaltukas
  • Varpelis
  • Vėsa – a strong specific flavour apple with mint drink




Three Choice – formerly known as Don Don, sold in various flavours including cola flavour, apple, grape and cherry


  • Kinnie – bitter, amber-colored soda
  • Krest – orange-flavoured soda produced by Coca-Cola


  • Ameyal – brand of fruit sodas available in 8 flavours
  • BEAT – citrus-flavoured soda from Coca-Cola
  • Chaparritas – variously flavoured soft drinks in small bottles
  • Ciel – bottled water distributed by Coca-Cola, also available in Angola and Morocco
  • Coyame – sparkling mineral water, certificade from UNAM, born in the mineral springs from Catemaco, Veracruz
  • Escuis – many varieties of fruit-flavoured soft drinks, founded in 1912
  • Jarritos – lightly carbonated brand of soft drinks, available in twelve flavours
  • Joya – brand of fruit sodas available in eight flavours from the Coca-Cola Company
  • Lulu – carbonated soft drinks, available in various flavors
  • Manzana Lift – line of apple-flavoured sodas available in five varieties from Coca-Cola
  • Manzanita Deliciosa – flavoured apple soda, from Toluca México traditional with Mexican food, since 56 years ago
  • Manzanita Sol – apple-flavoured beverages distributed by PepsiCo
  • Pascual Boing – large line of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks in many flavours
  • Peñafiel – mineral water available in three varieties from Cadbury-Schweppes
  • Sangria Señorial – sangria-flavoured, non-alcoholic beverage
  • Sangria Topochico – sangria
  • Sidral Mundet – apple soft drink
  • Toni Col – vanilla flavoured soft drink
  • Topo chico – mineral water bottled in Monterrey
  • Whopperán – gooseberry flavoured soft drink
  • Yoli – lime flavoured, from the state of Guerrero
  • Zaraza – commercially available as recently as 1986 in Veracruz


  • Cool – range of soft drinks made from concentrated fruit juices
  • Hawai – carbonated soft drink, available in pineapple and tropical flavours.
  • Poms – apple flavoured carbonated soft drink
  • Top's – soft drink in various flavours
  • Vimto
  • Mountain Dew
  • Seven up (Original-Mojito)
  • Evervess
  • Mirinda (Orange-Lemon)
  • Orangina
  • Rani
  • Royal Club
  • Sumol
  • Guarana Antarctica



New Zealand[edit]

  • Foxton Fizz – soda, available in many flavours
  • Fresh Up - made by Frucor-Suntory Beverages
  • Höpt – carbonated, non-alcoholic hop-based soda with additional flavours
  • Lemon & Paeroa
  • Petes Lemonade – local brand, founded in Nelson, 8 flavours
  • V made by Frucor Beverages
  • Wests – local brand similar to Schweppes found mainly in the South Island, includes a wide range of sugar free, is New Zealand's oldest continuous manufacturer of soft drinks
  • Demon energy drink.
  • Chi
  • Endeavour Mixers
  • Illicit cola


  • Julebrus – Type of soda sold around Christmas, many varieties and brands
  • Eventyrbrus – carbonated red-coloured drink
  • Farris – mineral water, bottled since 1907
  • Ingefærøl – ginger ale
  • Isklar – pure glacier mineral water, still and sparkling
  • Mozell – apple and grape flavoured soda
  • Solo – orange flavoured, also other varieties, lemon, guava
  • Tab X-Tra – Sugar free cola drink
  • Urge – Predecessor and Norwegian version of the Surge soda from Coca-Cola
  • Urge Intense – Energy drink sold under the Urge brand
  • Villa – mixed fruits, formerly known as Villa Farris
  • Voss – mineral water, still and carbonated
  • Vørterøl - carbonated maltbeverage



Sting Energy Drink's Hummer traveling down the streets of Karachi, Pakistan
Sting Energy Drink's Hummer traveling down the streets of Karachi, Pakistan

Papua New Guinea[edit]

  • GoGo Cola – produced by Pacific Industries in Rabaul.[50]
  • Gold Spot – A range of soft drinks produced by Pacific Industries.


