List of state leaders in 2019

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This is a list of heads of state, heads of governments, and other rulers in the year 2019.




North and Central America[edit]


South America[edit]

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  1. ^ Eritrea only became independent in 1993.
  2. ^ South Sudan only became independent in 2011.
  3. ^ Bahrain only became independent in 1971.
  4. ^ Brunei only became independent in 1984.
  5. ^ Hun Sen was titled Second Prime Minister in 1993–98.
  6. ^ Kazakhstan only became independent in 1991.
  7. ^ Kim was referred to as supreme leader in 2011, and then appointed as First Chairman of the National Defence Commission in 2012 and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission in 2016 —having been de facto leader of North Korea throughout.
  8. ^ The Palestinian head of state is the president and prime minister. Despite its existing status internationally as a mostly recognized state, it controls parts of the West Bank, but lacks any authority in the Gaza Strip, which is taken over by Hamas militant group since 2007.
  9. ^ The seven-member Swiss Federal Council is head of state and government collectively. Within this executive council, the president serves solely in a primus inter pares capacity for one year.


  1. ^ Between 12 April and 20 August 2019 Burhan was titled as Chairman of the Transitional Military Council.
  2. ^ Titled President of the Council of State until 10 October 2019.

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