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The following is an incomplete list of notable spies during World War II.

Spies for France[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Peggy Taylor Taylor was a French spy who shot and killed a German Gestapo colonel when she was 21. [1]

Gabrielle Bonheur(spy)]]

Gabrielle was a french nazi spy who reported information to French colony. Was later accused.

Spies for Germany[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Mathilde Carré Carré was a double agent. [2]
Harold Cole Cole betrayed French resistance. [3]
Astrid Dövle Dollis Dahlgren She was a Norwegian employed by the Germans. [4]
Jessie Jordan Scottish hairdesser actually arrested in 1937 and imprisoned until she could be deported [5]
Horst Kopkow Kopkow was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of captured Allied agents. [6]
Elyesa Bazna Code name Cicero; Worked for the British ambassador in Ankara and photographed many top-secrets documents for Nazi Germany

Spies for Italy[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Carmelo Borg Pisani Carmelo Borg Pisani was a Maltese-born artist and Italian Fascist who, on being discovered during an espionage mission in Malta, was found guilty by a British war tribunal and executed for alleged treason.
Rodolfo Siviero Siviero was an Italian secret agent, art historian and intellectual, most notable for his important work in recovering artworks stolen from Italy during the Second World War as part of the 'Nazi plunder'.
Pino Lella Lella led Jews fleeing Italy through the Alps into Switzerland to freedom.[citation needed] Afterwards, at his parents' pleas for him to avoid combat, he joined the Nazis.[citation needed] Soon, Lella was injured in the field and became the driver for General Hans Leyers, Hitler's left hand man.[citation needed] As Leyers' driver, he worked as a spy for the Resistance and for the Allies, relaying the information he gathered during the work day on a shortwave radio hidden in his family's apartment in Milan.[citation needed] This information included crucial sites for Allied bombing, the extent to which the Nazis were sending Jews and other people to prison camps, like Auschwitz, and more.[citation needed] On April 25th, 1945, Lella arrested Leyers and handed him over to the Resistance.[citation needed] He did all of this between the ages of seventeen and eighteen.[citation needed]

Spies for the Netherlands[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Dirk Klop Klop took part in the Venlo Incident. [7]

Spies for Poland[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Roman Czerniawski Czerniawski was a D-Day spy. [8][9]
Jan Kowalewski Kowaleski helped Poland achieve victory in the Battle of Warsaw. [10]
Andrzej Kowerski (also called Andrew Kennedy) Kowerski was a Lieutenant for Poland during the war.
Kazimierz Leski Leski was a pilot during the war. He was captured and went to prison, and then he escaped. [11]

Spies for the Soviet Union[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Alexandru Nicolschi He was a Soviet spy. [12]
Richard Sorge Worked in Japan and Germany; Passed Information about Japan were crucial for the Soviet victory in Operation Barbarossa

Spies for Sweden[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Karin Lannby Lannby was a spy for Sweden. [13]

Spies for the United Kingdom[edit]

Sverre Bergh Bergh spied on missile facilities in Germany. He illegally moved German plans Wasserfall surface-to-air-missiles out of Germany. [14]
Blanche Charlet Charlet worked with SOE, a British organization that went against the Axis powers. [15]
Roman Czerniawski Czerniawski was a D-Day spy. [16][17]
Madeleine Damerment Damerment worked for SOE and was later shot. [18]
Claude Dansey Dansey was assistant chief of the SIS. [19]
Wilfred Dunderdale Dunderdale was a commander during the war. [20]
Ian Fleming Fleming was a Lieutenant Commander RNVR in the British NID and was a key member of the NID 17. [21]
Tor Glad (a.k.a. Jeff) [22]
Graham Greene Greene was involved in the SIS (also known as MI6). [23]
Virginia Hall Hall was a spy for the SOE, American OSS and the CIA. Note that the OSS was a precursor to the CIA. [24]
Mary Katherine Herbert Herbert worked as a translator at Air Ministry in London after working with the British Embassy.
Ron Jeffery [25]
Andrzej Kowerski (also called Andrew Kennedy) Kowerski was a Lieutenant for Poland during the war.
Patrick Leigh Fermor Leigh Fermor was an SOE operative in Heraklion, Crete, who abducted the German General Heinrich Kreipe to Egypt. [26]
Stewart Menzies [27]
Merlin Minshall Minshall worked for Ian Fleming as a spy. [28]
John "Helge" Moe (a.k.a. Mutt) [29]
Eileen Nearne Nearne was a SOE for the United Kingdom. [30]
Jacqueline Nearne [31]
Paddy O'Sullivan O'Sullivan was a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.
John Pendlebury Pendleburry worked for the British intelligence. [32]
Paddy Ridsdale Ridsdale was Ian Fleming's secretary. [33]
Peter Smithers Smithers helped Ian Fleming collect German spies in Britain. [34]
Violette Szabo [35]
Halina Szymańska Szymańska had a French identity card, which identified her as a Marie Clenat. She used this card to aid Britain. [36]
Col. Ted Tingling Tinlin was a colonel for the British intelligence. [37]
Jona von Ustinov Ustinov was a British spy. [38]
Valentine Patrick Terrell Vivian [39]
Pearl Witherington Witherington was known by many names. [40]
Forest Frederick Edward "Tommy" Yeo-Thomas Yeo-Thomas was a SOE agent. [41]

Spies for the United States[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Julia Child Child worked for the OSS on the development of shark repellents. This was to ensure that sharks would not explode ordnance targeting German U-boats. [42]
William J. Donovan Donovan was the head of the OSS. [43]
Helias Doundoulakis Doundoulakis was a spy in the Secret Intelligence Branch (SI) of the Office of Strategic Services, sent to Salonica Greece.[44]
Arthur Goldberg Goldberg was a United Nations ambassador. [45]
Virginia Hall Hall was a spy for the SOE, American OSS and the CIA. Note that the OSS was a precursor to the CIA. [46]
Sterling Hayden Hayden was an agent for the OSS. [47]
Sidney Mashbir Mashbir headed the top secret intelligence gathering organization Allied Translator and Interpreter Section during WWII. In 1942, Colonel Mashbir working with Ellis M. Zacharias

created the first draft for the implementing directives for the creation of the CIA. Commander Zacharias later became the Deputy Chief of Naval Intelligence.

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. He worked for the OSS. [49]
Jim Thompson Thompson served as an operative in the OSS. [50]
Stephanie Czech Rader U.S. Army Capt. Stephanie Czech Rader was X-2. She moved around Poland, tracking troop movements and ferrying sensitive documents.. [51]
Ellis M. Zacharias Zacharias became Deputy Chief of Naval Intelligence [52] [53]

Those who 'leaked' stories to the media, as opposed to spying for a country[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Ernest Cuneo Cuneo was a liaison officer who revealed stories about the United States commanders. [54]

Spies for unknown countries[edit]

Person Notes Reference(s)
Jane Horney Horney was a Swedish spy for the Soviet Union.

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