List of state leaders in the 9th century

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This is a list of state leaders in the 9th century (801–900) AD.


Africa: Northeast[edit]

Africa: Northcentral[edit]

  • Rustamid dynasty (complete list) –
    • ʿAbdu l-Wahhab ibn Abd ar-Rahman, Imam (788–824)
    • Aflah ibn ʿAbdi l-Wahhab, Imam (824–872)
    • Abu Bakr ibn Aflah, Imam (872–874)
    • Muhammad Abu l-Yaqzan ibn Aflah, Imam (874–894)
    • Yusuf Abu Hatim ibn Muhammad Abi l-Yaqzan, Imam (894–895, 899–906)
    • Yaʿqub ibn Aflah, Imam (895–899)

Africa: Northwest[edit]

America: Mesoamerica[edit]


Asia: Central[edit]

Asia: East[edit]


  • Uyghur Khaganate (complete list) –
    • Ai tengride ülüg bulmïsh alp qutlugh ulugh bilge, Khagan (795–808)
    • Ai tengride qut bulmïsh külüg bilge, Khagan (808–821)
    • Kün tengride ülüg bulmïsh alp küchlüg bilge, Khagan (821–824)
    • Ai tengride qut bulmïsh alp bilge, Khagan (824–832)
    • Ai tengride qut bulmïsh alp külüg bilge, Khagan (832–839)
    • Kürebir, Khagan (839–840)
    • Öge, Khagan (841–847)



Korea: North–South States Period

Asia: South[edit]



  • Shivamara II, King (788–816)
  • Rachamalla I, King (816–843)
  • Ereganga Neetimarga, King (843–870)
  • Rachamalla II, King (870–907)
  • Lakshmana-raja, King (825–850)
  • Kokalla I, King (850–890)
  • Shankaragana II, King (890–910)

Sri Lanka

Asia: Southeast[edit]

Asia: West[edit]




Europe: Balkans[edit]

Europe: British Isles[edit]

Great Britain: Scotland

Great Britain: Northumbria

Great Britain: England

  • King (798–812)
  • Duke (812–825)

Great Britain: Wales


Europe: Central[edit]


East Francia

Europe: East[edit]

Ashina dynasty: Khazar Khagans
Bulanid dynasty

Europe: Nordic[edit]

Europe: Southcentral[edit]

Integrum: Simultaneous claimants

Europe: Southwest[edit]

Iberian Peninsula

Marca Hispanica

Europe: West[edit]


Middle Francia

West Francia

Eurasia: Caucasus[edit]


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