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This is a list of U.S. state and territorial capitol buildings in the United States and is not to be confused with a list of state capitals, which are the cities where these buildings are located.

Most U.S. states (39 of the 50) have facilities named "State Capitol". Indiana and Ohio use the term "Statehouse" and eight states use "State House": Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont. Delaware has a "Legislative Hall". The State of Alabama has a State Capitol, but the Legislature has since 1985 met in the State House.

A capitol typically contains the meeting place for its state's legislature and offices for the state's governor, though this is not true for every state. The legislatures of Alabama, Nevada and North Carolina meet in other nearby buildings, but their governor's offices remain in the capitol. The Arizona State Capitol is now strictly a museum, and both the legislature and the governor's office are in nearby buildings. Only Arizona does not have its governor's office in the state capitol, though in Delaware, Ohio, Michigan, Vermont and Virginia,[1] the office there is for ceremonial use only.

In nine states, the state's highest court also routinely meets in the capitol: Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma (both civil and criminal courts), Pennsylvania (one of three sites), South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The other 40 states have separate buildings for their supreme courts, though in Minnesota and Utah the high court also has ceremonial meetings at the capitol.

Eleven of the fifty state capitols do not feature a dome: the Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and Virginia state capitols.[2]

Table of State Capitols[edit]

Picture Capitol name Location Years of current capitol construction Notes
Alabama Capitol Building.jpg Alabama State Capitol Montgomery
32°22′38.81″N 86°18′3.39″W / 32.3774472°N 86.3009417°W / 32.3774472; -86.3009417 (Alabama State Capitol)
1885 (East wing)
1903–1906 (South wing)
1911–1912 (North wing)
National Historic Landmark
Alaska State Capitol Building.jpg Alaska State Capitol Juneau
58°18′7.91″N 134°24′37.68″W / 58.3021972°N 134.4104667°W / 58.3021972; -134.4104667 (Alaska State Capitol)
AZ State Capitol Building 80635.JPG Arizona State Capitol Phoenix
33°26′53.15″N 112°5′49.54″W / 33.4480972°N 112.0970944°W / 33.4480972; -112.0970944 (Arizona State Capitol)
1899–1900 National Register of Historic Places, no longer hosts government meetings
ArkansasCapitol - 31409(60).JPG Arkansas State Capitol Little Rock
34°44′48.33″N 92°17′19.54″W / 34.7467583°N 92.2887611°W / 34.7467583; -92.2887611 (Arkansas State Capitol)
1899–1915 National Register of Historic Places
Sacramento Capitol 2013.jpg California State Capitol Sacramento
38°34′35.66″N 121°29′36.28″W / 38.5765722°N 121.4934111°W / 38.5765722; -121.4934111 (California State Capitol)
1860–1874 National Register of Historic Places
Coloradocapitolhill2.JPG Colorado State Capitol Denver
39°44′20.74″N 104°59′5.63″W / 39.7390944°N 104.9848972°W / 39.7390944; -104.9848972 (Colorado State Capitol)
1886–1907 National Register of Historic Places
Exactly one mile above sea level
Connecticut State Capitol, February 24, 2008.jpg Connecticut State Capitol Hartford
41°45′50.89″N 72°40′58″W / 41.7641361°N 72.68278°W / 41.7641361; -72.68278 (Connecticut State Capitol)
1872–1879 National Historic Landmark
Delaware State Capitol.jpg Delaware Legislative Hall Dover