Niko Soft Drink



Carbonated soft drinks[edit]

Energy drinks[edit]

Juice drinks[edit]


Carbonated soft drinks[edit]


Puerto Rico[edit]


  • Adria - line of carbonated soft-drinks made by European Foods and Drinks
  • Borsec – mineral water bottled by the Romaqua Group S.A.[59]
  • Boza
  • Brifcor – carbonated, orange-flavoured beverage produced by the Romaqua Group S.A.[59]
  • Bucovina – mineral water
  • Burn – international energy drink
  • Cappy – natural fruit juice
  • Carpatina – mineral water
  • Compot
  • Dorna – mineral water
  • Frutti Fresh – line of fruit-flavoured sodas available in six flavours[60]
  • Giusto – line of sodas in nine flavours from the Romaqua Group S.A.[59]
  • Izvorul Alb
  • Natura – line of juices in five flavours from the Romaqua Group S.A.[59]
  • Quick Cola – cola distributed by the Romaqua Group S.A.[59]
  • Socată
  • Stânceni – seltzer mineral water produced by the Romaqua Group S.A.[59]





Energy Drinks[edit]




Sports drink[edit]

  • 100 Plus – lightly carbonated sports drinks from Fraser and Neave, Limited (F&N)
  • Gatorade
  • Sportade
  • Red Bull
  • Pocari Sweat
  • H-Two-O (H2O)



South Africa[edit]

  • Appletiser – apple, pear, and grape-flavoured carbonated soft drinks
  • Bashew's – carbonated soft drinks since 1899
  • Iron Brew
  • King Cola – carbonated cola soft drink
  • Kingsley – carbonated soft drinks since 2006[74]
  • King Malta – carbonated dark malt drink
  • Mirinda
  • Planet – soft drink – carbonated soft drinks
  • Schweppes Sparkling Granadilla Twist – carbonated soft drinks – passion fruit flavour
  • Socca Cola – carbonated cola soft drinks by Coo-ee[75]
  • Soda King – carbonated soft drinks
  • Soraya Apple Malt – carbonated apple flavoured malt drink
  • Sparletta Creme Soda – carbonated soft drinks – green in colour and a more 'floral' flavour than white cream soda
  • Stoney – drink Ginger Beer – carbonated soft drinks
  • Twizza – carbonated soft drinks it is known that stefany galant was this companies first consumer
  • Refreshhh! – carbonated soft drinks and energy drinks
  • GoodNight Drink – Carbonated relaxation beverage (Anti Energy Drink)

South Korea[edit]

  • Bacchus-F – non-carbonated energy drink by the Dong-A Corporation[76]
  • Cham Doo – cereal drink made from 15 grains produced by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Chilsung Cider – colorless, lemon-lime soda produced by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Coco – coconut-flavoured juice bottled by the OKF Corporation[77]
  • Da Jun Moon
  • Dynamic – energy drink produced by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Ginseng Up – ginseng-infused health drink produced by Ilhwa Company Ltd.[78]
  • Hi-Sec – grape and orange juices with fruit pieces distributed by Ilhwa Company Ltd.[78]
  • Hong Gee Won – juice made from the Yong-Gee mushroom, produced by Ilhwa Company Ltd.[78]
  • Hyeonmi Cha – made from roasted brown rice and sweeteners
  • ILAC – carbonated jelly drink and line of juices produced by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Mega Vita
  • Millennium McCol – cola made from barley, produced by Ilhwa Company Ltd.[78]
  • Milkiscarbonated milk in five flavors produced by Lotte Chilsung, available internationally[77]
  • Misofiber – apple-flavoured fiber drink produced by Ilhwa Company Ltd.[78]
  • Natural Soda – mineral-rich soft drink produced by Ilhwa Company Ltd.[78]
  • Pine Bud – pine leaf extract beverage produced by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Richard's Cafe – pre-made coffee available in 6 flavours from the OKF Corporation[77]
  • Sac's – three flavours of fruit juices produced by the OKF Corporation[77]
  • Sikhe – traditional drink made from fermented rice produced by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Sparkling – flavoured water available in 8 flavours from the OKF Corporation[77]
  • Today's Tea – brand of teas in many flavours distributed by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Vita 500
  • Vita Power – vitamin drink, available in two varieties, produced by Lotte Chilsung[77]
  • Volcano – energy drink produced by the OKF Corporation[77]


