List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (K)

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This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter K:







CoA Schwarzburg County.svg Käfernburg (Kevernburg) County n/a n/a 1103: First mentioned; to Schwarzburg 1160: Partitioned from Schwarzburg
1184: Inherited Schwarzburg
1197: Partitioned into Schwarzburg, itself and Hallermund
1227: Partitioned into itself and Rabenswalde-Wiehe
1384: Extinct in male line
1387: Sold to Thuringia
1446: To Schwarzburg-Arnstadt Younger Line
Wappen Kaisheim.png Kaisheim (Kaisersheim) Abbacy Swab SP / RP 1135 1346: Imperial immediacy, though not recognised by Bavaria
1656: Imperial immediacy recognised by Bavaria
1803: To Bavaria
Brunswick-Lüneburg Arms.svg Kalenberg
see: Brunswick-Calenberg
CoA Cammin Diocese.svg Kammin
See: Cammin
CoA Cammin Principality.svg Kammin
See: Cammin
Carinthia Arms.svg Kärnten
See: Carinthia
Blason Eberhard VI de Katznellenbogen.svg Katzenelnbogen Lordship
1138: County
n/a n/a 11th Century 1066: First mentioned as advocates of Prüm Abbey
1138: HRE Count
1190: Acquired Hohenstein
c. 1215: Partitioned into itself and Hohenstein
1259: Acquired Dornberg
1260: Partitioned into Katzenelnbogen Elder Line and Katzenelnbogen Younger Line
1402: Reunited by Younger Line
1453: Acquired part of Diez (de) and Eppstein
1479: Extinct; to Hesse-Marburg
Blason Eberhard VI de Katznellenbogen.svg Katzenelnbogen Elder Line County n/a n/a 1260: Partitioned from Katzenelnbogen 1284: Acquired St Goarshausen
1402: Extinct; to Katzenelnbogen Younger Line
Blason Eberhard VI de Katznellenbogen.svg Katzenelnbogen Younger Line County n/a n/a 1260: Partitioned from Katzenelnbogen 1283: Acquired Brauback
1384: Much of the county pledged to the Archbishopric of Mainz
1402: Renamed to Katzenelnbogen
Wappen von Kaufbeuren.png Kaufbeuren Imperial City Swab SW 1286: Free Imperial City 1803: To Bavaria
Coats of arms of None.svg Kaufungen Abbacy Upp Rhen RP 1017 1089: Imperial immediacy
1527: Mediatised to Hesse
1533: To the Hessian Knighthood under Hesse
CoA Kaunitz Family.svg Kaunitz 1642: County n/a n/a 14th Century: First mentioned; possibly a branch of Stosch 1642: Moravian line made HRE Count
1699: Moravian line in succession dispute over Rietberg
1726: Moravian line acquired Rietberg; renamed to Kaunitz-Rietberg
CoA Kaunitz Family.svg Kaunitz-Rietberg
HRE Prince of Kaunitz, Count of Rietberg & East Frisia, Lord of Esens, Stadesdorf, Wittmund & Melrich
1764: Principality
Low Rhen WE 1726: Moravian line of the House of Kaunitz acquired Rietberg 1764: HRE Prince
1803: Bench of Princes
1807: To Westphalia
1813: To Prussia
1848: Extinct
Blason de la ville de Kaysersberg (68).svg Kaysersberg (Kaisersberg) Imperial City Upp Rhen RH 1353: Free Imperial City 1648: To France
Fuerststift Kempten coat of arms.png Kempten Abbacy Swab SP 752 1062: Imperial immediacy
1524: HRE Prince-Abbey
1548: Bench of Spiritual Princes
1803: To Bavaria
Wappen Kempten.svg Kempten 1289: Imperial Free City Swab SW 1289: Free Imperial City 1803: To Bavaria
DEU Kerpen COA.svg Kerpen and Lommersum Lordship Low Rhen WE 1288: Territory of Brabant 1430: To Burgundy
1477: To the Burgundian Netherlands
1516: To the Spanish Netherlands
1710: To Palatinate-Neuburg (within Jülich)
1712: To Schaesberg as fief of Palatinate-Neuburg
1786: Imperial immediacy; Bench of Counts of Westphalia
1794: To France
Wappen von Kettershausen.png Kettershausen Lordship n/a n/a 1556: To Fugger-Babenhausen 1806: To Bavaria
CoA Khevenhüller Family.svg Khevenhüller-Metsch
Prince of Khevenhüller-Metsch, Count of Hochosterwitz, Baron of Landskron and Wernberg, etc.
