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This is a list of major sports scandals.

American football scandals[edit]

Association football scandals[edit]

Baseball scandals[edit]

A cartoon ran by various newspapers in 1920 after the breaking of the Black Sox Scandal

Boxing scandals[edit]

College sports scandals[edit]

Cricket scandals[edit]

Doping scandals[edit]

Golf scandals[edit]

  • Jane Blalock cheating controversy – one of the LPGA Tour's top players, Jane Blalock, was accused of illegally marking her golf ball on the green. She was suspended and fined by the tour, but Blalock in turn filed suit and won an injunction that allowed her to continue playing. Blalock eventually won her lawsuit and she and the LPGA reached an out-of-court settlement.
  • Vijay Singh, a former number one golfer in the world, was suspended from the PGA Tour for using deer antler spray, which violated the PGA Tour Anti-Doping Policy. Likewise in 1985, Vijay Singh was caught erasing his score on a hole and replacing it with a lower score after the scorecard had been signed. Once the rules officials confirmed the allegations, Vijay was banned from the Asian Tour. To this day, Vijay did not acknowledge that he cheated.[11]

Horse racing scandals[edit]

  • Horse murders – from 1975–1995, wealthy owners and trainers of show jumping horses conspired to electrocute and otherwise kill over-valued as well as under-performing animals in a 20-year-long scheme to defraud insurance companies. Crimes also committed during this equestrian sports scandal include extortion, mail fraud, animal cruelty and the murder of at least one human being.
  • Fine Cotton/Bold Personality ring-in – a 1984 betting scam in which the conspirators, which included some elite figures in Australian Thoroughbred racing, substituted the far more talented Bold Personality for Fine Cotton in a low-class race. The scheme was discovered immediately after the race and the investigation led to lifetime bans for six individuals and bans of more than a decade for at least two more.

Ice hockey scandals[edit]

Match-fixing scandals[edit]

Motorsport scandals[edit]

Olympic Games scandals[edit]

Paralympic Games[edit]

  • Cheating at the Paralympic Games – in the 2000 Summer Paralympics, athletes from Spain competed and won the gold medal in the Basketball ID event despite the majority of players not having an intellectual disability. The fallout from this scandal saw all events for athletes with intellectual disabilities removed from the next two Summer Paralympics.[15]

Rugby league scandals[edit]

  • Melbourne Storm salary cap breach – in 2010, the Melbourne Storm were punished for breaching the salary cap and were stripped of the ability to accumulate points, had their name stripped from the premierships and minor premierships they had gained over the previous four years and forced to pay back millions of dollars of prize money.[16] It is the toughest punishment for a salary cap breach in NRL history.
  • Cronulla Sharks supplements doping scandal – following an extensive investigation by ASADA, players from the Cronulla Sharks were found guilty of having used the banned peptide CJC-1295, resulting in the suspensions of fourteen players. A number of senior staff were dismissed or resigned and several senior club members received penalties and suspensions.[17]
  • Matthew Johns sexual assault allegations – in 2002, while on a trip to New Zealand, the Cronulla Sharks player Matthew Johns took part in degrading group sex with a young woman while up to 11 of his teammates joined in. The scandal was reported by the ABC's Four Corners TV series.[18] Johns admitted having consensual sex with the girl and made a public apology on Channel Nine's The Footy Show. Johns was suspended from The Footy Show and was realised by the Melbourne Storm as their assistant coach.[19]

Rugby union scandals[edit]

Sumo wrestling scandals[edit]

Tennis scandals[edit]


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