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I–V–vi–IV chord progression in C About this soundPlay .
vi–IV–I–V chord progression in C About this soundPlay .

The I–V–vi–IV progression is a common chord progression popular across several genres of music. It involves the I, V, vi, and IV chords of any particular musical scale. For example, in the key of C major, this progression would be: C–G–Am–F.[1] Rotations include:

  • I–V–vi–IV:C–G–Am–F (optimistic)
  • V–vi–IV–I:G–Am–F–C
  • vi–IV–I–V:Am–F–C–G (pessimistic)
  • IV–I–V–vi:F–C–G–Am

The '50s progression uses the same chords but in a different order (I–vi–IV–V), no matter the starting point.


A common ordering of the progression, "vi–IV–I–V", was dubbed the "sensitive female chord progression" by Boston Globe Columnist Marc Hirsh.[2] In C major this would be Am–F–C–G, which basically modulates key to A minor. Hirsh first noticed the chord progression in the song "One of Us" by Joan Osborne,[3] and then other songs. He named the progression because he claimed it was used by many performers of the Lilith Fair in the late 1990s.[2] However, the earliest known example of using this progression (at least in a major hit) is Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)", written by John Phillips.

Dan Bennett claims the progression is also called the "pop-punk progression" because of its frequent use in pop punk.[1]

In this ordering, the progression ends with a double plagal cadence in the key of the dominant (in the Mixolydian mode) and could also be respelled ii-bVII-IV-I, opening with a backdoor turnaround.

The chord progression is also used in the form IV–I–V–vi, as in songs such as "Umbrella" by Rihanna[4] and "Down" by Jay Sean.[5] Numerous bro-country songs followed the chord progression, as demonstrated by Greg Todd's mash-up of several bro-country songs in an early 2015 video.[6]

A 2009 song by the comedy group The Axis of Awesome, called "Four Chords", demonstrated the ubiquity of the progression in popular music, for comic effect; for instance, as the progression is played as a ostinato, sometimes it is used as a vi–IV–I–V (i. e. the "pessimistic" inversion). It was originally written in D major (thus the progression being D major, A major, B minor, G major) and performed live in the key of E major (thus using the chords E major, B major, C# minor, and A major). The song was subsequently published on YouTube.[7] As of May 2020, the two most popular versions have been viewed over 100 million times combined.[8][9]

The British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree made a song called "Four Chords That Made A Million" that appears to be a satire of the broad use of this progression in contemporary commercial music.


I–V–VII–IV in A About this soundPlay 

I–V–VII–IV may be viewed as a variation of I–V–vi–IV, replacing the submediant with the subtonic. It consists of two I-V chord progressions, the second a whole step lower (A–E–G–D = I–V in A and I–V in G), giving it harmonic drive. There are few keys in which one may play the progression with open chords on the guitar, so it is often portrayed with barre chords ("Lay Lady Lay"). The use of the flattened seventh may lend this progression a bluesy feel or sound, and the whole tone descent may be reminiscent of the ninth and tenth chords of the twelve bar blues (V-IV). The progression also makes possible a chromatic descent over a contiguous heptachord (minor third): . The roots of the chords are usually considered to be part of the Dorian scale; other modes, such as major and Mixolydian[10] can be used when performing the progression, even though the progression contains notes outside of these modes (e.g. VII for the major scale and the third of V for Mixolydian).

I–IV–VII–IV About this soundPlay 

"(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" by Carole King make prominent use of this progression in its verses. "Lay Lady Lay"[10] uses the similar progression I–iii–VII–ii; the second and fourth chords are replaced by the relative minor while preserving the same descent. This progression is used in other songs including "Turning Japanese" (1980) by The Vapors, "Sample in a Jar" (1994) by Phish (I–iii–VII–IV), "Waterfalls" (1995) by TLC,[11] and "Don't Tell Me" (2000) by Madonna. "Cinnamon Girl" (1969) by Neil Young uses I–v–VII–IV (all in Mixolydian).[12] It opens the verse to "Brown Eyes" by Lady Gaga", is used in the chorus to "Rio" (1982) by Duran Duran and "Sugar Hiccup" (1983) by the Cocteau Twins, and is in the 2nd part of the bridge in "Sweet Jane" (1988) by the Cowboy Junkies.[13] I–IV–VII–IV is a similar chord progression which is arch formed (I–IV–VII–IV–I), and has been used in the chorus to "And She Was" (1985) by Talking Heads,[14] in "Let's Go Crazy" (1984) by Prince,[15] in "Like a Rock" (1986) by Bob Seger,[16] and in "Steady, As She Goes" (2006) by The Raconteurs (minor tonic: i–V–VII–IV).[17]

Songs using the progression[edit]

This is a list of recorded songs containing multiple, repeated uses of the I–V–vi–IV progression.