1763: Principality
n/a SC 1751: Line formed by a scion of the Khevenhüller family that inherited Metsch 1763: HRE Prince; Personalist vote in Bench of Counts of Swabia
CoA Kirchberg Burgraviate.svg Kirchberg
Burgrave of Kirchberg, Count of Sayn and Wittgenstein, Lord of Farnrode
Burgraviate Upp Rhen WT 1149: Counts of Kapellendorf invested with the burgraviate of Kirchberg bei Jena 1294: Partitioned into Kirchberg-Windberg, Kirchberg-Kaulsdorf, Kirchberg-Greiffenberg and Kirchberg-Kapellendorf
1495: Reunited by Kirchberg-Altenberga
1714: Acquired Sayn-Hachenburg
1799: To Nassau-Weilburg
CoA Kirchberg Burgraviate.svg Kirchberg-Altenberga Burgraviate n/a n/a 1427: Partitioned from Kirchberg-Greiffenberg 1461: Acquired Farnroda
1495: Renamed to Kirchberg
CoA Kirchberg Burgraviate.svg Kirchberg-Greiffenberg Burgraviate n/a n/a 1294: Partitioned from Kirchberg 1412: Acquired Kranichfeld
1427: Partitioned into Kirchberg-Kranichfeld and Kirchberg-Altenberga
CoA Kirchberg Burgraviate.svg Kirchberg-Kapellenberg Burgraviate n/a n/a 1294: Partitioned from Kirchberg 1304: Sold Kapellenberg to Erfurt
1362: Acquired Camburg
1393: Extinct; to Meissen
CoA Kirchberg Burgraviate.svg Kirchberg-Kaulsdorf Burgraviate n/a n/a 1294: Partitioned from Kirchberg 1357: Extinct; to Weimar-Orlamünde
CoA Kirchberg Burgraviate.svg Kirchberg-Kranichfeld Burgraviate n/a n/a 1427: Partitioned from Kirchberg-Greiffenberg 1455: Kranichfeld to Gleichen-Blankenhain
1495: Extinct; to Kirchberg-Altenberga
CoA Kirchberg Burgraviate.svg Kirchberg-Windberg Burgraviate n/a n/a 1294: Partitioned from Kirchberg 1311: Extinct; to Kirchberg-Kaulsdorf and Kirchberg-Greiffenberg
CoA Kirchberg County.svg Kirchberg
Not to be confused with Burgraviate above
County n/a n/a 11th Century 1087: First mentioned
Early history of the counts is unclear; eventually formed the lines Kirchberg-Kirchberg, Kirchberg-Brandenburg and Kirchberg-Wullenstetten in the 12th Century
CoA Kirchberg County.svg Kirchberg-Brandenburg County n/a n/a Partitioned from Kirchberg 1298: Extinct; to Austria
1313: To Ellersbach
1466: To Krafft
1481: To Rechberg
1539: To Fugger
CoA Kirchberg County.svg Kirchberg-Kirchberg County n/a n/a Partitioned from Kirchberg 1366: Extinct; to Matsch
1399: To Kirchberg-Wullenstetten
CoA Kirchberg County.svg Kirchberg-Wullenstetten County Swab SC Partitioned from Kirchberg 1399: Acquired Kirchberg-Kirchberg
1481: Half sold to Bavaria-Landshut
1503: Landshut half to Austria
1507: Landshut half to Fugger
1510: Extinct; rest to Fugger
CoA Siersberg Family.svg Kirkel Lordship n/a n/a 1075: First mentioned 1212: Partitioned from Saarwerden
1242: Extinct; divided between numerous heirs
1250: Most acquired by John of Siersberg who took the name Kirkel
1386: Extinct; to the Palatinate
CoA Sulz County.svg Klettgau County
1325: Landgraviate
Swab SC Originally a gau county of the Carolingian Empire 1040: To Habsburg
1280: To Habsburg-Laufenburg
1410: To Sulz
1687: To Schwarzenberg
1806: To Baden
Blason DE Clèves.svg Kleve
See: Cleves
Coats of arms of None.svg Klingenmünster Abbacy
1490: Provostry
Upp Rhen RP 636 ? 1115: Imperial immediacy
1490: Provost
1567: To the Palatinate
CoA Knyphausen.svg Knyphausen (Kniphausen) Barony
1653: County
n/a n/a Part of East Frisia 1588: Lord of Inhausen and Knyphausen made HRE Baron
1624: To Oldenburg
1653: HRE Count
1667: To Aldenburg
1738: To Aldenburg-Bentinck
1807: To Holland
1810: To France
1813: To Oldenburg
1826: To Aldenburg-Bentinck with limited sovereignty
1854: To Oldenburg
Blason ville fr Ventenac-Cabardès (Aude).svg Koblenz (Coblenz / Coblence) Bailiwick of the Teutonic Order El Rhin n/a 1216: Teutonic Order received land in fief from the Archbishopric of Trier 1263: Acquired Elsen
1313: Acquired Waldbreitbach
1613: Acquired Morsbroich
1794: Left-bank territory to France
1806-9: Rest to Berg and Nassau
Coats of arms of None.svg Koevorden (Coevorden) Lordship
CoA Kolb von Wartenberg Family.svg Kolb von Wartenberg (Kolbe) Lordship n/a n/a 12th Century: First mentioned; ministerialis of Franconia 1699: HRE County; renamed to Wartenberg
CoA Cologne Archdiocese.svg Köln