39°9′26.3″N 75°31′11″W / 39.157306°N 75.51972°W / 39.157306; -75.51972 (Delaware State Capitol)
1965-1970 (north and south wings)
1994 (expansion of east wings)
The Old Statehouse, used from 1792 to 1932, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Tallahassee Old and New Capitols 2.jpg Florida State Capitol Tallahassee
30°26′17.2″N 84°16′53.76″W / 30.438111°N 84.2816000°W / 30.438111; -84.2816000 (Florida State Capitol)
1973–1977 Newest state capitol
Second largest state capitol
Georgia-state-capitol.jpg Georgia State Capitol Atlanta
33°44′57.38″N 84°23′17.74″W / 33.7492722°N 84.3882611°W / 33.7492722; -84.3882611 (Georgia State Capitol)
1883–1889 National Historic Landmark
Hawaii State Capitol, Honolulu.jpg Hawaii State Capitol Honolulu
21°18′26.43″N 157°51′26.16″W / 21.3073417°N 157.8572667°W / 21.3073417; -157.8572667 (Hawaii State Capitol)
1960–1969 Part of the Hawaii Capital Historic District (NRHP)
Second newest state capitol
Boise-State-Capitol0601.jpg Idaho State Capitol Boise
43°37′3.71″N 116°11′58.61″W / 43.6176972°N 116.1996139°W / 43.6176972; -116.1996139 (Idaho State Capitol)
1919–1920 (wings)
2008–2010 (underground wings)
National Register of Historic Places
Illinois State Capitol pano.jpg Illinois State Capitol Springfield
39°47′54.66″N 89°39′17.6″W / 39.7985167°N 89.654889°W / 39.7985167; -89.654889 (Illinois State Capitol)
1884–1887 (construction) National Register of Historic Places
Tallest non-skyscraper capitol, including Washington D.C.
StateCapitolIndiana.jpg Indiana Statehouse Indianapolis
39°46′7″N 86°9′45″W / 39.76861°N 86.16250°W / 39.76861; -86.16250 (Indiana Statehouse)
1877–1888[3] National Register of Historic Places
Des Moines 20090110 State Capitol.JPG Iowa State Capitol Des Moines
41°35′28.24″N 93°36′13.93″W / 41.5911778°N 93.6038694°W / 41.5911778; -93.6038694 (Iowa State Capitol)
1871–1886 National Register of Historic Places
Topeka Capitol.jpg Kansas State Capitol Topeka
39°2′52.83″N 95°40′41.36″W / 39.0480083°N 95.6781556°W / 39.0480083; -95.6781556 (Kansas State Capitol)
1866–1873 (east wing)
1879–1881 (west wing)
1884–1906 (center)
National Register of Historic Places
Kentucky State Capitol Front.jpg Kentucky State Capitol Frankfort
38°11′12.4″N 84°52′31.2″W / 38.186778°N 84.875333°W / 38.186778; -84.875333 (Kentucky State Capitol)
1905–1910 National Register of Historic Places
Louisiana State Capitol Building.jpg Louisiana State Capitol Baton Rouge
30°27′25.46″N 91°11′14.66″W / 30.4570722°N 91.1874056°W / 30.4570722; -91.1874056 (Louisiana State Capitol)
1930–1932 National Historic Landmark
Tallest state capitol
MaineStateHouse1.JPG Maine State House Augusta
44°18′26.05″N 69°46′54.04″W / 44.3072361°N 69.7816778°W / 44.3072361; -69.7816778 (Maine State House)
1889–1891 (wing)
1909–1911 (wings)
National Register of Historic Places
1Maryland State Capitol Bldg..JPG Maryland State House Annapolis
38°58′43″N 76°29′28″W / 38.97861°N 76.49111°W / 38.97861; -76.49111 (Maryland State House)
1772–1797[4] National Historic Landmark
Oldest active state capitol
Mass statehouse eb1.jpg Massachusetts State House Boston
42°21′27.75″N 71°3′48.83″W / 42.3577083°N 71.0635639°W / 42.3577083; -71.0635639 (Massachusetts State House)
1795–1798 National Historic Landmark
Fourth oldest active state capitol
Michigan state capitol.jpg Michigan State Capitol Lansing
42°44′1.42″N 84°33′20.12″W / 42.7337278°N 84.5555889°W / 42.7337278; -84.5555889 (Michigan State Capitol)
1871–1878 National Historic Landmark
