List of songs written by Cole Porter

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A partially complete list of songs by Cole Porter.

  • Cora (1911)
  • And the Villain Still Pursued Her (1912)
"We are the Chorus of the Show"
"The Lovely Heroine"
"I'm the Villain"
"That Zip Cornwall Cooch"
"Queens of Terpsichore"
"Leaders of Society"
"Barcelona Maid"
"Silver Moon"
"Dear Doctor"
"Come to Bohemia"
"Fare Thee Well"
  • The Pot of Gold (1912)
"At the Rainbow"
"Longing for Dear Old Broadway"
"When I Used to Lead the Ballet"
"My Houseboat on the Thames"
"She Was a Fair Young Mermaid"
"What's This Awful Hullabaloo"
"What a Charming Afternoon"
"Since We've Met"
"We are So Aesthetic"
"I Wonder Where My Girl Is Now"
"My Salvation Army Queen"
"It's Awfully Hard When Mother's Not Along"
"I Want to Be Married (To a Delta Kappa Epsilon Man)"
"Ha, Ha, They Must Sail for Siberia"
"I Love You So"
"Loie and Chlodo"
"So Let Us Hail"
"That Rainbow Rag" (cut)
"If I Were a Football Man" (cut)
  • The Kaleidoscope (1913)
"At the Dawn Tea"
"We are Prom Girls"
"In the Land Where My Heart Was Born"
"Meet Me Beside the River"
"Beware of the Sophomore"
"Good-bye My True Love"
"On My Yacht"
"We're a Group of Nonentities"
"Flower Maidens"
"The Absinthe Drip"
"Maid of Santiago"
"As I Love You"
"Oh, What a Pretty Pair of Lovers"
"A Member of the Yale Elizabethan Club"
"Moon Man"
"My Georgia Gal"
  • Songs from other shows:
"Ace in the Hole (Cole Porter song)"
"All of You"
"All Through the Night"
"Allez-Vous-En Go Away"
"Always True to You in My Fashion"
"Another Op'nin', Another Show"
"Anything Goes"
"As On Through the Seasons We Sail"
"At Long Last Love"
"Be a Clown"
"Be Like the Bluebird"
"Begin the Beguine"
"Between You and Me"
"Blow, Gabriel, Blow"
"Brush Up Your Shakespeare"
"Buddie Beware"
"By Candlelight"
"Ca, C'est L'amour"
"C'est Magnifique"
"Cherry Pies Ought To Be You"
"Come Along With Me"
"Could It Be You"
"Do I Love You?"
"Don't Fence Me In"
"Down In The Depths"
"Easy to Love"
"Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye"
"Ev'rything I Love"
"Fated To Be Mated"
"From Alpha to Omega"
"From Now On"
"From This Moment On"
"Get Out of Town"
"Hot House Rose"
"How Could We Be Wrong?"
"How's Your Romance"
"I Am Ashamed"
"I Am in Love"
"I Am Loved"
"I Concentrate on You"
"I Get a Kick out of You"
"I Happen to Be in Love"
"I Hate You, Darling"
"I Love Paris"
"I Love You"
"I Love You, Samantha"
"I'm In Love Again"
"In the Still of the Night"
"It's All Right with Me"
"It's De-Lovely"
"I've Got My Eyes on You"
"I've Got You On My Mind"
"I've Got You Under My Skin"
"Just One of Those Things"
"Katie Went To Haiti"
"Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love"
"Let's Fly Away"
"Let's Misbehave"
"Little One"
"Live and Let Live"
"Love for Sale"
"Love of My Life"
"Mind if I Make Love to You?"
"Miss Otis Regrets"
"My Heart Belongs to Daddy"
"Night and Day"
"Now You Has Jazz"
"Once Upon A Time"
"Paris Loves Lovers"
"Pilot Me"
"Public Enemy Number One"
"Rap, Tap On Wood"
"Ridin' High"
"Silk and Satin"
"Silk Stockings"
"So in Love"
"So Near And Yet So Far"
"Stereophonic Sound"
"Take Me Back to Manhattan"
"The Physician"
"Tom, Dick or Harry
"Too Darn Hot"
"True Love"
"We Open In Venice"
"Well, Did You Evah!"
"Were Thine That Special Face"
"Weren't We Fools?"
"What Is This Thing Called Love?"
"Where Have You Been"
"Where, Oh Where?"
"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
"Why Can't You Behave?"
"Why Don't We Try Staying Home?"
"Why Shouldn't I?"
"You Can Do No Wrong"
"You Do Something to Me"
"You Don't Remind Me"
"You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To"
"You're Just Too, Too"
"You're Sensational"
"You're the Top"
"You've Got That Thing"