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This is a list of eponyms in sports, i.e. sports terms named after people.

American football[edit]

Artistic gymnastics[edit]

  • Amanar (vault) – Yurchenko on – 2½ twists off (vault), after Simona Amânar (Romania)
  • Belyavskiy (parallel bars) – double front salto dismount in piked position, after David Belyavskiy (Russia)
  • Blanik (vault) – handspring forward on – piked double salto forward off, after Polish artistic gymnast Leszek Blanik (Poland)
  • Borden (balance beam) – straddle pike jump from a sideways position or side split jump done on the balance beam with a ½ or ¾ turn, after Amanda Borden (USA)[1]
  • Bhardwaj (uneven bars) – a backward flip (Pak salto) on the high bar with full-twist and then catches the low bar, after Mohini Bhardwaj (USA)[2]
  • Bhavsar (still rings) – pull through momentary, front lever press to Maltese, after Raj Bhavsar (USA)
  • Bhavsar (parallel bars) – long hang swing forward, straddle cut backward, and regrasp with straight body at horizontal (Tippelt to long hang swing), after Raj Bhavsar (USA)
  • Bi-Turn (uneven bars) – after Bi Wenjing (China)
  • Biles (floor exercise) – double layout with ½ turn, after Simone Biles (USA)
  • Brause (uneven bars) – done from the low bar facing away from the high bar, with a cast to front salto forward and catching the high bar, after Doris Fuchs-Brause (USA)
  • Bretschneider (horizontal bar) – release with double-twisting double back tucked somersault over bar before regrasp, after Andreas Bretschneider (Germany)
  • Bretschneider II (horizontal bar) – only skill with new/highest difficulty designation of I, variant of the Bretschneider where somersaults are done in a laid out position instead of tucked, after Andreas Bretschneider (Germany, unofficial)
  • Bryan (pommel horse) – scissors with ½ turn to handstand, ½ pirouette and straddle back down, after Casey Bryan (USA)
  • Bulimar (floor exercise) – a Johnson leap (switch leap with 14 turn to side position) with additional 11 turn, after Diana Bulimar (Romania)
  • Cassina (horizontal bar) – full-twisting double layout somersault over bar, after Igor Cassina (Italy)
  • Cheng (vault) – Yurchenko ½ on - 1½ twists off (vault), after Cheng Fei (China)
  • Chusovitina (floor exercise) – full-twisting double layout salto, after Oksana Chusovitina (USSR, Germany, Uzbekistan)
  • Chusovitina (vault) – handspring forward on, piked salto with full twist off, after Oksana Chusovitina (USSR, Germany, Uzbekistan)
  • Chow-Khorkina or Khorkina-Chow (unven bars) – Stalder 1½ pirouette, after Amy Chow (USA, also first performed by Svetlana Khorkina (Russia))
  • Chow II (uneven bars) – Stalder to Shaposhnikova, after Amy Chow (USA)
  • Comaneci salto (uneven bars) – front support on high bar, cast with salto forward straddle to hang on high bar, after Nadia Comăneci (Romania)
  • Daggett (pommel horse) – scissor backward with ½ counterturn, after Tim Daggett (USA)
  • Dalton (parallel bars) – roll backward with 12 turn tuck to hang, or Harada to hang, after Jacob Dalton (USA)
  • Dawes (uneven bars) – back giant with 1 ½ turn in the handstand, after Dominique Dawes (USA)
  • Diomidov (parallel bars) – swing forward with a full turn on one arm to handstand, after Sergei Diomidov (USSR)[1]
  • Dos Santos (floor exercise) – double Arabian piked, after Daiane dos Santos (Brazil)
  • Dos Santos II (floor exercise) – double Arabian layout, after Daiane dos Santos (Brazil)
  • Drăgulescu (vault) – handspring double front tucked somersault with half turn, after Marian Drăgulescu (Romania)
  • Drăgulescu piked (vault) – variant of Drăgulescu where somersaults are done in a piked position instead of tucked, after Marian Drăgulescu (România)
  • Erceg (balance beam (mount)) – round off tucked Arabian front onto the end of the beam, after Tina Erceg (Croatia)
  • Ferrari (floor exercise) – a ring tour jete with ½ turn and a landing on both feet, after Vanessa Ferrari (Italy)
  • Fontaine (uneven bars dismount) – double somersaulting dismount is a back tuck with ½ twist into a front, after Larissa Fontaine (USA)
  • Galante (balance beam) – 1½ turns with leg held in split position, after Paola Galante (Italy)
  • Garrison (floor exercise) – cat leap forward with bent legs and 1½ turn, after Kelly Garrison (USA)
  • Garrison (balance beam) – free shoulder roll forward to stand or tuck stand without hand support, after Kelly Garrison (USA)
  • Garrison (balance beam) – starts from an extended tuck sit, Valdez swing over backward through horizontal plane with support on one arm, after Kelly Garrison (USA)
  • Garrison (balance beam) – round-off, tucked full mount, after Kelly Garrison (USA)
  • Gatson (parallel bars) – a swing backward with full turn hop to handstand, after Jason Gatson (USA)
  • Gaylord I (horizontal bar) – front giant into a 1½ front salto over the bar to regrasp – a front somersault in tuck, pike or straddled position over the bar, after Mitch Gaylord (USA)