  • Clipper – strawberry soda brand from Gran Canaria, that sells only in Canary islands. It actually has a Wikipedia page, but just in its Spanish version.
  • Kas – fruit-flavoured, carbonated beverage brand, now owned by PepsiCo
  • La Casera – brand of soda marketed by Orangina Schweppes
  • Mare Rosso – bitter soft drink marketed by Coca-Cola
  • Mirinda – brand of fruity sodas in nine flavours distributed by PepsiCo
  • Trina – formerly "Trinaranjus", non-carbonated soft drinks distributed by Orangina
  • Missile Energy drink

Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Baby Brand
  • Elephant House Cream Soda – The Most Popular
  • Elephant House Lemonade
  • Elephant House Necto
  • Elephant House Orange Barley
  • Elephant House Orange Crush
  • Elephant House Soda
  • Elephant House Tonic
  • Elephant House Bitter Lemon
  • Elephant House Apple Soda
  • Elephant House Ginger Beer (EGB)
  • Elephant House Dry Ginger Ale
  • Elephant House KIK Cola
  • Elephant House Twistee Apple
  • Elephant House Twistee Peach
  • Mirinda
  • Mountain Dew
  • My Cola
  • My Orange
  • My Lemon
  • My Cream Soda
  • Ole Arshik
  • Ole Cream Soda
  • Ole Ginger Beer
  • Ole Zingo
  • Shaa Cola
  • Shaa Mandarin
  • Shaa Orange
  • Shaa Lemon
  • Sprite


  • Fernandes – soft drink[79]

Mineral water[edit]

  • Aqua Kristall
  • Basic One – sourced in Zanderij, Suriname
  • Diamond Blue-Made by Rudisa beverages
  • Para springs – sourced in Amazon rainforest fresh water resources, Suriname

MORE juices-made by Rudisa Beverages Basic One bottled water Wahaha bottled water



Sports Drinks[edit]


  • Rivella – milk plasma-based soft drink available in five variants (classic, green tea, sugarfree, peach, rhubarb) from Rivella SA
  • Passaia – passion fruit soda from Rivella SA
  • Kult Ice Tea – ice tea manufactured by Migros
  • M-Budget – low price drink line by Migros including Citron, Orange, Grapefruit and Cola. Every flavour includes a "zero" variant
  • Pepita – carbonated grapefruit lemonade, also available with orange, or lemon flavours.


Carbonated drinks[edit]

Non-carbonated drinks[edit]

  • Cha Li Wang – various flavours of sweetened and unsweetened tea

Sports drinks[edit]


Energy Drinks[edit]



Trinidad and Tobago[edit]


  • Boga – introduced in 1947, with 4 different flavors
  • Cider Meddeb
  • Fayrouz
  • Delice – brand of Danon company
  • Oh!
  • Pétillante Sabrine (exist in 5 different flavors)
  • Freez
  • Tropico
  • Coca-Cola
  • Délio
  • Viva
  • Raouaa
  • Diva
  • Florida
  • Fourat



United Arab Emirates[edit]

