List of state leaders in the 10th century

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This is a list of state leaders in the 10th century (901–1000) AD.


Africa: East[edit]


Africa: Northeast[edit]



Africa: Northcentral[edit]


  • Rustamid dynasty (complete list) –
    • Yusuf Abu Hatim ibn Muhammad Abi l-Yaqzan, Imam (894–895, 899–906)
    • Yaqzan ibn Muhammad Abi l-Yaqzan, Imam (906–909)

Africa: Northwest[edit]

  • Barghawata (complete list) –
    • Abu Ghafir Muhammad, King (c.888–917)
    • Abu al-Ansar Abdullah, King (c.917–961)
    • Abu Mansur Isa, King (c.961-?)

Africa: West[edit]


  • Eri, King (948–1041)

America: Mesoamerica[edit]


Asia: Central[edit]



Asia: East[edit]

China: Tang dynasty

Khitan China: Liao dynasty

Northern China: The Five Dynasties

Southern China: The Ten Kingdoms

China: Northern Song

China: Other states and entities



Asia: South[edit]


Sri Lanka

Asia: Southeast[edit]

Asia: West[edit]


Emirate of Mosul
Emirate of Aleppo


Buyids in Fars
Buyids in Ray
Buyids in Iraq


States of Europe in 998 AD.

Europe: Balkans[edit]

Europe: British Isles[edit]

Great Britain: Scotland[edit]

Great Britain: Northumbria[edit]

Great Britain: England[edit]

Great Britain: Wales[edit]


Europe: Central[edit]

Europe: East[edit]

Europe: Nordic[edit]

Europe: Southcentral[edit]

States of Italy in 1000 AD.

Holy Roman Empire in Italy[edit]

Holy Roman Empire in Italy

Integrum: Simultaneous claimants
Ottonian dynasty

Southern Italy[edit]

Southern Italy

Europe: Southwest[edit]

Iberian Peninsula: Christian[edit]

Iberian Peninsula: Christian

Iberian Peninsula: Muslim[edit]

Iberian Peninsula: Muslim

Marca Hispanica[edit]

Marca Hispanica

Europe: West[edit]

Eurasia: Caucasus[edit]


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