  • Gaylord II (horizontal bar) – back giant into a layout Gienger (back salto, ½) over the bar to regrasp – a back somersault over the bar, after Mitch Gaylord (USA)[3]
  • Gebeshian (uneven bars) – 360 degree turn from the low bar to the high bar (uneven bars), after Houry Gebeshian (Armenia)[4]
  • Gienger salto (horizontal bar, uneven bars) – after Eberhard Gienger (Germany)
  • Gómez (floor exercise) – quadruple spin, after Elena Gómez (Spain)
  • Grigoraş (balance beam) – after Cristina Elena Grigoraş (Romania)
  • Hayden (horizontal bar) – a double salto backward in layout, with full twist over the bar, after Daniel Hayden (USA)
  • Henrich (balance beam) – a stag-split, or split leap or jump forward with ½ turn, landing on both feet or in a one-two step-out or a split jump in side position with bending of rear leg backward upward that starts from a cross stand, after Christy Henrich (USA)
  • Hindorff (uneven bars) – cleat hip circle to immediate Tkatchev release, after Sylvia Hindorff (East Germany)[1]
  • Huang (uneven bars) – a stalder forward in L-grip with full turn to handstand, initiated on one arm before handstand, after Huang QiuShuang (China)
  • Humphrey (floor exercise) – switch split leap forward with a ¼ turn to side split leap or straddle pike position, (beam/floor) – 2½ turn (900°) on one leg, in tuck stand, with free leg optional, after Terin Humphrey (USA)
  • Hypolito (floor exercise) – piked double Arabian with a full twist, after Diego Hypólito (Brazil)
  • Jäger salto (horizontal bar, uneven bars) – swing backward and salto forward to catch high bar again after Bernd Jäger (East Germany)[1]
  • Janz salto (uneven bars) – after Karin Janz (East Germany)
  • Johnson (floor exercise) – a switch-split leap forward with leg change and ¼ turn to side split leap or straddle pike position, after Brandy Johnson (USA)
  • Kasamatsu (vault) – after Shigero Kasamatsu (Japan)[5]
  • Kim (floor exercise) – double tuck back salto, after Nellie Kim (USSR)
  • Kim-Shirai or Shirai-Kim (vault) – round-off, back-handspring, triple-twisting layout, after Kim Hee Hoon (Republic of Korea, also first performed by Kenzo Shirai (Japan))
  • Khorkina I (uneven bars) – back uprise and straddle flight over high bar with ½ turn to hang, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia)
  • Khorkina II (uneven bars) – inner front support on low bar, clear hip circle through handstand with ½ turn in flight to hang on high bar, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia)
  • Khorkina I (balance beam) – gainer back-handspring with full twist before hand support, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia)
  • Khorkina II (balance beam) – gainer 2½ twisting back layout dismount to side or at the end of beam, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia)
  • Khorkina-Chow or Chow-Khorkina (uneven bars) – Stalder 1½ pirouette, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia, also first performed by Amy Chow (USA))
  • Khorkina (floor exercise) – hop with 1½ turns to front lying support, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia)
  • Khorkina I (vault) – round-off, back-handspring with ½ turn on, ½ turn into back pike off, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia)
  • Khorkina II (vault) – round off, back-handspring with ½ turn on, 1½-twisting front tuck off, after Svetlana Khorkina (Russia)
  • Kolman (horizontal bar) – a full-twisting Kovacs, with two back somersaults and one full twist over the bar, after Alojz Kolman (Slovenia)[3]
  • Komova (uneven bars) – clear pike circle backward through handstand with flight and ½ turn (180°) to hang on high bar (uneven bars), after Viktoria Komova (Russia)
  • Komova II (uneven bars) – clear pike circle backwards through handstand with flight to hang on high bar, after Viktoria Komova (Russia)
  • Kononenko (uneven bars) – counter straddle hecht with ½ turn to hang on high bar in mixed L-grip, after Natalia Kononenko (Ukraine)
  • Kotchetkova (balance beam) – full-twisting back handspring, after Dina Kotchetkova (Russia)
  • Korbut Flip (balance beam) – standing back somersault to swing down on beam, Korbut Flip (uneven bars) – standing on the high bar, does back flip, then catches the bar, after Olga Korbut (USSR)
  • Kovacs (horizontal bar) – double backward somersault over bar, after Péter Kovács (Hungary)[1]
  • Liukin (floor exercise) – triple back tuck somersault, after Valeri Liukin (USSR)
  • Liukin (horizontal bar) – Tkatchev with full twisting layout, after Valeri Liukin (USSR)
  • Liukin (balance beam) – salto forward piked, take off from one leg to one foot landing to scale, hold for two seconds, after Nastia Liukin (USA)
  • Li Li German Giant (uneven bars) – 1¼ turns on back (balance beam), after Li Li (China)
  • Li Ya salto (uneven bars) – straddled Jaeger caught in a mixed grip, Li Ya – dismount (uneven bars) backward giant into a double front Arabian piked, after Li Ya (China)
  • Liu Xuan salto (uneven bars) – giant circle backward to handstand on one arm, after Liu Xuan (China)
