List of solar eclipses visible from China

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Diagram of a solar eclipse (not to scale)
Geometry of a total solar eclipse
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This list of solar eclipses seen from China describes precise visibility information for solar eclipses and major cities in China.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring Earth's view of the Sun. Eclipses can be total, annular, or partial. The zone of a total eclipse where the sky appears dark is often just a few miles wide. This is known as the path of totality.

An eclipse that is "visible from Asia" in general terms might not be visible at all at a specific location. E.g., parts of Sri Lanka may fall into darkness for a few seconds, people in Indonesia, India, and Pakistan enjoy the partial eclipse, and Beijing may be too far away to fall under the moon's shadow.

Occasionally a major city lies in the direct path of an annular or total eclipse, which is of great interest to astronomy buffs – some people make travel arrangements years in advance to observe eclipses. Nearly two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans, thus a total eclipse at a major metropolitan area where hotels and amenities are available is an event of considerable interest.

Last and next eclipses for major cities[edit]

Name Geographical coordinate Total Annular
Last Next Last Next
Beijing 39°54.4′N 116°23.5′E / 39.9067°N 116.3917°E / 39.9067; 116.3917 1277 Oct 28 2035 Sep 02 1802 Aug 28 2118 Mar 22
Shanghai 31°13.9′N 121°28.2′E / 31.2317°N 121.4700°E / 31.2317; 121.4700 2009 Jul 22 2309 Jun 09 1987 Sep 23 2312 Apr 07
Tianjin 39°07.5′N 117°11.7′E / 39.1250°N 117.1950°E / 39.1250; 117.1950 1277 Oct 28 2187 Jul 06 1802 Aug 28 2118 Mar 22
Chongqing 29°33.6′N 106°34.4′E / 29.5600°N 106.5733°E / 29.5600; 106.5733 2009 Jul 22 2241 Aug 08 2010 Jan 15 2429 Jul 02
Hong Kong 22°17.0′N 114°09.0′E / 22.2833°N 114.1500°E / 22.2833; 114.1500 1814 Jul 17 2881 Mar 21 2012 May 21 2320 May 9
Macau 22°12.0′N 113°33.0′E / 22.2000°N 113.5500°E / 22.2000; 113.5500 1814 Jul 17 2881 Mar 21 2012 May 21 2685 March 27

Eclipses between 1001 and 3000[edit]