List of stained glass windows in the Janskerk, Gouda

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Map of the stained glass windows by number in the Janskerk in Gouda

The Stained glass windows in the Sint Janskerk can be viewed by visitors after paying a modest entrance fee. The earliest windows date from 1555, three years after a destructive fire laid waste to the earlier church built in the same place. The creation of stained glass windows was temporarily halted in 1572 following Gouda's decision to side with the Protestant faction in the Eighty Years' War, but the process was resumed a few years later with windows of a different and more worldly character. As a result, the church features stained glass windows from both Roman Catholic and Protestant donors - a highly unusual combination. The most treasured is the series of windows around the Choir that portray the life of John the Baptist, the city's patron saint, in parallel with that of Jesus Christ.

North transept[edit]

Number Date Title Donor Designer Glazier Image
1 1596 Freedom of conscience Staten van Holland Joachim Wtewael Adriaan Gerritsz de Vrije Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas01.jpg
1a 1933 Mosaic glass
1b 1933 Mosaic glass
1c 2016 Erasmus and the Freedom of Conscience in 2016 Museum Gouda Marc Mulders Marc Mulders SintJanskerkGouda-Glas1c-Erasmus.jpg
2 1597 Capture of Damietta Haarlem Willem Thibaut Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas02.jpg
3 1597 The maid of Dordrecht Dordrecht Gerrit Gerritsz Cuyp Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas03.jpg
4 1594 The heraldic shields of the Dijkreeves under two female representations of Justice and Courage Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland Adriaen Gerritsz de Vrije Glass 4 - Hoogheemraadschap Rynland.jpg
5 1561 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon Elburg van den Boetzelaer Wouter Crabeth I Glass 5 - Queen of Sheba visits Solomon.jpg
6 1571 Judith and Holofernes Jan van Ligne Dirk Crabeth Glass 6 - Judith en Holofernes.jpg
7 1557 The King's window with Solomon in the Tempel and the Last Supper Phillip II of Spain Dirk Crabeth Glass 7 - Phillips II - Mary Tudor.jpg
8 1566 The punishment of Heliodorus Eric II, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Wouter Crabeth I Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas08.jpg


id date title donor designer glazier image
9 1561 Announcing the birth of John the Baptist Dirck van Hensbeeck Lambert van Noort Digman Meynaert Janskerk Gouda - Glass 9.jpg
10 1655 Annunciation Theodorus Spiering van Wen Daniël Tomberg Albert Merinck Janskerk Gouda - Glass 10.jpg
11 1562 Birth of John the Baptist Herman Lethmaet Lambert van Noort Digman Meynaert & Hans Scrivers Janskerk Gouda - Glass 11.jpg
12 1564 Birth of Jesus Canon priests of Oude Munster Wouter Crabeth I Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas12.jpg
13 1560 Jesus in the Temple Petrus van Suyren Lambert van Noort Digman Meynaert & Hans Scrivers Glass 13 - twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple.jpg
14 1557 Jesus on the Mount Robert van Bergen Dirk Crabeth Glass 14 - Ministry of John the Baptist 1562.jpg
15 1555 Baptism of Jesus George van Egmond Dirk Crabeth Glass 14 - Ministry of John the Baptist 1562.jpg
16 1556 Jesus on the Mount Cornelis van Mierop Dirk Crabeth Glass 16 - Sermon on the mount.jpg
17 1556 John's punishment of Herodus Wolter van Byler Jan van Zijl Henricksz Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas17.jpg
18 1556 Jesus imprisoned Gerrit Heije Gerritsz & Frederik Ariensz Dirk Crabeth Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas18.jpg
19 1570 Beheading of St. John Hendrik van Zwolle Willem Thybaut Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas19.jpg
20 1933 Mosaic glass
21 1933 Mosaic glass

South transept[edit]

id date title donor designer glazier image
22 1567 Jesus drives the moneychangers from the Temple Willem the Silent Dirk Crabeth Glass 22 - De Tempelreiniging.jpg
23 1562 Elijah, with foot washing and with portrait of the donor, the Duchess of Parma Margaret of Parma Wouter Crabeth I Glass 23 - Margaretha van Parma.jpg
24 1559 Philippus and the King of Ethiopia Philippe de Ligne Dirk Crabeth Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas24.jpg
25 1603 Siege of Leiden ends Delft Isaac van Swanenburg Dirck Verheyden & Dirk van Douwe Glas 25 St Janskerk Gouda.jpg
26 1601 Siege of Samaria ends Leiden Isaac van Swanenburg Cornelis Clock Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas26.jpg
27 1597 Pharisee and the Publican Amsterdam Hendrick de Keyser Cornelis IJsbrantsz Cussens Gouda-Sint-Janskerk-Glas27.jpg
28 1601 Jesus and the adultress Rotterdam Claes Wytmans Glass 28 - Jezus en de overspelige vrouw.jpg
28a 1947 Commemorative window for 1940-1945 Gouda residents Charles Eyck
28b 1935 Window with heraldic shields of donors Rotterdam D. Boode L.J. Knoll
28c 1920 Rebuilding the Temple Rotterdam H. Veldhuis L.J. Knoll
29 1596 The Christian knight and David Cities of North Holland Adriaen Gerritsz de Vrije


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