Song title Artist Year Progression Recorded Key
"10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)"[18] Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin 2012 IV–I–V–vi G major
"20 Good Reasons"[19] Thirsty Merc 2007 I–V–vi–IV Db major
"Aicha"[20] Cheb Khaled 1996 vi–IV–I–V G minor
"Almost"[21] Bowling for Soup 2005 I–V–vi–IV B major
"Amaranth"[22] Nightwish 2007 vi–IV–I–V D minor
"Amaranthine"[23] Amaranthe 2011 vi–IV–I–V D# minor
"A New Day Has Come"[24] Celine Dion 2002 vi–IV–I–V D# minor
"Bad Blood"[25] Taylor Swift 2014 IV–I–V–vi E minor
"Beast of Burden"[26] The Rolling Stones 1978 I–V–vi–IV E major
"Bullet"[27] Hollywood Undead 2011 I–V–vi–IV E major
"Bullet with Butterfly Wings"[28] The Smashing Pumpkins 1995 vi–IV–I–V Bb minor
"California King Bed"[29] Rihanna 2011 I–V–vi–IV G major
"Caramelldansen"[30] Caramell 2001 I–V–vi–IV D# major/F# major
"Clean"[31] Taylor Swift 2014 I–V–vi–IV B major
"Come Over"[32] Kenny Chesney 2012 vi–IV–I–V Bb minor
"Cruise"[33] Florida Georgia Line 2012 I–V–vi–IV Bb major
"Cryin'"[34] Aerosmith 1993 I–V–vi–IV A major (chorus)
"Daddy DJ"[35] Daddy DJ 1999 vi–IV–I–V C minor
"Dammit"[26][36] Blink-182 1997 I–V–vi–IV C major
"Demons"[37] Imagine Dragons 2012 I–V–vi–IV Eb major
"Despacito"[38] Luis Fonsi 2017 vi–IV–I–V B minor
"Don't Forget Me"[39] Red Hot Chili Peppers 2002 vi–IV–I–V A minor
"Don't Trust Me"[40] 3OH!3 2008 vi–IV–I–V Bb major
"Don't You Wanna Stay"[41] Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson 2010 vi–IV–I–V G# minor
"Dragostea Din Tei"[42] O-Zone 2003 IV–I–V–vi; vi–IV–I–V A minor
"Dream Catch Me"[43] Newton Faulkner 2007 I–V–vi–IV D major
"Drive By"[44] Train 2012 vi–IV–I–V; IV–I–V–vi C# minor
"Electrical Storm"[45] U2 2002 vi–IV–I–V F# minor
"Faded" Alan Walker 2015 vi-IV-I-V F# major
"Feeling This"[26][46] Blink-182 2003 I–V–vi–IV E major
"Flashlight"[47] Jessie J 2015 I–V–vi–IV F major
"For the First Time"[48] The Script 2010 I–V–vi–IV A major
"Forever Young"[49] Alphaville 1984 I–V–vi–IV C major
"Fuckin' Perfect"[50] P!nk 2010 I–V–vi–IV G major
"Give Me Everything"[51] Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer 2011 vi–IV–I–V Eb major
"Glycerine"[52] Bush 1994 I–V–vi–IV F major
"Great Romances of the 20th Century"[53] Taking Back Sunday 2002 vi–IV–I–V G# minor
"Hair"[54] Lady Gaga 2011 I–V–vi–IV F major
"Hall of Fame"[55] The Script feat. will.i.am 2012 vi–IV–I–V G minor
"Happy Ending"[56] Mika 2007 I–V–vi–IV Db major
"Heart Attack"[57] Demi Lovato 2013 IV–I–V–vi; vi–IV–I–V F minor
"Hello"[58] Adele 2015 vi-I-V-IV (verse)
vi–IV–I–V (chorus)
F minor
"Hey Brother"[59] Avicii 2013 vi–IV–I–V G minor
"Hide and Seek"[60] Imogen Heap 2005 I–V–vi–IV A major
"Home"[61] Phillip Phillips 2012 IV–I–V–vi; vi–IV–I–V C major
"If I Were a Boy"[62] Beyoncé 2008 vi–IV–I–V D# minor
"I Just Had Sex"[63] The Lonely Island feat. Akon 2011 vi–IV–I–V D# minor
"I'm Goin' Down[64] Bruce Springsteen 1985 I–V–vi–IV Bb major
"I'm Yours"[65] Jason Mraz 2008 I–V–vi–IV E major
"In My Head"[66] Jason Derulo 2009 vi–IV–I–V C minor
"International Love"[67] Pitbull feat. Chris Brown 2011 vi–IV–I–V C minor
"In This River"[68] Black Label Society 2005 vi–IV–I–V E minor
"I Was Here"[69] Beyoncé 2011 vi–IV–I–V E minor
"Just a Dream"[70] Nelly 2010 vi–IV–I–V D# minor
"Lemonade"[71] Alexandra Stan 2011 vi–IV–I–V F# minor
"Little Talks"[72] Of Monsters and Men 2011 vi–IV–I–V Bb minor
