List of state routes in West Virginia

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State highways in the U.S. state of West Virginia are owned and maintained by the West Virginia Division of Highways.


List of state routes[edit]

  • The background shaded in pink means that the route is either unconstructed or is totally decommissioned.


Route From To Years Former routes
WV-1.svg WV Route 1 no current route 1920s
WV-2.svg WV Route 2 Huntington Chester 1920s - present
WV-3.svg WV Route 3 West Hamlin Sweet Springs 1920s
WV-4.svg WV Route 4 Clendenin Rock Cave 1920s
WV-5.svg WV Route 5 Elizabeth Heaters 1920s - late 1930s
WV-6.svg WV Route 6 Montgomery Smithers 1920s
WV-7.svg WV Route 7 Ohio Maryland
WV-8.svg WV Route 8 New Cumberland Chester 1920s - mid-1930s
WV-9.svg WV Route 9 Maryland Virginia
WV-10.svg WV Route 10 Kegley Huntington
Alt plate.svg
WV-10.svg WV Route 10 ALT
Melissa west of Barboursville
US 11.svg U.S. Route 11 Virginia Maryland 1926–present
WV-12.svg WV Route 12 Peterstown Alta
WV-14.svg WV Route 14 Spencer Williamstown 1920s - present
WV-15.svg WV Route 15 north of Sutton Valley Head
WV-16.svg WV Route 16 Virginia St. Marys 1920s - present
WV-17.svg WV Route 17 Stollings Madison 1920s-1970
WV-18.svg WV Route 18 Troy Sistersville 1920s - present
US 19.svg U.S. Route 19 Virginia Pennsylvania 1926–present WV 19: 1920s
WV-20.svg WV Route 20 Bluewell east of New Martinsville
US 21.svg U.S. Route 21 no current route 1926 - late 1970s
US 22.svg U.S. Route 22 Ohio Pennsylvania 1926–present
WV-23.svg WV Route 23 Tyler Salem
WV-24.svg WV Route 24 Silver Lake Eglon
WV-25.svg WV Route 25 south of Poca Charleston 1920s, early 1930s-mid-1930s
WV-26.svg WV Route 26 Fellowsville Pennsylvania
WV-27.svg WV Route 27 Wellsburg Pennsylvania 1920s- present
Alt plate.svg
WV-27.svg WV Route 27 ALT
Follansbee Pennsylvania
WV-28.svg WV Route 28 Huntersville Maryland
WV-29.svg WV Route 29 Baker south of Paw Paw 1920s
US 30.svg U.S. Route 30 Ohio Pennsylvania 1926–present
WV-31.svg WV Route 31 Williamstown Harrisville
WV-32.svg WV Route 32 Harman Thomas 1920s
US 33.svg U.S. Route 33 Ohio Virginia late 1930s-present WV 33: 1920s - late 1930s
WV-34.svg WV Route 34 east of Hamlin Kenna
Alt plate.svg
WV-34.svg WV Route 34 ALT
Hurricane U.S. Route 60 in Hurricane
US 35.svg U.S. Route 35 Scott Depot Ohio mid-1930s - present
WV-36.svg WV Route 36 west of Maysel Spencer
WV-37.svg WV Route 37 Kentucky Ranger
WV-38.svg WV Route 38 north of Calhoun St. George
WV-39.svg WV Route 39 Gauley Bridge Virginia
US 40.svg U.S. Route 40 Ohio Pennsylvania 1926–present
WV-41.svg WV Route 41 Beckley Calvin
WV-42.svg WV Route 42 west of Petersburg Maryland
WV-43.svg WV Route 43 east of Morgantown Pennsylvania state line
WV-44.svg WV Route 44 Mountain View Logan
WV-45.svg WV Route 45 Virginia Shepherdstown
Alt plate.svg
WV-45.svg WV Route 45 ALT
west of Shepherdstown southwest of Shepherdstown
WV-46.svg WV Route 46 Elk Garden
Fort Ashby
WV-47.svg WV Route 47 Parkersburg Linn
US 48.svg U.S. Route 48 Weston Virginia not yet signed mid-1970s - late 1980s
WV-49.svg WV Route 49 Kentucky east of Williamson


