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The following is a list of all the Challenges used on Takeshi's Castle and known BGMs (BackGround Music). Some remain unknown but will hopefully be discovered soon.


Animuddle: No BGM

Avalanche: Theme from Bomberman (Arranged)


Ball Cupping: Leona from Dominion

Berryz Go-Go: Honky-Tonk Piano from Dominion

Big Bird 1: Unsused Track from Scramble Formation

Big Bird 2: Chekov's Run from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Bite The Bun: Theme From 1941

Blueberry Hill (Regular version): Stage 1 from SonSon

Blueberry Hill (Parents-Kids version): Honky Tonk Piano from Dominion

Boulder Dash (V1): No BGM

Boulder Dash (V2): Remix of the Theme from Ultraman

Brat Sack: No BGM

Bridge Ball: Theme from Combat!, FAB's Thunderbirds March

Bridge The Gap: Theme From Nuts and Milk (Arranged)

Buggy Me (Opening): Stage 7 from A Jax

Buggy Me (Race): Difficult Winding Road from Bari Bari Densetsu (Same as Midoriama Marathon and Wet Paint)


Catch It (V1): Vibrations by James Last

Catch It (V2): Theme from Season When the Sun Sets

Catch It (V3-1): The Chosen One from The Golden Child

Catch It (V3-2): Track 8 from Ganbare, Kickers!

Cheeze-Berry Hill: Theme from Butasan

Corn Cobb Trip: Fight theme from Ranma 1/2


Deep Float: Theme from The Longest Day

Die or Pie: Theme from Sky Kid (Arranged)

Dino Ride: Arranged version of Gunfight at the O.K. Corral theme

Dodgerock: Symphonic March from Ultraman Symphony

Dominoes: Theme from The Rat Patrol

The Dragon Lake V1: The Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Dragon Lake V2: Offenbach's Cancan

Drop in the Ocean: FAB's Thunderbirds March


End Bell: Theme from The Delta Force

Extinction: Theme from Commando (Arranged)


Final Fall: Original Composition

Final Showdown: Takeshi's Castle Theme

Fish Food 1: Surfin' U.S.A. by The Beach Boys (remix tune)

Fish Food 2: Surfin' U.S.A. by The Beach Boys (regular tune)

Flag Down: Disco Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band by Meco

Footloose: Track 8 from Ganbare, Kickers!

Fortress: Hospital Chase from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


The Gauntlet: Prome from Fantasy Zone

Giant Maze: Theme from Star Wars

Go Nuts (V1): The Acorn Fell down

Go Nuts (V2): Critter Skitter from Critters

The Great Wall 1: War from Rocky IV

The Great Wall 2: Theme from 633 Squadron

Grid Iron: Raw Power By John Deveraeux and David Reilly


High Rollers: The Monster Zero March from Godzilla Cronology 1 (Also known as Battle in Outer Space)

High Rollers (Obstacle Course Version): Unknown

Home Run: Territories: The theme of The Animal

Honeycomb Maze: Theme from Enter The Dragon


Indestruct-a-ball: Unknown

In The Sack: No BGM


Jetskid: Sunshine Drive from B.B. (Burning Blood)


Karaoke: Various

Knock Knock: Parade March II from Kagemusha


Leap Frog: Moving on from Runaway Train (film)

Line Up (Christmas): March of the Elves from Santa Claus: The Movie

Line Up (New Years): Unknown (Same as Samurai Back)


Match Maker: Best Shot from Hoosiers

Midoriyama Marathon: Difficult Winding Road from Bari Bari Densetsu (Same as Buggy Me Race and Wet Paint)

Mud Ball: Taiyoga Kureta Kisetsu by Blue Triangle

Muddy Waters: No BGM

Mudskippers: Unknown

Mudslide: Combat March

Mushroom Trip: The Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark


Nautiball: Unknown

Nut Roll: Critter Skitter from Critters


Oh Deer: Mashin Hero Wataru

Oh Ma Ha Beach: Sanchin Okoru from Prefectural Earth Defense Force

On Yer Bike (Introduction): Theme from The Grand Prix

On Yer Bike (Race): T-Square's Celebration


Pipe Down: The Chosen One from The Golden Child

Poles Apart: Power By Bill Conti, Music from the 1984 Olympic Games.

Prod: Unknown

Puck Over (Cards-1): Unknown

Puck Over (Cards-2): Stage 7 from A Jax

Puck Over Shoot: Unknown

Pushy Parents: Marine's Hymn from Full Metal Jacket


Quake: The Mysterians March from Godzilla Cronology One


Rat Race: Adventures From Super Mario Bros. 3

Rice Bowl Down Hill: Unknown

Ride The Wave: Theme from Star Soldier (Arranged)

Ro-Jim-Bo: Unknown

Roller Derby: Hashire Koutaro by Salty Sugar

Roll Out The Barrel 1: Mesa March from War of the Garganouts

Roll Out The Barrel 2: Fight Theme from Dragon Quest II

Roll The Dice: Forest Theme from Athena

Rope: Theme from Combat!

Roulette: Tanks From Dominion

The Run Way (V1): Koganemaru, watashi ga from Maris the Chojo

The Run Way (V2): Moodido By Toto, Music from the 1984 Olympic Games


Samurai Back: Unknown (Same as Line Up New Years)

Sand Flee: The William Tell Overture

Sandscript: Mt Tsukuba Fight Scene from Far East of Eden: Ziria

Shoot 'N Loot: Capcom Game Music Suite

Show of Hands: Theme from Sky Kid (Arranged)

Single Roller: The Chosen One from The Golden Child

Skittles (Cards): Unknown

Skittles (Roll): Unknown

Skipping Stones 1: Theme from Libble Rabble (only used in pilot episode)[1]

Skipping Stones 2: Escape From Torture from Rambo: First Blood Part II

Sling Swing Fling: Odoru Ponpokorin By The B.B. Queens

Slipped Disks: Theme from Thunderbirds

Slippery Wall: Theme from 633 Squadron

Slipway: Theme from The Bridge on the River Kwai (Arranged)

Snow Lane: Who Am I? from Ranma 1/2

Space Invaders: Theme from Star Wars

Square Maze: Theme from Enter the Dragon

Stock Pot Racing: Who Am I? from Ranma 1/2

Streets Ahead: Unknown

Stuff Diving: Theme from Sky Kid (Arranged)

Sumo Rings: Standard Sumo Drum Beat


Take It Snow: Unknown

Tobboggoff: Unknown

Tug of War (Choosing): Main BGM from Scramble Formation

Tug of War (Pulling): Japonica by Katsuhisa Hattori

Turtle Hurtle: Mick Meets New York from Crocodile Dundee

Turtle Soup: Mick Meets New York from Crocodile Dundee


Uphill Garden: Theme from Thunderbirds

Up The Creek: The Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark


Velcro Fly: Unknown


Walk The Plank: Unknown

Wet Paint: Difficult Winding Road from Bari Bari Densetsu (Same as Buggy Me Race and Midoriama Marathon)

Whack the Stack 1: Theme from Battle of Britain

Whack the Stack 2: Theme from Dragon Quest

Wipeout: Surfin' U.S.A. By The Beach Boys


Yellow Brick Road: Unknown


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