"Love Me"[73] Justin Bieber 2009 vi–IV–I–V C minor
"Love the Way You Lie"[74] Eminem feat. Rihanna 2010 vi–IV–I–V G minor
"Marilyn Monroe"[75] Nicki Minaj 2012 vi–IV–I–V E minor
"My Name Is Jonas"[76] Weezer 1994 I–V–vi–IV B major
"Nobody's Perfect"[77] Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) 2007 vi–IV–I–V C minor
"No One"[78] Alicia Keys 2007 I–V–vi–IV E major
"No Woman, No Cry"[79] Bob Marley 1973 I–V–vi–IV Db major
"Not Afraid"[80] Eminem 2010 vi–IV–I–V C minor
"Numb"[81] Linkin Park 2003 vi–IV–I–V F# minor
"One Day"[82] Matisyahu 2008 I–V–vi–IV C major
"One of Us"[3][83] Joan Osborne 1995 vi–IV–I–V F# minor
"On the Floor"[84] Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull 2011 vi–IV–I–V D# minor
"Otherside"[85] Red Hot Chili Peppers 2000 vi–IV–I–V E minor
"Out of the Woods"[86] Taylor Swift 2014 I–V–vi–IV A minor
"Peace of Mind"[87] Boston 1976 vi–IV–I–V C# minor
"Pieces"[88] Sum 41 2005 vi–IV–I–V D minor
"Poker Face"[89] Lady Gaga 2008 vi–IV–I–V G# minor
"Pork and Beans"[90] Weezer 2008 I–V–vi–IV F# major
"Prison Bound"[91] Social Distortion 1988 I–V–vi–IV F# major
"Ready or Not"[92] Bridgit Mendler 2012 vi–IV–I–V B minor
"Replay"[93] Iyaz 2009 vi–IV–I–V F# minor
"Rise"[94] McClain Sisters 2012 vi–IV–I–V B minor
"Save Tonight"[95] Eagle Eye Cherry 1997 vi–IV–I–V C major
"Say Something"[96] A Great Big World 2013 vi–IV–I–V B minor
"Scar"[97] Missy Higgins 2004 I–V–vi–IV C major
"Self Esteem"[2][98] The Offspring 1994 vi–IV–I–V C major
"Silverflame"[99] Dizzy Mizz Lizzy 1994 vi–IV–I–V G minor
"Since You Been Gone"[100] Russ Ballard 1976 I–V–vi–IV G major
"Six Degrees of Separation"[101] The Script 2012 vi–IV–I–V C# minor
"Snow (Hey Oh)"[102] Red Hot Chili Peppers 2006 vi–IV–I–V; I–V–vi–IV B major/G# minor
"Soul To Squeeze"[103] Red Hot Chili Peppers 1993 I–V–vi–IV F major
"Sparks Fly"[104] Taylor Swift 2011 vi–IV–I–V D minor
"Stand"[105] Rascal Flatts 2007 vi–IV–I–V A minor
"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"[106] Kelly Clarkson 2012 vi–IV–I–V A minor
"Take on Me"[107] Aha 1984 I–V–vi–IV A major
"Tangled Up in Me"[108] Skye Sweetnam 2004 V–vi–IV–I C major
"The Edge of Glory"[109] Lady Gaga 2011 I–V–vi–IV A major
"The Kids Aren't Alright"[110] The Offspring 1999 vi–IV–I–V Bb minor
"The Nights" Avicii 2014 IV-I-V-vi-V F# major
"The Rock Show"[111] Blink-182 2001 vi–IV–I–V (bridge) A major/F# minor
"(There's Gotta Be) More to Life"[112] Stacie Orrico 2003 vi–IV–I–V F minor
"To Know Him Is to Love Him"[113] The Teddy Bears 1958 I–V–vi–IV D major
"Try"[114] P!nk 2012 IV–I–V–vi; vi–IV–I–V D major/B minor
"Tuesday's Gone"[115] Lynyrd Skynyrd 1973 I–V–vi–IV A major
"We Found Love"[116] Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris 2011 vi–IV–I–V D# minor
"What About Now"[117] Lonestar 2000 I–V–vi–IV E major
"What Would I Change It To"[118] Avicii & AlunaGeorge 2017 I–V–vi–IV B major
"What's My Age Again?"[119] Blink-182 1999 IV–I–V–vi; I–V–vi–IV F# major
"When Can I See You Again?"[120] Owl City 2012 I–V–vi–IV D major
"When I Come Around"[121] Green Day 1993 I–V–vi–IV F# major
"Wherever You Will Go"[122] The Calling 2001 I–V–vi–IV D major
"Whistle"[123] Flo Rida 2012 vi–IV–I–V A minor
"Who You Are"[124] Jessie J 2011 vi–IV–I–V F# minor
"You'll Think Of Me"[125] Keith Urban 2004 I–V–vi–IV; vi–IV–I–V A major/F# minor
"You're Not Sorry"[126] Taylor Swift 2008 vi–IV–I–V D# minor

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