See: Cologne
CoA Cologne, NRW.svg Köln
See: Cologne
Imperial City
DEU Königsbronn COA.svg Königsbronn Abbacy Swab SP 1303 15th Century?: Imperial immediacy
1553: Mediatised to Württemberg
1710: Abolished
COA family de von Königsegg.svg Königsegg (Konigsegg)
HRE Count of Königsegg & Rothenfels, Baron of Aulendorf & Stauffen, Lord of Ebenweiler & Wald in Swabia
1629: County
Swab SC c. 1171: First mentioned as a property of the Lords of Fronhofen c. 1251: Partitioned from Fronhofen
1381: Acquired Aulendorf
1595: Acquired Rothenfels
1621: HRE Baron
1622: Partitioned into Königsegg-Rothenfels and Königsegg-Aulendorf
COA family de von Königsegg.svg Königsegg-Aulendorf Barony
1629: County
Swab SC 1622: Partitioned from Königsegg 1629: HRE County
1806: To Württemberg
COA family de von Königsegg.svg Königsegg-Rothenfels Barony
1629: County
Swab SC 1622: Partitioned from Königsegg 1629: HRE County
1804: To Austria; acquired Boros-Sebiș as fief of Hungary
Wappen Koenigsfeld im Schwarzwald.png Königsfeld (Black Forest)
Wappen Bistum Konstanz.svg Konstanz (Constance) Prince-Bishopric Swab EC 585 1155: HRE Prince of the Empire
1803: To Baden
Wappen Konstanz.svg Konstanz (Constance) 1192: Imperial Free City Swab SW 1192: Free Imperial City 1548: To Austria
1805: To Baden
Coats of arms of None.svg Konzenberg Lordship n/a n/a 1305: To Burgau
1351: To Halder
1361: To Waldkirch
13??: To Villenbach
13??: To the Bishopric of Augsburg
1454: To Grafeneck
1456: To Stain
1457: to Westernach
1511: To Knöringen
1524: To Augsburg
1530: To Baumgartner
16??: To ?
1684: To the Bishopric of Augsburg
1803: To Bavaria
CoA Kornelimünster Abbey, NRW.svg Kornelimünster (Cornelimünster; St Kornelimünster) Abbacy Low Rhen RP 614 9th Century: Imperial immediacy
1795: To France
CoA Carniola Duchy.svg Krain
See: Carniola
Blason DE Clèves.svg Kranenburg County n/a n/a 1255: Partitioned from Cleves 1277: Extinct; to Cleves
Wappen Krautheim Jagst.svg Krautheim Lordship
1803: HRE Principality of Krautheim and Gerlachsheim
n/a n/a c. 1213: Mentioned as belonging to Lords of Krautheim 1399: To the Archbishopric of Mainz
1803: To Salm-Reifferscheid-Krautheim
1806: To Württemberg
Coats of arms of None.svg Kreuzlingen Abbacy Swab SP c. 1125 1145: Imperial immediacy
1648: To Switzerland
Coats of arms of None.svg Kriechingen (Criechingen) Barony n/a n/a c. 1150: First mention of Lords of Kriechingen, fiefs of Lorraine 1239: Partitioned into itself and Helfedange
1295: To Torcheville who assumed the name Kriechingen
13th Century: HRE Baron
1557: Partitioned into Kriechingen-Püttlingen-Bacourt and Kriechingen-Homburg-Bruchkastel
Coats of arms of None.svg Kriechingen-Homburg-Bruchkastel Barony
1617: County
Upp Rhen n/a 1557: Partitioned from Kriechingen 1617: HRE Count; Imperial immediacy in core lands; Upper Rhenish Circle
1697: Extinct; to East Frisia
To Wied-Runkel
1793: To France
Coats of arms of None.svg Kriechingen-Püttlingen-Bacourt Barony n/a n/a 1557: Partitioned from Kriechingen 1681: Extinct; to Salm-Reifferscheid
Wappen von Kronburg.png Kronburg Lordship 1460: Partitioned from Aichen 1540: Partitioned into Osterberg, Schwabeck and Weissenstein
CoA Kuefstein Family.svg Kuefstein-Greillenstein
Count of Kuefstein, Baron of Greillenstein, of Hohenkraen, etc.
1709: County (Personalist) n/a FR 1602: HRE Baron
1654?: HRE Count
1709: Bench of Counts of Franconia (personalist vote)
Wappen Landkreis Kulmbach.png Kulmbach Lordship 1057-1234: To Andechs-Meran
1248: To Counts of Orlamunde
1340: To Hohenzollern Burgraves of Nuremberg
1792: To Prussia
1807: French occupation
1810: To Bavaria
Wappen Vogtei Thurgau.svg Kyburg (Kiburg) County n/a n/a 11th century c. 1053: Counts of Winterthur-Kyburg extinct; to Dillingen by marriage
1180: Partitioned from Dillingen
1218: Acquired left-bank territory of Zähringen
1273: To Habsburg-Laufenburg by marriage
1274: Partitioned from Habsburg-Laufenburg (Neu-Kyburg)
1379: Most to Austria
1384: Fief of Bern
1417: Extinct
CoA Kyrburg Wildgraviate.svg Kyrburg Wildgraviate n/a n/a 1258: Partitioned from the Wildgraviate 1284: Partitioned into itself and Schmidtburg
1419: Extinct; to Stein