  • Power Plus – brand of energy drinks available in five flavours from ZamZam Refreshment[83]
  • Zamzam – brand of sodas and bottle water from Zamzam Refreshment[83]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Amé
  • Barr – brand of Scottish company A.G. Barr – range of drinks includes American Cream Soda, Cola, Red Cola, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Pineapple, Limeade and Orangeade and of course the world-famous Irn-Bru
  • Barley water – popular drink made from boiling barley
  • Bing – a dark orange soft drink produced by the Silver Spring Mineral Water Company
  • Bitter Shandy
  • Black Sun Energy drink
  • Boost – energy drink
  • Bouvrage – a juice soft drink, made with raspberries or blueberries
  • Cocofina – a natural coconut water and three flavoured coconut waters mixed with juices
  • Classic Cola – brand of cola
  • Cresta – discontinued fruit-flavoured "frothy" soft drinks manufactured by Schweppes
  • Dandelion and burdock – traditional soft drink made from fermented dandelion and burdock
  • Emerge – energy drink manufactured by Cott
  • Evoca Cola – soda made with black seed extract
  • Evoid Drinks – brand of fruit juices with no added sugars, preservatives, or other additives
  • Explosade – carbonated soft drink
  • Feel Good Drinks Co – brand of juices, now sold in 14 countries
  • Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Beverages – including traditional ginger beer; Victorian lemonade; curiosity cola; dandelion & burdock; brewed shandy; mandarin & seville orange jigger tonic water & rose lemonade
  • Firefly Tonics – line of fruit juices with herbal extracts
  • Folkington's - premium fruit juices, sparkling presses and mixers[84]
  • Fruit Shoot – brand of juice drinks from Britvic available in 5 flavours
  • Ginger beer – originated in the 18th century
  • Innocent Smoothies – 100% fruit smoothies and fruit juices
  • Irn-Bru – orange-coloured citrus soft drink from Scotland and very popular there; produced by A.G. Barr
  • J2O – soft drink made from fruit juices, produced by Britvic
  • KA
  • Kia-Ora – line of fruit juices available in 4 flavours
  • Lilt – fruity soda available in three flavours
  • Lucozade – energy drinks of several varieties, a former GlaxoSmithKline brand, now produced by Suntory
  • Lurvills Delight – discontinued soda
  • Luscombe Organic Drinks – hand crafted organic adult soft drinks including Hot Ginger Beer, Elderflower Bubbly, Sicilian Lemonade, Raspberry Crush, Apple & Ginger, Orange Juice, St Clements, Apple & Pear Juice, Devon Apple Juice.
  • Maine – line of sodas, cordials, and seltzers from Maine Soft Drinks Ltd.
  • Panda Pops – soft fizzy drinks in a range of flavours.
  • Purdey's – energy drink in two variants made by Orchid Drinks Ltd.
  • Qibla Cola – cola from the Qibla Cola Company
  • Quatro – soda from Coca-Cola
  • R. White's Lemonade – carbonated lemonade distributed by Britvic
  • Red Kola – fruity soft drink from A.G. Barr plc
  • Red Rooster – mixed fruit-flavoured energy drink produced by the Cott company
  • Relentless – particularly sweet energy drink from Coca-Cola
  • Ribena – brand of fruity soft drinks available in many flavours from GlaxoSmithKline, now produced by Suntory
  • Robinsons – brand of soft drinks available in many flavours of cordial and flavoured water from Britvic.
  • Rola Cola – cola distributed worldwide by Dubuis & Rowsell
  • Rubicon, exotic fruit drinks produced by subsidiary of A.G. Barr
  • Schweppes
  • Tango – originally an orange flavour soft drink, now a range of drinks including Tango Orange and Tango Apple, produced by Britvic
  • Tizer, produced by A.G. Barr
  • Tonic water – Carbonated water flavoured with quinine
  • Twiss
  • Vimto and Vimto Cherry
  • Viva Drinks – A range of functional drinks made with a blend of fruit juices, water & botanicals

Mineral water[edit]

United States[edit]

MinuteMaid mixed Pomegranate-Lemon juice


  • Paso de los Toros – brand of tonic water and fruit-flavoured soft drinks from PepsiCo



  • Frescolita – cream soda-type drink
  • Hit – carbonated soft drink available in 6 fruit flavours
  • Papelón con limón – traditional drink made from papelón, water, and lemon or lime juice


  • Xá xị Chương Dương - sarsaparilla flavored soda
  • Soda kem - cream soda drinks sold under several brands such as Mirinda
  • Number One Cola


  • Blue mountain juices – natural juices made in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe available in orange, passion fruit and mango
  • Carimba – carbonated soft drink available in three fruit flavours
  • Cascade – fruit drinks made by Lyons a subsidiary of Dairibord Holdings Limited
  • Chibuku – traditional sorghum beer
  • Mahewu/Mageu – a very popular traditional sorghum malt drink made by Makonde industries
  • Mazoe – concentrated juice from the Mazowe Citrus available in orange raspberry and cream soda – green
  • Quench – fruit juice made by Dairibord holdings

Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

Festa Soft drinks - Festa Grenadine, Festa Orange, Festa Pineapple, Festa Cola (contains extracts of coca leaves), Festa Tangawizi and Festa Lemon

See also[edit]


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