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A number of composers have created music for sports television broadcasts.

Notable credits[edit]

Leo Arnaud[edit]

  • "Bugler's Dream" from Arnaud's Charge Suite - the fanfare most closely associated with the Olympic Games (not specifically composed for the Olympics, but used by ABC Sports since 1968 for its Olympic coverage and ABC's Wide World of Sports, also by NBC Sports for its Olympic coverage prior to the 1988 Summer Olympics and again starting in 1992; see Olympic symbols to hear an audio file of this piece)

Stephen Arnold[edit]

  • Golf Channel Theme
  • SEC Football Theme (ESPN)

Herb Alpert[edit]

David Barrett[edit]

Bob Christianson[edit]

  • CBS NCAA Basketball Theme (1993-2003, 2004–present) (CBS)
  • NHL on ESPN
  • NHL on ABC (1999-2004)
  • 2002 FIFA World Cup on ESPN
  • MLB on CBS (1990-1993)

Allyson Bellink[edit]

  • NBA Playoffs (CBS)
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament (CBS)
  • Super Bowl Theme (ABC)
  • Monday Night Football (ABC)
  • Winter Olympics (ABC)
  • Indianapolis 500 (ABC)
  • College Football (ABC)

Kurt Bestor[edit]

John Colby[edit]

  • NFL on NBC (1992, 1993, 1994)
  • ESPN College Football (2000-2003, 2004-2009, 2010-present)

Christopher Brady[edit]

  • Fox Sports NBA Basketball Theme
  • Fox Sports NCAA Basketball Theme
  • ESPN College Football

David Dachinger[edit]

  • NFL Today (CBS)
  • PGA Golf (CBS)
  • The Masters (CBS)
  • NCAA College Basketball (CBS)
  • College Football (CBS)
  • College Football (ABC)
  • U.S. Open Tennis Theme (CBS)
  • NFL Football (CBS)
  • NCAA Basketball Finals (CBS)

Frankie Vinci[edit]

  • NFL on CBS: Super Bowl (1992-1993, 1998, 1999-2000, 2001-2002)

E.S. Posthumus[edit]

Clark Gault[edit]

Larry Groupe[edit]

  • CBS Sports National Logo Theme
  • Los Angeles Lakers Radio and TV Promo and Game Music
  • Super Bowl XXII Promo Music for Event (ABC)
  • NBA "Final Four" Playoffs Promo Music (CBS)

Lloyd Landesman[edit]

Robert Israel[edit]

  • Sports World (NBC)
  • NCAA College Football (ABC)
  • ABC Wide World of Sports (ABC)
  • ABC Sports Theme (ABC)
  • ABC's International Championship Boxing (ABC)
  • NBA Basketball (ABC)
  • Wide World of Sports Promo (ABC)
  • NFL (ABC)

Edd Kalehoff[edit]

  • Sports Emblem (ABC)
  • Sports Main Theme (ABC)
  • Boxing (ABC)
  • Tour De France (ABC)
  • Golf (ABC)
  • Monday Night Football (ABC)
  • Sport South (TNT)
  • ABC Baseball Promo
  • ABC Pro-Bowlers Tour
  • ABC Wide World of Sports
  • CBS Sports Spectacular

Dave Loggins[edit]

Chuck Mangione[edit]

Rich Meitin[edit]

Non-Stop Music[edit]

  • ‘POWER PUNCH’ - College Football Season Package - Anthony Dilorenzo (ABC)
  • ‘BCS – Bowl Championship Series’ – BCS Bowl Package - Anthony Dilorenzo (ABC)
  • ABC Figure Skating Theme Package
  • ABC Horse Racing Theme Package
  • ‘Majestic Fairways’ – ABC Golf Match Play Theme Package
  • ‘Emerald Fairways’ – ABC Golf Tournament Theme Package
  • Little League World Series Theme Package
  • ‘Fast Break’ - NBA Theme Package (ABC)

Paul Trust[edit]

  • Super Bowl 50 (CBS)
  • 'We Own The Night'-2016 Thursday Night Football promotional theme (CBS)
  • NFL Today (CBS)
  • NFL Football (CBS)
  • PGA Golf (CBS)
  • The Masters (CBS)
  • NCAA College Basketball (CBS)
  • NCAA Football (CBS)
  • NCAA March Madness (CBS)
  • WWE

Trevor Rabin[edit]

  • NBA on TNT (TNT)
  • CBS NCAA Basketball Theme (Remix of Christianson theme in 2011) (CBS/TNT/TBS/TruTV)

Dolores Claman[edit]

  • Hockey Night in Canada (1968-2008 on CBC, 2009-present on TSN)

Colin Oberst[edit]

  • Hockey Night in Canada: Canadian Gold (2009–present) (CBC/Sportsnet)

Scott L. Reinwand[edit]

  • The Last Word With Jim Rome (Fox Sports)
  • Seattle SuperSonics Theme Song (Arena and Broadcast)
  • Casey Jacobsen: Year in Review (ESPN Classic)
  • 2002 Little League World Series (ABC)
  • 2004 Little League World Series (ABC)
  • World Championship Ice Skating (ABC)
  • It's Game Time NBA Package (ABC/ESPN)
  • New York Mets Theme and Package (SNY)
  • New York Jets Theme and Package (SNY)
  • GOL! ESPN International Soccer (ESPN International)

Scott Schreer[edit]

  • MLB on FOX
  • NFL on FOX
  • NHL on FOX/FSN
  • UFC on FOX
  • Boxing on FOX
  • FOX Sports List
  • FOX Poker Superstars
  • Mansion Poker (FOX)
  • Hope & Faith (ABC)
  • The Season, City Slam (ESPN)
  • DirecTV network logo
  • Wrangler Pro Rodeo
  • New York Knicks, Liberty, Rangers, Network ID
  • The Baseball Network (ABC and NBC)

Cody Westheimer[edit]

  • "Major League Soccer on NBC"
  • "Tour de France on NBC"
  • "Countdown to London" (Universal Sports)

John Williams[edit]

Richard Wolf[edit]

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