Route From To Years Former routes
US 50.svg U.S. Route 50 Ohio
1926–present WV 50: 1920s
WV-51.svg WV Route 51 east of Glengary Charles Town
US 52.svg U.S. Route 52 Virginia Ohio 1926–present WV 52: 1920s
WV-53.svg WV Route 53 east of Elizabeth west of Macfarlan
WV-54.svg WV Route 54 Mullens Sophia
WV-55.svg WV Route 55 Muddlety Virginia 1920s
WV-56.svg WV Route 56 no current route late 1930s - early 1980s
WV-57.svg WV Route 57 east of Clarksburg south of Philippi
WV-58.svg WV Route 58 Stonewood Bridgeport
WV-59.svg WV Route 59 Lost City Virginia
US 60.svg U.S. Route 60 Kentucky Virginia 1926–present
WV-61.svg WV Route 61 Piney View Charleston
WV-62.svg WV Route 62 Charleston Ripley 1920s - present
WV-63.svg WV Route 63 Alderson Caldwell
I-64 (WV).svg Interstate 64 Kentucky Virginia 1957–present
WV-65.svg WV Route 65 Matewan Naugatuck
I-66.svg Interstate 66 Kentucky near Matewan proposed
WV-66.svg WV Route 66 east of Slatyfork south of Green Bank
WV-67.svg WV Route 67 south of Wellsburg Pennsylvania
I-68 (WV).svg Interstate 68 Morgantown Maryland late 1980s - present
WV-68.svg WV Route 68 Ravenswood east of Parkersburg
WV-69.svg WV Route 69 Hundred Pennsylvania 1960s - present
I-70 (WV).svg Interstate 70 Ohio Pennsylvania 1957–present WV 70: 1920s - 1960s
WV-71.svg WV Route 71 Bluewell Matoaka
WV-72.svg WV Route 72 north of Dryfork Kingwood
I-73.svg Interstate 73 Virginia Ohio proposed
WV-73.svg WV Route 73 Verdunville Logan
I-74.svg Interstate 74 Ohio Virginia proposed
WV-74.svg WV Route 74 Coxs Mills Josephs Mills
WV-75.svg WV Route 75 Kenova Lavalette
WV-76.svg WV Route 76 east of Bridgeport north of Philippi
I-77 (WV).svg Interstate 77 Virginia Ohio 1957–present
WV-78.svg WV Route 78 Crumpler Ghent proposed
I-79 (WV).svg Interstate 79 Charleston Pennsylvania 1957–present
WV-80.svg WV Route 80 Bradshaw Huff Junction
I-81 (WV).svg Interstate 81 Virginia Maryland 1957–present WV 81: 1920s - 1940
WV-82.svg WV Route 82 Birch River Cowen
WV-83.svg WV Route 83 Virginia Yukon
WV-84.svg WV Route 84 Frost Virginia
WV-85.svg WV Route 85 Oceana Danville
WV-86.svg WV Route 86 Glen Dale Sherrard
WV-87.svg WV Route 87 west of Mount Alto west of Ripley
WV-88.svg WV Route 88 Limestone west of Pennsylvania early 1930s - mid-1930s
WV-89.svg WV Route 89 no current route early 1930s - late 1980s
WV-90.svg WV Route 90 Thomas Gormania
WV-91.svg WV Route 91 no current route early 1930s - unknown
WV-92.svg WV Route 92 White Sulphur Springs Reedsville
WV-93.svg WV Route 93 Davis west of New Creek early 1930s
WV-94.svg WV Route 94 Racine Marmet
WV-95.svg WV Route 95 Parkersburg
WV-97.svg WV Route 97 Hanover Mabscott
WV-98.svg WV Route 98 Clarksburg Nutter Fort
WV-99.svg WV Route 99 north of Kopperston Glen Daniel