  • Magyar walk (pommel horse) – after Zoltán Magyar (Hungary)[1]
  • Maloney (uneven bars) – a pike sole circle backward to handstand with a 360° turn after the handstand phase to mixed-L or L-grip, after Kristen Maloney (USA)
  • Maloney (uneven bars) – begins from an inner front support on the low bar and consists of a pike sole circle backward through a handstand with flight to a hang on the high bar, after Kristen Maloney (USA)
  • Ma dismount (uneven bars) – a hecht-front-salto-full, after Ma Yanhong (China)
  • McCool (balance beam) – the beam mount approaches toward the end of the beam and is a flyspring forward with flight before and after the hand support on the beam and lands on both feet – approach at end of beam, after Courtney McCool (USA)
  • McNamara (uneven bars (mount)) – a jump to hang on the high bar into a free hip circle to handstand with ½ turn in the handstand, after Julianne McNamara (USA)
  • Melissanidis (vault) – a round off entry onto the vault table followed by a 2½ back somersault tucked or piked, after Ioannis Melissanidis (Greece)
  • Memmel (floor exercise) – double turn with leg held in split position (Double Y-Turn), (Beam) - front flip with half turn (Barani) in piked position, after Chellsie Memmel (USA)
  • Miller (uneven bars) – cast to handstand with 1½ turn after handstand to mixed-L grip after Shannon Miller (USA)
  • Mitchell (floor exercise, balance beam) – triple turn (1080°) in tuck stand on one leg - free leg optional after Lauren Mitchell (Australia)
  • Mo salto (uneven bars) – Gaylord II (front tuck over high bar, starting and ending in a mixed grip), after Mo Huilan (China)[2]
  • Moors (uneven bars) – from underswing, with feet on bar, salto forward stretched with ½ turn, (floor exercise) – double twisting double layout, after Victoria Moors (Canada)
  • Mostepanova (floor exercise) – front handspring with full twist before hand support, after Olga Mostepanova (USSR)
  • Mukhina salto (floor exercise) – double salto backwards tucked or piked, with full 360 twist and Mukhina (uneven bars) - Korbut flip with full twist – named after Elena Mukhina (USSR)
  • Mustafina (uneven bars) – 1½-twisting double back tuck dismount, (UnevenBars) - full-twisting Maloney (or Seitz) caught in a mixed grip, (floor) - triple Y-turn, (vault) – round off, half turn on, full twisting front off (laid out), after Aliya Mustafina (Russia)
  • Nabieva (uneven bars) – toe-on reverse Hecht (Tkatchev) in the laid out position, named after Tatiana Nabieva (Russia)
  • Nguyen (parallel bars) – a free hip circle mount from the side of the bars with 3/4 turn to handstand position, after Marcel Nguyen (Germany)
  • Okino (uneven bars (dismount)) – a free hip underswing with ½ twist to layout back salto and Okino (balance beam)- triple pirouette (triple turn), after Elizabeth (Betty) Okino (USA)
  • Omelianchik (balance beam) – back handspring with 3/4 turn dive to handstand, and Omelianchik (vault) – round-off half on, front pike off, after Oksana Omelianchik (USSR)
  • O'Neill (still rings) – a stretched double feige backward to a hang, after Paul O'Neill (USA)
  • Onodi (balance beam) – back handspring with ½ turn, after Henrietta Ónodi (Hungary)[1]
  • Pak salto (uneven bars) – does a backward flip on the high bar and then catches the low bar, after Gyong Sil Pak (North Korea)[2]
  • Patterson (balance beam) – a double Arabian dismount, after Carly Patterson (USA)
  • Pegan (horizontal bar) – double front salto with half turn – 180°, after Aljaž Pegan (Slovenia)
  • Phelps (vault) – ½ turn onto the vault (Tsukahara) to a laid out backflip with ½ turn, after Jaycie Phelps (USA)
  • Phillps (balance beam) – A handstand straddle split, with a 90 degree backbend, originally performed on the balance beam and press to side handstand, front walkover to side stand on both legs, after Kristie Phillps (USA)
  • Preziosa (balance beam) – full turn with free leg held backwards with both hands, after Elisabetta Preziosa (Italy)
  • Podkopayeva (vault) – round-off, half twist on, front pike somersault with half turn off and Podkopayeva (floor) – double front somersault with a ½ twist, after Lilia Podkopayeva (Ukraine)[1]
  • Popa (floor exercise) – straddle pike jump with 1/1 turn (360°), after Celestina Popa (Romania)[1]
  • Produnova (vault) – handspring forward on – tucked double salto forward off, after Elena Produnova (Russia)
  • Radivilov (vault) – variant of the Roche. Handspring forward on – three complete tucked somersaults off, after Igor Radivilov (Ukraine, not officially designated).
  • Ray I (uneven bars) – a stalder backward with release and counter movement forward to catch the high bar, after Elise Ray (USA)
  • Ray II (uneven bars) – a handstand on the high bar to a pike sole circle backward into a backward counter straddle-reverse hecht over the high bar and a rematch, after Elise Ray (USA)
  • Ray III (uneven bars dismount) – a double twisting double layout uneven bar dismount, after Elise Ray (USA)
