List of soil scientists

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A soil scientist is a contributor to soil science. Soil scientists include agrologists, pedologists and soil classifiers.

The following is a list of notable soil scientists.

Dr. Rajpal 1930 India Remark One of Greatest Soil Scientist of our times William Albrecht 1888-1974 USA
Percy Edgar Brown 1885-1937 USA
John Catt 1939–2017 UK Paleopedologist
George Nelson Coffey 1875-1967 USA Pioneer of American soil classification
Enrico Dalgas 1828-1894 Denmark Pioneer of soil amelioration and naturalist
Charles Darwin 1809-1882 UK Father of modern soil science. First scholarly treatment of soil forming processes
Vasily V. Dokuchaev 1840-1903 Russia Variously the father of modern soil science, pedology, soil geography
Friedrich Albert Fallou 1794-1877 Germany Founder of modern soil science; coined the term "pedology"
Konstantin Glinka 1867-1927 Russia Prominent Russian soil scientist
Eugene W. Hilgard 1833-1916 USA Father of modern soil science in the USA
Aminul Islam Bangladesh Soil horizon of Bangladesh land
Hans Jenny 1899-1992 USA Influential pedologist
Franklin Hiram King 1848-1911 USA Father of American soil physics
Nikolai Aleksandrovich Krasil'nikov 1896–1973 Russia Microbiologist
Justus von Liebig 1803-1873 Germany Father of soil chemistry
Thomas Lyttleton Lyon 1869-1938 USA
Curtis F. Marbut 1863-1935 USA Father of American pedology
John Mortvedt 1932-2012 USA Micronutrient fertilizer researcher
Bernard Palissy ~1510-1590 France First to research amending soil to replenish minerals
Lorenzo A. Richards 1904–1993 USA Soil physicist
Pedro A. Sanchez 1940- USA World food systems visionary
Olivier de Serres 1529-1619 France Promoted crop rotation as a way of preserving soil nutrients
Emil Truog 1884-1969 USA
Selman Waksman 1888-1973 USA Soil microbiologist
James Sanii 2000- Canada