List of state highways in São Paulo

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This article is a list of highways in the state of São Paulo:


  • Radial highways - The radial highways which are numbered 2 through 360 roughly correspond to the degree number from the state capital at the zero kilometre mark (São Paulo). One example is the SP-280.
  • Transversal highways—They have the number related to the final mark of the kilometre from the capital that is at the end of each highway. One example is the SP-255, after the 255th kilometre of the highway which is 255 km from the state capital (from the zero kilometre mark).


SP-008 to SP-099[edit]

SP-101 to SP-197[edit]

SP-201 to SP-294[edit]

SP-300 to SP-387[edit]

SP-413 to SP-613[edit]

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