  • The Retton Flip (uneven bars) – a transition (front flip) from low to highbar, resulting in the gymnast perched or "sitting" on top of the high bar, after Mary Lou Retton (USA)
  • Roth (pommel horse) – from a cross support, rearways, reverse Stockli, wendeswing forward to reverse Stockli to cross support forward on other end, without touching pommels, after Bill Roth (USA)
  • Semenova (floor exercise) – a double spin with the leg in back attitude, and Semenova (beam) full spin with leg in back attitude, after Ksenia Semenova (Russia)
  • Seitz (uneven bars) – in the low bar, pike sole circle through handstand with flight to hang on the high bar with full twist during flight phase, after Elisabeth Seitz (Germany)
  • Shaham (horizontal bar) – 1½-twisting double back somersault over bar, after Noam Shaham (Israel)
  • Shaposhnikova (uneven bars) – on the low bar, free hip circle with flight to hang on high bar, after Natalia Shaposhnikova (USSR)[2]
  • Shewfelt (vault) Yurchenko stretched with 5/2 twists, after Kyle Shewfelt (Canada)
  • Shirai (floor exercise) – quadruple twisting layout backwards, after Kenzo Shirai (Japan)
  • Shirai II (floor exercise) – triple-twisting layout forwards, after Kenzo Shirai (Japan)
  • Shirai III (floor exercise) – triple-twisting double layout backwards, after Kenzo Shirai (Japan)
  • Shirai or Shirai-Kim (vault) – round-off, back-handspring, triple-twisting layout (Japan, also first performed by Kim Hee Hoon (Republic of Korea))
  • Shirai II (vault) – one of two vaults with highest official D-score of 6.4, round off, back-handspring, 3½-twisting layout, after Kenzo Shirai (Japan)
  • Shushunova (floor exercise) – straddle jump to lay on front support, (Uneven bars), full-twisting Tkachev, after Yelena Shushunova (Russia)
  • Silivaş mount (balance beam) and Silivaş (floor) – double twisting double back tucked, after Daniela Silivaş (Romania)[1]
  • Stalder (horizontal bar) – free circle bwd. straddle or legs together through handstand Josef Stalder (Switzerland)
  • Stroescu (floor exercise) – stretched forward salto with 2½ twists, mistakenly named after Silvia Stroescu (Romania)
  • Strong (uneven bars) – shoot over to low bar with 1½1½ twists, and Lori hop (balance beam), after Lori Strong (Canada)
  • Strug (floor exercise) – a tour jete with additional ½ turn and a landing on both feet, after Kerri Strug (USA)[1]
  • Talavera (balance beam) – pommel horse-like move with the circle done like a flair, after Tracee Talavera (USA)
  • Teza (balance beam) – Yurchenko loop is performed with a full twisting handspring, after Elvire Teza (France)[1]
  • Thomas flair (pommel horse, floor exercise) – after Kurt Thomas (USA)
  • Thomas salto (floor exercise) – a 1½ salto backward in a tucked or piked position with 1½ twists, after Kurt Thomas (USA)
  • Thomas salto (floor exercise) – a 1½ salto backward in a laid out (straight) position with 1½ twists, after Kurt Thomas (USA)
  • Tkachev (uneven bars) – reverse hecht, can be performed in straddled, piked, tucked or laid-out, after Aleksandr Tkachyov (USSR)[2]
  • Tsukahara (vault) – involving a quarter or half onto the vault and a back salto off, after Mitsuo Tsukahara (Japan)[3]
  • Tweddle (uneven bars) – sole circle backward with counter straddle hecht with ½ turn to hang on high bar in mixed L-grip, after Beth Tweddle (Great Britain)
  • Urzică (parallel bars) – salto forward to 1/1 turn to upper arm hang rated, after Marius Urzică (Romania)
  • van Leeuwen (uneven bars) – in the low bar, pike sole circle through handstand with flight to hang on high bar with ½ twist during flight phase, after Laura van Leeuwen (Netherlands)
  • Wang Huiying (vault) – front handspring layout barani (vault), after Wang Huiying (China)
  • Wells (parallel bars) – a giant swing backward with in-locate forward, after Trent Wells (USA)
  • Wevers turn (balance beam) – a double turn on beam with leg held horizontal, after Sanne Wevers (Netherlands)
  • White (uneven bars) – a front stalder into an L-grip to handstand with ½ turn in handstand, after Morgan White (USA)
  • Wong (balance beam) – salto forward tucked with ½ turn mount, after Hiu Ying Angel Wong (China – Hong Kong)
  • Yang (vault) – one of two vaults with highest official D-score of 6.4, handspring triple twists, after Yang Hak-Seon (South Korea)
  • Yang Bo (balance beam) – stag ring jump with head tilted back, losing sight of the beam, after Yang Bo (China)[1]
  • Yurchenko (vault) – round off, back-handspring onto the vaulting table, after Natalia Yurchenko (USSR)
  • Yurchenko loop (balance beam) – on side position, back handspring to backward hip circle, after Natalia Yurchenko (USSR)[3]
  • Zamolodchikova (vault) - Tsukahara stretched with 2/1 turn (720°) off (vault), flic-flac with full twist to hip circle BWD (balance beam), after Elena Zamolodchikova (Russia)
  • Yarotska (uneven bars) - Stalder hecht from low bar to high bar, after Irina Yarotska (Ukraine)
  • Zonderland (parallel bars) - 5/4 Diamadov to one bar immediate 3/4 Healy to both bars, after Epke Zonderland (Netherlands)

