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This is a list of songs having lyrics in Latin.

This list contains songs that are performed in Latin by the named performers. Songs that sample other recorded music in Latin do not become eligible only by virtue of that sampling. Songs with only a Latin refrain are also excluded.

Classical music[edit]

Almost all Catholic liturgical music composed before the middle of the 20th century, including literally thousands of settings of the ordinary of the mass (Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei), the ordinary and proper of the Requiem mass, psalms, canticles (such as the Magnificat), antiphons, and motets. Famous examples include:

The libretto for the opera-oratorio Oedipus rex (opera) by Igor Stravinsky is in Latin.

Hymns and carols[edit]

Light classical music[edit]

Popular music[edit]



  • Avenged Sevenfold Requiem
  • EvanescenceServatis a periculum, servatis a maleficum
  • Subway to Sally - Ad Mortem Festinamus
  • Ghost Bc - "Infestissumam"
  • WhitechapelArticulo Mortis, Ear to Ear
  • Iced EarthIn Sacred Flames
  • HelloweenLavdate Dominvm
  • Mägo de OzLa Cantata del Diablo (Missit me dominus)
  • maudlin of the WellThe Ferryman
  • Deathspell OmegaObombration, First Prayer, Malign Paradigm
  • Death SSBlack Mass
  • Epica:
    • The Phantom Agony: Adyta (The Neverending Embrace – Prelude), Facade of Reality, Illusive Consensus, "The Phantom Agony"
    • Consign to Oblivion: Hunab K’u (A New Age Dawns), Dance of Fate, The Last Crusade (A New Age Dawns Part I), Consign to Oblivion (A New Age Dawns Part III)
    • The Divine Conspiracy: Indigo (Prologue), The Obsessive Devotion, Living a Lie (The Embrace that Smothers Part VIII), Fools of Damnation (The Embrace that Smothers Part IX), The Divine Conspiracy
    • Design Your Universe: Samadhi (Prelude), Resign to Surrender (A New Age Dawns Part IV), Martyr of the Free World, Kingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns Part V), Design Your Universe (A New Age Dawns Part IV)
    • Requiem for the Indifferent: Karma, Monopoly on Truth, Internal Warfare, Requiem for the Indifferent, Guilty Demeanor
  • MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
  • My Dying BrideSear Me
  • NecrodeathMater Tenebrarum
  • NemeseaThreefold Law, Empress, Mortalitas Part II: Dies Irae, Mortalitas Part III: Moriendum Tibi Est
  • Rotting ChristGloria De Domino Inferni, Non Serviam,Fethroestoria, Ira Incensus, Aeternus, In Domine Satana, Ad Noctis
  • Rhapsody - Ira Tenax, Agony Is My Name
  • SlechtvalkIn paradisum
  • In ExtremoTotus Floreo, Stella Splendens, Omnia Sol Temperat *
  • KamelotMemento Mori, March of Mephisto, Manus Dei, Veritas, Citizen Zero
  • KnorkatorAeger sum
  • Powerwolf - Lupus Daemonis, Prayer In The Dark, When The Moon Shines Red, Lupus Dei, Opening: Prelude To Purgatory, Raise Your Fist, Evangelist, Moscow After Dark, Catholic In The Morning... Satanist At Night, Werewolves Of Armenia, We Take The Church By Storm, St. Satan's Day, Opening: Agnus Dei, Sanctified With Dynamite, We Drink Your Blood, All We Need Is Blood, Dead Boys Don't Cry, Son of a Wolf, Night Of The Werewolves, Die, Die, Crucified, Ira Sancti (When The Saints Are Going Wild), Amen & Attack, Secrets of the Sacristy, Coleus Sanctus, Sacred & Wild, Kreuzfeuer, Cardinal Sin, In the Name of God (Deus Vult), Nochnoi Dozor, Lust for Blood, Extatum et Oratum , Last of the Living Dead
  • Rhapsody of FireIra Tenax, Epicus Furor, In Tenebris, Dark Secret-Ira Divina
  • SabatonWehrmacht (only refrain in Latin), Primo Victoria, Attero Dominatus
  • Tristania:



  • * These artists have recorded a significant body of work in Latin. Titles given are representative or well known.
  • † This symbol indicates a hit single.

Other music[edit]