MinnesotaCapitol.JPG Minnesota State Capitol Saint Paul
44°57′18.53″N 93°6′8.05″W / 44.9551472°N 93.1022361°W / 44.9551472; -93.1022361 (Minnesota State Capitol)
1893–1905 National Register of Historic Places
Mississippi New State Capitol Building in Jackson.jpg Mississippi State Capitol Jackson
32°18′14″N 90°10′56″W / 32.30389°N 90.18222°W / 32.30389; -90.18222 (Mississippi State Capitol)
1901–1903 National Register of Historic Places
MissouriCapitol.jpg Missouri State Capitol Jefferson City
38°34′44.83″N 92°10′22.77″W / 38.5791194°N 92.1729917°W / 38.5791194; -92.1729917 (Missouri State Capitol)
1911–1917 National Register of Historic Places
MontanaStateCapitol2008.jpg Montana State Capitol Helena
46°35′8.52″N 112°1′6.24″W / 46.5857000°N 112.0184000°W / 46.5857000; -112.0184000 (Montana State Capitol)
1909–1912 (wings)
National Register of Historic Places
Nebraska State Capitol at night.jpg Nebraska State Capitol Lincoln
40°48′29.12″N 96°41′58.51″W / 40.8080889°N 96.6995861°W / 40.8080889; -96.6995861 (Nebraska State Capitol)
1919–1932 National Historic Landmark
Second tallest state capitol
Carson city nevada capitol.jpg Nevada State Capitol Carson City
39°9′50.67″N 119°45′58.65″W / 39.1640750°N 119.7662917°W / 39.1640750; -119.7662917 (Nevada State Capitol)
1869–1871 National Register of Historic Places
Concord New Hampshire state house 20041229.jpg New Hampshire State House Concord
43°12′24.29″N 71°32′17.26″W / 43.2067472°N 71.5381278°W / 43.2067472; -71.5381278 (New Hampshire State House)
NJ Capitol.JPG New Jersey State House Trenton
40°13′13.57″N 74°46′11.65″W / 40.2204361°N 74.7699028°W / 40.2204361; -74.7699028 (New Jersey State House)
1792 Second oldest active state capitol
NewMexicoCapitolSantaFe.jpg New Mexico State Capitol Santa Fe
35°40′56.21″N 105°56′22.77″W / 35.6822806°N 105.9396583°W / 35.6822806; -105.9396583 (New Mexico State Capitol)
1964–1966 Highest and only round state capitol
Third newest state capitol in oldest capital city
NYSCapitolWestSide.jpg New York State Capitol Albany
42°39′9.19″N 73°45′26.36″W / 42.6525528°N 73.7573222°W / 42.6525528; -73.7573222 (New York State Capitol)
1867–1899 National Historic Landmark
North Carolina State Capitol, Raleigh.jpg North Carolina State Capitol Raleigh
35°46′49″N 78°38′21″W / 35.78028°N 78.63917°W / 35.78028; -78.63917 (North Carolina State Capitol)
1840 National Historic Landmark
2009-0521-ND-StateCapitol.jpg North Dakota State Capitol Bismarck
46°49′14.93″N 100°46′57.87″W / 46.8208139°N 100.7827417°W / 46.8208139; -100.7827417 (North Dakota State Capitol)
1931–1934 (office tower & wing)
Ohio Statehouse columbus.jpg Ohio Statehouse Columbus
39°57′41″N 82°59′56″W / 39.96139°N 82.99889°W / 39.96139; -82.99889 (Ohio Statehouse)
1837–1861 National Historic Landmark
Oklahoma State Capitol.jpg Oklahoma State Capitol Oklahoma City
35°29′32.21″N 97°30′12.14″W / 35.4922806°N 97.5033722°W / 35.4922806; -97.5033722 (Oklahoma State Capitol)
2000-2002 (dome)
National Register of Historic Places
Oregon State Capitol 1.jpg Oregon State Capitol Salem
44°56′19.43″N 123°1′48.35″W / 44.9387306°N 123.0300972°W / 44.9387306; -123.0300972 (Oregon State Capitol)
1977 (wings)
National Register of Historic Places
Pennsylvania State Capitol.jpg Pennsylvania State Capitol Harrisburg
40°15′52″N 76°52′0″W / 40.26444°N 76.86667°W / 40.26444; -76.86667 (Pennsylvania State Capitol)
1904-1906[5] National Historic Landmark
Rhode Island state house 2009a.JPG Rhode Island State House Providence
