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SB Collinda crossed the English Channel on solar power[1]
Solar Sailor of Australia

List of solar-powered boats is a list of boats powered by Sun, typically solar panels providing electrical power to motors.

  • Alstersonne is a passenger boat for 100 persons on the river Alster in Hamburg, Germany. As of year 2000 it was the largest solar-powered ship in the world.[2][3]
  • SB Collinda was the first solar powered vessel to cross the English Channel (in 1997).[1]
  • Tûranor PlanetSolar circumnavigated the globe on solar power
  • Sun21 sailed the Atlantic from Seville to Miami, and from there to New York.[4] It was the first crossing of the Atlantic powered only by solar.[5]
  • The Firefly solar boat[6]
  • Solar Sailor[7] shuttles passengers in Sydney harbor Australia
  • Sun CRZ 9 - Compact solar boat in Eranakulam, Kerala, India.[8]
  • de:MobiCat - passenger catamaran for 150 passengers, in Switzerland. Used on Lake Biel since 2001[9][10]
  • SunRider - Cruise boat for 10 passengers operating in Kerala, India.[11][12]
  • Sun CRZ 30 - Cruise boat for 20 passengers operating in Bathinda Lake, Punjab, India, India.[13]
  • Aditya (boat), India's First Solar Ferry was under construction in Kochi, Kerala, India.[14][15]
  • FunCat Electric-Solar Catamarans[16], available on the consumer market, utilize batteries or solar panels. Boats are for individual use or for rental operations. Made in Diamond Springs, CA by Sub Sea Systems, Inc. [17]
  • SeaZen is a Suncy SolarBoat operated in the Côte d'Azur, between Nice and Monaco. This motor catamaran is the first 100% solar powered boat, operated at sea, for boat tours or for boat rentals.

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SunRider during trials


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