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List of songs in Rock Band

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Rock Band is a 2007 music video game developed by Harmonix and distributed by MTV Games and Electronic Arts. The game is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Wii game consoles. Rock Band is based on Harmonix's previous success with the Guitar Hero series of video games in which players used a guitar-shaped controller to simulate playing rock music. Rock Band expands on the concept by adding a drum and microphone peripheral, allowing up to four players to participate in the game, playing lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals. The gameplay in Rock Band is comparable to that in Guitar Hero along with elements from Harmonix' Karaoke Revolution.

Rock Band for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 and 3 shipped with 58 songs on disk, while the Wii version, released at a later date, contained 5 additional songs that were released as downloadable content for the game. The European version of the game also includes 9 additional songs that have since been released as downloadable content for other regions. The player can expand their music library on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions by purchasing new songs offered on a weekly basis through the consoles' respective store systems. A full list of downloadable songs is available. For the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of Rock Band, Harmonix has created Rock Band Track Packs that contain a selection of the downloadable content already offered.

With Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players can export a majority of songs from the Rock Band soundtrack to their console's storage device by purchasing a "transfer license".[1][2] Additionally, certain songs rated as "Family Friendly" by Harmonix are playable in Lego Rock Band. "Enter Sandman", "Moonson", "Paranoid" and "Run to the Hills" cannot be exported to any other game in the series. The original recording of "Run to the Hills" was made available as a downloadable single and also in Iron Maiden Pack 01 on June 9, 2009.[3] While initially not exportable to Rock Band 3, "Black Hole Sun" and "Dani California" were made available via a patch released on November 8, 2011.[4] On the European version, "Hier Kommt Alex" & "Rock 'n' Roll Star" can be exported to Rock Band 2 but not Rock Band 3.[5] Exports of the Rock Band soundtrack (with the above exclusions) into Rock Band 4, for those that have already exported them into Rock Band 2 or 3, was enabled in January 2016.[6]

Main setlist

Players can play Rock Band alone through a Career mode for lead guitar, drums, and vocals, earning in-game money for their character to purchase new outfits and instruments. Each of the 45 songs[7][8] has a different difficulty ranking for each instrument part, as well as a total band difficulty. There are a total of nine difficulties, or tiers. In career mode each song in a tier must be successfully completed to move onto the next and unlock the songs in that tier. This tier system is also used for rating the difficulty of the song (the "Band" tier) and its separate instrumental parts for downloadable content even though the songs are not used to unlock new songs in career mode. Once songs are unlocked, they may be played in any mode, including Quickplay, and multiplayer (competitive and co-operative modes) off- or online. Each instrument part in each song can be played at one of four difficulty levels, which include Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

Song titles listed in bold utilize master recordings.