Route From To Years Former routes
WV-100.svg WV Route 100 Westover south of Pennsylvania
WV-101.svg WV Route 101 Huntington
WV-102.svg WV Route 102 Virginia Virginia
WV-103.svg WV Route 103 Black Wolf Welch
WV-104.svg WV Route 104 Princeton
WV-105.svg WV Route 105 Weirton
WV-106.svg WV Route 106 Huntington
WV-107.svg WV Route 107 Hinton
WV-112.svg WV Route 112 Bluefield Oakvale
WV-114.svg WV Route 114 Charleston Big Chimney
WV-115.svg WV Route 115 Charles Town Ranson
US 119.svg U.S. Route 119 Kentucky Pennsylvania 1926–present
US 121.svg U.S. Route 121 Virginia Beckley early 2000s - present
WV-122.svg WV Route 122 Forest Hill north of Rock Camp
WV-123.svg WV Route 123 Virginia west of Princeton
WV-125.svg WV Route 125 Princeton Sandstone proposed
WV-127.svg WV Route 127 Forks of Cacapon Virginia
WV-129.svg WV Route 129 Drennen Mount Nebo
WV-131.svg WV Route 131 Shinnston Bridgeport
WV-140.svg WV Route 140 Parkersburg Parkersburg Toll Bridge
WV-150.svg WV Route 150 west of Mill Point north of Edray
WV-152.svg WV Route 152 north of Crum Huntington
WV-161.svg WV Route 161 Bishop Elkhorn
WV-180.svg WV Route 180 north of Middlebourne south of New Martinsville
WV-193.svg WV Route 193 Barboursville Lesage
WV-210.svg WV Route 210 Beckley
WV-211.svg WV Route 211 Mount Hope
WV-214.svg WV Route 214 Yawkey Ruth
WV-218.svg WV Route 218 Worthington Pennsylvania
US 219.svg U.S. Route 219 Virginia state line at Peterstown Maryland state line near Silver Lake late 1930s - present
US 220.svg U.S. Route 220 Virginia state line south of Franklin Maryland state line at Romney late 1920s - present
WV-230.svg WV Route 230 Halltown Shepherdstown
US 250.svg U.S. Route 250 Virginia state line near Thornwood Ohio state line at Wheeling late 1920s - present
WV-251.svg WV Route 251 Wheeling
WV-252.svg WV Route 252 Wheeling Route may no longer exist as Aetnaville Bridge is closed.
WV-259.svg WV Route 259 Virginia Virginia
WV-270.svg WV Route 270 West Milford Lost Creek Formerly County Route 27.
WV-273.svg WV Route 273 Pleasant Valley Fairmont Route fully opened on December 22, 2010.[1]
WV-279.svg WV Route 279 Clarksburg Bridgeport


Route From To Years Former routes
WV-305.svg WV Route 305 Lester Surveyor
WV-307.svg WV Route 307 Beaver Daniels
WV-310.svg WV Route 310 Fairmont Grafton
WV-311.svg WV Route 311 Virginia
east of White Sulphur Springs
WV-331.svg WV Route 331 Mount Alto Cottageville
US 340.svg U.S. Route 340 Virginia Virginia 1926–present
US 460.svg U.S. Route 460 Virginia Virginia late 1940s - present
I-470 (WV).svg Interstate 470 Ohio Wheeling late 1970s - present
WV-480.svg WV Route 480 Kearneysville Maryland
WV-501.svg WV Route 501 Tyler Mountain Tyler Heights
US 522.svg U.S. Route 522 Virginia Maryland early 1940s - present
WV-527.svg WV Route 527 Huntington
WV-598.svg WV Route 598 Virginia Bluefield
WV-601.svg WV Route 601 Ruth South Charleston
WV-612.svg WV Route 612 Mossy Oak Hill
WV-618.svg WV Route 618 Parkersburg
WV-622.svg WV Route 622 Institute Pocatalico
WV-635.svg WV Route 635 Virginia Jolo
WV-705.svg WV Route 705 Morgantown
WV-807.svg WV Route 807 Ohio St. Marys
WV-817.svg WV Route 817 St. Albans Fraziers Bottom 2008–present
WV-869.svg WV Route 869 north of Fraziers Bottom south of Buffalo
WV-891.svg WV Route 891 north of Cameron Pennsylvania
WV-892.svg WV Route 892 Eli west of Parkersburg
WV-901.svg WV Route 901 Hedgesville Falling Waters
WV-956.svg WV Route 956 Maryland north of Fort Ashby
WV-971.svg WV Route 971 Baileysville Oceana
WV-972.svg WV Route 972 south of New Creek south of Keyser


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