List of star names in Lepus

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This is the list of the proper names for the stars in the constellation Lepus. (Used in modern Western astronomy and uranography only).


star proper name etymon
α Lep Arneb Arabic
Arsh Arabic
β Lep Nihal Arabic


α Lep[edit]

  • Arneb, Elarneb:
< (ar) arnab, "hare" < (sci.-ar)[1] al-Arnab, "the Hare", for the whole constellation.
  • Arsh:
< (ar) ‘arsh, throne < (ind.-ar)[2] ‘Arsh al-Jawzā', "the Throne of Jawzā'", for α, β, γ, δ Lep.

β Lep[edit]

  • Nihal:
< (ar) nihāl, "quenching their thirst" < (ind.-ar) al-Nihāl, "(the Camels ) Beginning to Quench Their Thirst", for α, β, γ, δ Lep.

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  1. ^ sci.-ar = scientific Arabic. See Kunitzsch & Smart (2006) p.4.
  2. ^ ind.-ar = indigenous Arabic. See ibid.