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Stalin's statues
Massive Stalin statue in Prague
Statue of Stalin in Stalinallee, Berlin, Germany.
Statue of Vladimir Lenin and Stalin at the Leipzig Trade Fair of 1954.
Penza, 1954. Lenin & Stalin near Penza Planetarium
Statue of Stalin and Klement Gottwald at the Gundelfingen stone-cutting company.

This is a list of former and current known monuments dedicated to Joseph Stalin, many having been removed as a result of de-Stalinization. Some are now in Fallen Monument Park. Also, his name was removed from places, buildings, and the state anthem, and his mummified body was removed from the Lenin Mausoleum and buried elsewhere.


  • A statue of Joseph Stalin stood in Tirana but was taken down in December 1990.
  • A large statue of Stalin, along with one of Lenin, can be found behind the Art Museum in Tirana.


Stalin statue in Yerevan
  • From November 1950 until spring 1962, a huge Stalin statue was located in Yerevan. It was replaced in 1967 by Mother Armenia.[1]


  • A statue of Stalin in Stalin Park, Harbin.

Czech Republic[edit]


  • A large statue of Stalin raising his right hand was in Riesa.
  • A statue of Stalin stood in East Berlin's Stalinallee, 1951–61.


Stalin statue in front of the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori, Georgia
  • Small bust in front of the Batumi Stalin Museum.
  • A statue of Stalin stood at the town hall in Gori until it was taken down in June 2010.[2][3]
  • A Bust and a statue of Stalin was displayed in the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori, but it was destroyed.
  • A statue of Stalin is still displayed in the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori.
  • A silver statue of Stalin still exists in Shovi.[4]
  • A gold statue of Stalin exists in Tsromi.
  • A statue exists in the village of Varani, Gori.[5]
  • A statue exists near the village Sasashi (42.80454, 42.97124). [6]




The Netherlands[edit]

  • A statue of Stalin waist-deep in a pond, it is part of a bigger artwork called "Spitting leaders" (Fernando Sánchez Castillo, 2008) in Presikhaaf Park, Arnhem. The artwork depicts four statues: Stalin, Francisco Franco, Louis XIV, and an unidentified fourth leader. Dressed in military uniforms, with badges and medals, they spit water on each other's faces. Not only are they mocked by the artist, but they mock each other.[10]






  • Last known statue of Stalin is on the road into Chernobyl.

United States[edit]

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