41°49′51″N 71°24′54″W / 41.83083°N 71.41500°W / 41.83083; -71.41500 (Rhode Island State House)
1895–1904 National Register of Historic Places
SC State House at evening.jpg South Carolina State House Columbia
34°0′1.56″N 81°1′59.33″W / 34.0004333°N 81.0331472°W / 34.0004333; -81.0331472 (South Carolina State House)
1854–1865 National Historic Landmark
PierreSD Capitol.jpg South Dakota State Capitol Pierre
44°22′1.8″N 100°20′46.87″W / 44.367167°N 100.3463528°W / 44.367167; -100.3463528 (South Dakota State Capitol)
1905–1911 National Register of Historic Places
Tennessee State Capitol March 2009.jpg Tennessee State Capitol Nashville
36°9′57″N 86°47′3″W / 36.16583°N 86.78417°W / 36.16583; -86.78417 (Tennessee State Capitol)
1845–1854 National Historic Landmark
Texas State Capitol building-front left front oblique view.JPG Texas State Capitol Austin
30°16′29″N 97°44′26″W / 30.27472°N 97.74056°W / 30.27472; -97.74056 (Texas State Capitol)
1993 (underground extension)
National Historic Landmark
Largest state capitol
Utah State Capitol in October 2010.JPG Utah State Capitol Salt Lake City
40°46′38″N 111°53′17″W / 40.77722°N 111.88806°W / 40.77722; -111.88806 (Utah State Capitol)
2004-2008 (major restoration and renovation)
National Register of Historic Places
Vermont State House front.jpg Vermont State House Montpelier
44°15′44″N 72°34′51″W / 44.26222°N 72.58083°W / 44.26222; -72.58083 (Vermont State Capitol)
1834–1836 National Historic Landmark
Virginia State Capitol.jpg Virginia State Capitol Richmond
37°32′19.53″N 77°26′0.94″W / 37.5387583°N 77.4335944°W / 37.5387583; -77.4335944 (Virginia State Capitol)
1904–1906 (wings)
National Historic Landmark
Third oldest active state capitol
WACapitolLegislativeBldg.jpg Washington State Capitol Olympia
47°02′07″N 122°54′23″W / 47.03528°N 122.90639°W / 47.03528; -122.90639 (Washington State Capitol)
1919–1928 (Legislative building) National Register of Historic Places
West Virginia State Capitol Building.jpg West Virginia State Capitol Charleston
38°20′11″N 81°36′44″W / 38.33639°N 81.61222°W / 38.33639; -81.61222 (West Virginia State Capitol)
1924–1932 National Register of Historic Places
Wis-capitol.jpg Wisconsin State Capitol Madison
43°4′28″N 89°23′5″W / 43.07444°N 89.38472°W / 43.07444; -89.38472 (Wisconsin State Capitol)
1988-2002 (major renovation and restoration)
National Historic Landmark
DSCN5263 cheyennewyomingcapitolfront e.jpg Wyoming State Capitol Cheyenne
41°8′25″N 104°49′11″W / 41.14028°N 104.81972°W / 41.14028; -104.81972 (Wyoming State Capitol)
1915–1917 (House and Senate chambers)
National Historic Landmark
Second highest state capitol

Table of Territorial Capitols[edit]

Picture Capitol name Location Years of current capitol construction Notes
AmericanSamoaLegislatureBuilding.jpg American Samoa Fono Building Fagatogo, American Samoa
Wilsonbldg.JPG John A. Wilson Building
District Building
Washington, DC
1904-1908 National Register of Historic Places, originally called the District Building until renamed in 1994 after district councilor John A. Wilson
Guam Legislature Building.JPG Guam Legislature Building Hagåtña, Guam
CNMI Legislature Building.JPG Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Legislature Building Capitol Hill, Saipan
PR Capitol, south side.JPG Capitol of Puerto Rico
Capitolio de Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
1921-1929 National Register of Historic Places
Virgin Islands Legislature Building Charlotte Amalie, USVI

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