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This is a list of songs about Cork, city and county, Ireland.

  • "The Armoured Car" - about a famous greyhound owned by Con Doyle.[1]
  • "An Poc ar Buile" (associated with the singer Seán Ó Sé)
  • "The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee" - the Cork anthem
  • "Beautiful City"
  • "The Bold Christy Ring" - song about Cork hurler Christy Ring to the tune of Bold Thady Quill
  • "Bold Thady Quill" - a Cork song written about 1895 by Johnny Tom Gleeson (1853–1924)[2]
  • "The Boys of Fairhill" - popular Cork song, original version by Con Doyle, recorded by Jimmy Crowley.[1]
  • "The Boys from Rebel Cork"[3]
  • "The Boys of the County Cork" - written by Tom Murphy.[4]
  • "City by the Lee"
  • "Come up to Gurrane, Lizzie Windsor"- written by Tim O'Riordan of Natural Gas on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Ireland in 2011
  • "Cottage by the Lee" - written by songwriter Dick Farrelly.
  • "De Groves ov de Pool"[5]
  • "The Night the Goat Broke Loose on Grand Parade" - a Cork song from the 1930s, recorded by Dick Hogan (on Wonders of the World).[5]
  • "Johnny Don't go to Ballincollig" - written and recorded by John Spillane
  • "Johnny Jump Up" - about a strong cider available during the war-time years, recorded by Jimmy Crowley.[1]
  • "The Lonely Woods of Upton" - ballad about the Upton Train Ambush, a hit for Seán Dunphy in 1969.[6]
  • "Magic Nights in the Lobby Bar" - written and recorded by John Spillane
  • "Salonika" - there were two Cork songs with this title about the Irish serving in the British Army in the First World War, one for and one against. Jimmy Crowley collected the verses in his version from Mrs Ronayne of Cork.[1][7]
  • "A Song For Christy Ring" - another song about Cork hurler Christy Ring by Brian McNamara to the air of "Dear Old Skibbereen"
  • "Song for Churchtown"
  • "The Wild Bar-A-Boo" - song by Johnny Tom Gleeson about the Muskerry fox chase.[2]
  • "Youghal Harbour"

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