Association football[edit]



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu[edit]




  • Duffer tice, a tice positioned, usually a yard or so North, and a touch East, of Hoop 6, laid on the second turn of the game. Named after the Irish croquet player Duff Mathews.[6]
  • Peel, to send a ball other than the striker's ball through its target hoop, named after Walter Peel [7][8]
  • Solomon grip, the grip used by John Solomon.[6]

Figure skating[edit]

Ice hockey[edit]


Rhythmic gymnastics[edit]

  • The Shugurova, after Galina Shugurova (USSR) - tipping / spinning a rolling hoop with the feet during a leap.
  • The Timochenko, after Alexandra Timoshenko (USSR).
  • Backscale Pivots, after Alina Kabaeva (RUS).
  • The Cid Tostado, after Almudena Cid Tostado - starting on one knee, leg forward, ball held with the foot. large roll of the ball on both legs.
  • The Kabaeva - on floor Back split pivot with hand help, after Alina Kabaeva (RUS).
  • The Tchachina - Switch leap with changing legs, after Irina Tchachina (RUS).
  • Reverse illusion turns, after Irina Tchachina (RUS).
  • The Utyasheva - backsplit to backscale to backsplit pivot with help, after Laysan Utiasheva.
  • Ring Pivots (ring pivot spiral also known as "Kanaeva Pivot", quadruple/triple ring turn, quadruple queen pivot), after Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS).
  • Switch Turn, after Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS).
  • Pivot Turn revolutions (pivot turn with forward free leg to half free leg position), after Daria Kondakova (RUS).
  • Pivot connecting turns (attitude turns + ring pivot turn with help), after Daria Dmitrieva (RUS).
  • The Staniouta - cossack turn starting on floor + connecting penchee turn, after Melitina Staniouta (BLR).
  • The Kudry, after Yana Kudryavtseva - Back bend to roll over apparatus catch.

Rugby league[edit]



Henman Hill AKA Aorangi Terrace after Tim Henman

Ultimate (Frisbee)[edit]




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