Song title Artist Decade Genre Exportable Family Friendly
"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" Jet 2000s Rock Yes No
"Ballroom Blitz" Sweet 1970s Glam Yes Yes
"Black Hole Sun" Soundgarden 1990s Rock Yes[4] No
"Blitzkrieg Bop" Ramones 1970s Punk Yes Yes
"Celebrity Skin" Hole 1990s Pop/Rock Yes No
"Cherub Rock" Smashing Pumpkins 1990s Alternative Yes Yes
"Creep" Radiohead 1990s Alternative Yes No
"Dani California" Red Hot Chili Peppers 2000s Rock Yes[4] No
"Dead on Arrival" Fall Out Boy 2000s Emo Yes Yes
"Detroit Rock City" Kiss 1970s Classic Rock Yes No
"Don't Fear The Reaper(Don't Fear) The Reaper" Blue Öyster Cult 1970s Classic Rock Yes Yes
"Electric Version" New PornographersThe New Pornographers 2000s Rock Yes No
"Enter Sandman" Metallica 1990s Metal No No
"Epic" Faith No More 1980s Rock Yes Yes
"Flirtin' with Disaster" Molly Hatchet 1970s Southern Rock Yes No
"Foreplay/Long Time" Boston 1970s Classic Rock Yes Yes
"Gimme Shelter" Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones 1960s Classic Rock Yes No
"Go with the Flow" Queens of the Stone Age 2000s Rock Yes Yes
"Green Grass and High Tides" The Outlaws 1970s Southern Rock Yes Yes
"Here It Goes Again" OK Go 2000s Pop/Rock Yes No
"Highway Star" Deep Purple 1970s Classic Rock Yes No
"I Think I'm Paranoid" Garbage 1990s Pop/Rock Yes No
"In Bloom" Nirvana 1990s Alternative Yes No
"Learn to Fly" Foo Fighters 1990s Rock Yes No
"Main Offender" HivesThe Hives 2000s Rock Yes No
"Maps" Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2000s Rock Yes Yes
"Mississippi Queen" Mountain 1970s Southern Rock Yes No
"Next to You" PoliceThe Police 1970s Rock Yes No
"Orange Crush" R.E.M. 1980s Alternative Yes No
"Paranoid" Black Sabbath 1970s Metal No No
"Reptilia" StrokesThe Strokes 2000s Rock Yes Yes
"Run to the Hills" Iron Maiden 1980s Metal No No
"Sabotage" Beastie Boys 1990s Rock Yes No
"Say It Ain't So" Weezer 1990s Alternative Yes No
"Should I Stay or Should I Go" ClashThe Clash 1980s Punk Yes No
"Suffragette City" David Bowie 1970s Glam Yes Yes
"The Hand That Feeds" Nine Inch Nails 2000s Rock Yes No
"Tom Sawyer" Rush 1980s Progressive Yes Yes
"Train Kept A-Rollin'" Aerosmith 1970s Rock Yes No
"Vasoline" Stone Temple Pilots 1990s Alternative Yes No
"Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon Jovi 1980s Rock Yes Yes
"Wave of Mutilation" Pixies 1980s Alternative Yes No
"Welcome Home" Coheed and Cambria 2000s Progressive Yes No
"When You Were Young" KillersThe Killers 2000s Alternative Yes No
"Won't Get Fooled Again" WhoThe Who 1970s Classic Rock Yes Yes

Bonus songs

A total of 13 bonus songs can also be unlocked through the game's Career mode.[8][9] The bonus setlist consists of bands formed by Harmonix employees as well as local bands from near Harmonix's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, or from Boston. The exceptions are Flyleaf, Crooked X, and Mother Hips. "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld" comes from the titular fictional band featured in the comedy show South Park.

Song title Artist Decade Genre Family Friendly
"29 Fingers" KonksThe Konks 2000s Rock Yes
"Blood Doll" Anarchy Club 2000s Rock No
"Brainpower" Freezepop 2000s Rock No
"Can't Let Go" Death of the Cool 2000s Rock Yes
"Day Late, Dollar Short" The Acro-Brats 2000s Rock No
"I Get By" Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives 2000s Rock Yes
"I'm So Sick" Flyleaf 2000s Alternative No
"Nightmare" Crooked X 2000s Metal Yes
"Outside" Tribe 1990s Rock Yes
"Pleasure (Pleasure)" Bang Camaro 2000s Rock Yes
"Seven" Vagiant 2000s Rock No
"Time We Had" Mother HipsThe Mother Hips 2000s Rock Yes
"Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld" Timmy and the Lords
of the Underworld
2000s Rock No

Wii version

The Wii version of Rock Band features 5 additional songs originally released as downloadable content on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.[10]

Song title Artist Decade Genre Family Friendly
"Dirty Little Secret" All American RejectsThe All-American Rejects 2000s Emo Yes
"Don't Look Back in Anger" Oasis 1990s Rock Yes
"Roam" B-52's The B-52's 1980s Pop/Rock Yes
"Rockaway Beach" Ramones 1970s Punk Yes
"Roxanne" PoliceThe Police 1970s Pop/Rock No

European version

The European version of Rock Band features nine additional songs not available on the North American disc. These bonus songs include English, German, and French vocals.[11] These songs were released as downloadable content in the North American market on May 20, 2008.[12]

Song title Artist Language Decade Genre Exportable Family Friendly
"Beetlebum" Blur English 1990s Alternative Yes No
"Countdown to Insanity" H-Blockx English 2000s Rock Yes No
"Hier Kommt Alex" Toten HosenDie Toten Hosen German 1980s Punk Rock Band 2 only No
"Hysteria" Muse English 2000s Alternative Yes Yes
"Manu Chao" WampasLes Wampas French 2000s Punk Yes No
"Monsoon" Tokio Hotel English 2000s Glam No Yes
"New Wave" Pleymo French 2000s Metal Yes No
"Perfekte Welle" Juli German 2000s Rock Yes No
"Rock 'n' Roll Star" Oasis English 1990s Rock Rock Band 2 only Yes

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