List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (C)

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This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter C:







Armoiries Ravensberg.svg Calvelage County n/a n/a 1072: First mentioned 1170: Renamed to Ravensberg
CoA Calw County.svg Calw County n/a n/a c. 1075: First mentioned 1155: Acquired Löwenstein
1189: Side line Calw-Vaihingen founded
c. 1150: Partitioned into Calw-Löwenstein and Calw-Calw
CoA Calw County.svg Calw-Calw County n/a n/a c. 1150: Partitioned from Calw 1282: Extinct; to Tübingen
CoA Calw County.svg Calw-Löwenstein County n/a n/a c. 1150: Partitioned from Calw 1277: Sold to Würzburg
1281: Sold to Austria
1283: To Schenkenberg who founded the County of Löwenstein
CoA Calw County.svg Calw-Vaihingen County n/a n/a 1189: Founded by Godfrey of Calw after marrying heiress of Vaihingen 1364: Extinct; to Württemberg
CoA Cambrai Diocese.svg Cambrai Bishopric
1559: Archbishopric
Low Rhen EC 6th Century: Diocese established 1007: Acquired Cambrésis; imperial immediacy
1543: To Spain
1559: Raised to Archdiocese
1677: To France
Blason cambrai.svg Cambrai Imperial City Low Rhen RC 1227: Gained some autonomy from the Bishops 1543: To Spain
1677: To France
CoA Cammin Diocese.svg Cammin (Kammin) Bishopric Upp Sax EC 1140: Diocese established 1180: HRE Duke of the Empire
1185-1227: Fief of Denmark
1276: Acquired Kolberg
1345: Imperial immediacy
1556: Secularized to Pomerania-Wolgast
1650: Secularised as Principality of Cammin
CoA Cammin Principality.svg Cammin (Kammin) Principality Upp Sax PR 1650: Bishopric of Cammin secularised as principality; to Brandenburg
Blason Dambach.svg Cappenberg County n/a n/a 10th - 11th Century 1122: Rhenish possessions to Cappenberg Abbey and Ilbenstadt Abbey
1124: Swabian possessions to Swabia
Carinthia Arms.svg Carinthia (Kärnten) Margraviate
976: Duchy
Aust PR 889: Partitioned from Bavaria 976: HRE Duke
1286: To Gorizia-Tyrol
1335: To Austria
1803: Bench of Princes
CoA Carniola Duchy.svg Carniola (Krain) Margraviate
1364: Duchy
Aust PR 1040: Partitioned from Carinthia 1071: To Aquileia
1245: To Austria
1246: To Carinthia
1269: To Bohemia
1276: To Austria
1286: To Gorizia-Tyrol
1335: To Austria
1364: HRE Duke
1803: Bench of Princes
1805-1806: To France
CoA Castell County.svg Castell 1202/5: County Franc FR 1054: First mentioned 1266: Partitioned into Castell-Unterschloss and Castell-Oberschloss
1331: Reunited by Castell-Oberschloss
1546: Partitioned into Castell-Castell, Castell-Remlingen and Castell-Rüdenhausen
CoA Castell County.svg Castell-Castell County Franc FR 1546: Partitioned from Castell 1577: Extinct; divided between Castell-Remlingen and Castell-Rüdenhausen
1668: Partitioned from Castell-Remlingen
1717: Extinct; to Castell-Remlingen
1718: Partitioned from Castell-Remlingen
1772: Renamed to Castell-Remlingen
CoA Castell County.svg Castell-Oberschloss County n/a n/a 1266: Partitioned from Castell 1331: Renamed to Castell
CoA Castell County.svg Castell-Rehweiler County Franc FR 1718: Partitioned from Castell-Remlingen 1772: Extinct; to Castell-Castell
CoA Castell County.svg Castell-Remlingen County Franc FR 1546: Partitioned from Castell 1595: Extinct; to Castell-Rüdenhausen
1597: Partitioned from Castell-Rüdenhausen
1668: Partitioned into itself and Castell-Castell
1718: Partitioned into itself, Castell-Castell, and Castell-Rehweiler
1762: Extinct; to Castell-Castell
1772: Renamed from Castell-Castell
1803: Partitioned into itself and Castell-Rüdenhausen
1806: To Bavaria
CoA Castell County.svg Castell-Rüdenhausen County Franc FR 1546: Partitioned from Castell 1597: Partitioned into Castell-Remlingen and itself
1803: Extinct; to Castell-Remlingen
1803: Partitioned from Castell-Remlingen
1806: To Bavaria
CoA Castell County.svg Castell-Unterschloss County n/a n/a 1266: Partitioned from Castell 1331: Extinct; to Castell-Oberschloss
CoA Cilli County.svg Celje
See: Cilli
Blason Chablais.svg Chablais County
1310: Duchy
n/a n/a 1018: To St Maurice's Abbey 1035: Half to Savoy
1128: All to Savoy
1475: Half to Bern
1536: All to Bern
1569: All to Savoy
1792: To France
