List of special events at Hiroshima Stadium

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A lot of official events were held and going to be held to enthuse the fans at Hiroshima Stadium.[1]

Mazda Stadium is a stadium opened in 2009 as the new Hiroshima Municipal Stadium replaced the former Hiroshima Municipal Stadium (1957) for Hiroshima Carp.


  • April 4: New stadium grand open Kio(Carp) festival was held as a pre-opening event.
  • April 10: Mazda Stadium opening game ceremony. Sing the official song of the team by Hitomi Shimatani and the fans. Ball relay (a ball used last game at the former stadium was relayed thought the schools in Hiroshima was finally arrived at the new stadium). Ceremonial first pitch by Tadatoshi Akiba mayor of Hiroshima.
  • April 14: Ceremonial first pitch by Yoshikuni Dōchin of CHEMISTRY (from Hiroshima).
  • April 26: Ceremonial first pitch by UNICORN (Japanese rock band from Hiroshima).
  • April 28: Ceremonial first pitch by Aiko Kaitō of Mezamashi TV from Fuji Television.
  • April 29: Ceremonial first pitch by Aya Takashima and Minako Nakano of Early Morning from Fuji Television.
  • April 30: Ceremonial first pitch by Akiyoshi Nakao and Yousuke Kawamura from the film of Rookies.
  • May 17: Ceremonial first pitch by Shinichi Hatori of Zoom in!!SUPER from Nippon Television.
  • May 24: Carp Road opened from Hiroshima Station to the stadium with a lot of panels of team's history and players.
  • May 27: 2009 Lay Judge de Carp cheer up day for the Lay Judge system restarted in 2009.
  • June 6: Ceremonial first pitch by Hideo Higashikokubaru Governor of Miyazaki.
  • June 8: Commendation ceremony of Sketch contest "Draw a picture to express and keep your thanks for the former stadium"
  • June 21: "2009 Pink Ribbon de Carp" to support the early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment of breast cancer. Detection at the stadium, Players, coaches and umpires play with the pink ribbon. The team mascot pink "Slyly".
  • July 14: Performing of Les Doux Cactus from Montreal (one of the sister cities of Hiroshima).
  • July 25: Mazda All Star Game 2009.
  • August 6: 8.6 Peace Line Messages: Made the peace line with 2,000 candle lights in the stadium to pray for world peace at the memorial day of atomic bombing in Hiroshima
  • September 15: Peace Line Messages at the night game 2009: Make a peace line with green T-shuts for fans sitting at 25 meters above ground (same high of the atomic bomd dome) and for all fans with green peace line poster. Players, coaches and umpires play with peace wappen (emblem). Televise the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Declaration of Nobel Peace Laureates and peace messages of children on the screen.
  • September 21: Akai-Hane collaboration night game to support the Red Feather Donation. Ceremonial first pitch by Kōjiro Ikegaya former pitcher of Hiroshima Carp. Players play with the red feather designed emblem and use the red feather designed bases. Auction player's uniform to donate.


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