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Stellar streams in the Milky Way, discovered in 2007

This is a list of stellar streams. A stellar stream is an association of stars orbiting a galaxy that was once a globular cluster or dwarf galaxy that has now been torn apart and stretched out along its orbit by tidal forces. A notable exception in the list about Milky Way streams given below is the Magellanic Stream, composed of gas (mostly hydrogen).

Local Group streams[edit]

Milky Way streams[edit]

Known streams in the Milky Way[1]
Name Origin Mass
(solar masses)
Composition Discovery year
Arcturus stream Defunct dwarf galaxy Unknown Unknown Old stars deficient in heavy elements 1971[1]
Magellanic Stream Large and Small Magellanic Clouds 200 million 1 million Hydrogen gas 1972
Sagittarius Stream Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 100 million 1 million Wide variety of stars 1994
Helmi stream Defunct dwarf galaxy 10—100 million Several complete loops around the Milky Way Old stars deficient in heavy elements 1999
Palomar 5 stream Globular cluster Palomar 5 5,000 30,000 Old stars 2001
Virgo stream Defunct dwarf galaxy 30,000 2001
Monoceros ring Canis Major Overdensity 100 million 200,000 Intermediate-age stars 2002
Anticenter stream Defunct dwarf galaxy Unknown 30,000 Old stars 2006
GD-1 Globular cluster Metal-poor stars 2006[2]
NGC 5466 stream

45 Degree Tidal Stream

Globular cluster NGC 5466 10,000 60,000 Very old stars 2006[3][4]
Orphan stream Unknown (hence its name) Unknown[5] 20,000 Old stars 2006
Acheron stream Globular cluster 2007[3][6]
Boötes III stream Embedded in, and possible progenitor of the Styx stream 2007[3][6]
Cocytus stream Globular cluster 2007[3][6]
Lethe stream Globular cluster 2007[6]
Styx stream Defunct dwarf galaxy (possibly Boötes III) 2007[3][6]
Cetus Polar Stream Defunct dwarf galaxy Unknown Unknown Old stars 2009[7]
Aquarius Stream Defunct dwarf galaxy Unknown 30,000 Old stars 2010
Lamost 1 Disrupted globular cluster 21,000 Intermediate-age stars 2015[8]
Fimbulthul stream Globular cluster Omega Centauri 318 2019[9]

Andromeda Galaxy streams[edit]

Known streams in the Andromeda Galaxy
Name Origin Mass
(solar masses)
Composition Discovery year
M31 Giant
stellar stream
Andromeda NE
stellar stream[10]
Tidal Stream Northwest (Tidal Stream E and F)[11] 2009
Tidal Stream Southwest[11] 2009

Streams beyond the Local Group[edit]

Other known streams outside the Local Group
Name Location Origin Mass
(solar masses)
Composition Characteristics Discovery year
Young Blue Tidal Stream[12] NGC 5128 A gas fragment or
a dwarf galaxy
NGC 4013[13] former dwarf satellite
with low inclination orbit
large looping structure 2008
NGC 5907[14] low-mass satellite accretion multiple surrounding loops 2009
NGC 4651[15] satellite accretion narrow jet-like structure and surrounding debris shell 2010
NGC 3521[15] satellite accretion jet-like structure and surrounding debris shell 2010
NGC 7531[15] satellite accretion surrounding debris shell 2010
NGC 1084[15] satellite accretion three giant disconnected plumes of similar width 2010
NGC 4216[15] satellite accretion ongoing tidal disruption of satellite galaxies
seen as long tails extending from the progenitor satellite
NGC 1055[15] satellite accretion clear box shaped inner halo sprinkled with a plethora of coherent spikes 2010
NGC 5291 galaxy interaction two separate tidal tails to the north and south ?

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