CoA Chiemsee Diocese.svg Chiemsee Bishopric Bav EC 1215: Diocese established; Held administrative functions in the Archbishopric of Salzburg Initially held votes in the Bavarian Circle and the Bench of Spiritual Princes
1803: Secular functions abolished
1808: Diocese abolished
CoA Chur Diocese.svg Chur Bishopric Aust EC 451: First mentioned 958: Acquired territorial rights
1798: To the Helvetic Republic
CoA Cilli County.svg Cilli (Celje; Cilly) Lordship
1341: County
1436: Princely County
n/a n/a 1123: First mentioned; ministerialis of Styria 1322: Acquired Heunburg as fief of Carinthia
1333: Acquired Celje
1341: HRE Count
1397: Acquired Varaždin and Zagorje as fief of Hungary
1418: Acquired Ortenburg
1436: HRE Princely Count
1456: Extinct; to Austria
Blason DE Clèves.svg Cleves (Kleve) County n/a n/a 1092: First mentioned; emerged from the gau county of Hamaland 1255: Partitioned into itself and Kranenburg
c. 1275: Partitioned into itself and Hülchrath
1290: Acquired Duisburg
1368: Extinct; to Mark
1394: Partitioned from Mark
1397: Acquired Ravenstein
1398: Acquired Mark; renamed to Cleves-Marck
1521: To Jülich-Cleves-Berg
1609: War of the Jülich Succession
1614: To Brandenburg
1795: To France
1815: To Prussia
Blason DE Clèves.svg Cleves-Marck (Kleve-Mark) County
1417: Duchy
Low Rhen PR 1398: Renamed from Cleves after acquisition of Mark 1417: HRE Duke
1450: Appanage Cleves-Ravenstein established
1491: Side line Cleves-Nevers founded in France
1521: Extinct; to Jülich-Berg who formed Jülich-Cleves-Berg
Blason DE Clèves.svg Cleves-Ravenstein Barony n/a n/a 1450: Appanage created in Cleves-Marck 1528: Extinct; appanage abolished
CoA Colloredo Family.svg Colloredo Lordship
1588: Barony
1724: County
1763: Principality
Swab SC 1026: First mentioned; in the service of the Emperor 1031: Invested with Mels as fief of Aquileia
1588: HRE Baron
1724: HRE Count
1741: Bench of Counts of Swabia (Personalist)
1763: HRE Prince
1780: Acquired Bohemian estates of Mansfeld
1788: Renamed to Colloredo-Mansfeld
CoA Colloredo Family.svg Colloredo-Mansfeld Principality (personalist) Swab SC 1788: Renamed from Colloredo 1803: Purchased a portion of Limpurg, and Rieneck
1806: Limpurg to Württemberg, Rieneck to Regensburg
Image-Blason Colmar 68.svg Colmar Imperial City Upp Rhen RH 1226: Free Imperial City 1679: To France
CoA Cologne Archdiocese.svg Cologne (Köln) Archbishopric
1356: Prince-Elector
El Rhin EL 313: Diocese first mentioned 814: Raised to Archdiocese
954: Acquired secular territory; HRE Prince of the Empire
1180: Acquired Westphalia and Angria; HRE Duke
1356: HRE Elector
1794: Left bank to France
1803: Secularised; Westphalia to Hesse-Darmstadt and Nassau-Orange-Fulda, Vest Recklinghausen to Arenberg
CoA Cologne, NRW.svg Cologne (Köln) Imperial City Low Rhen RH 1288: Free Imperial City 1794: To France
1815: to Prussia
CoA Comburg Abbey, BW.svg Comburg Abbacy
1488: Provostry
Franc SC 1078: Abbey established 13th Century?: Imperial immediacy
1484: Made fief of the Bishopric of Würzburg
1488: Converted into a Provostry
1583: Made fief of Württemberg
1803: Secularised
CoA Kornelimünster Abbey, NRW.svg Cornelimünster
See: Kornelimünster
CoA Corvey Abbey, NRW.svg Corvey (Korvey) Abbacy
1792: Bishopric
1803: Principality
Low Rhen EC 877: Abbey established c. 1150: Imperial immediacy
c. 1582: HRE Prince of the Empire
1792: Converted to a Bishopric
1803: To Nassau-Orange-Fulda
1807: To Westphalia
1815: To Prussia
Coats of arms of None.svg Cottbus Lordship n/a n/a 1199: Lords of Cottbus first mentioned 1445: Sold to Brandenburg
1807: To Saxony
1813: To Prussia
Blason fam fr Croÿ-Flandres-Craon.svg Croÿ (Croy) Lordship
1677: Principality
1767: Duchy
Low Rhen PR 12th Century: First mentioned 1590: Acquired Solre; fief of the Spanish Netherlands
1677: HRE Prince
1767: Duke in France
1803: Acquired Dülmen
1806: To Arenberg
1810: To France
1815: To Prussia
CoA Cuijk Lordship.svg Cuijk (Cuyk) Lordship n/a n/a 11th Century: First mentioned 1132: Side line Cuijk-Arnsberg founded
1400: Sold to Guelders
1492: Extinct
CoA Cuijk Lordship.svg Cuijk-Arnsberg Lordship n/a n/a 1132: Established when Godfrey I of Cuijk acquired Arnsberg by marriage 1166: Made fief of Cologne
1237: Side line Rietberg founded
1352: Ceded Fredeburg to Marck
1368: Sold to Cologne
1371: Extinct