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Straight-pull rifles differ from a conventional bolt action mechanisms in that the manipulation required from the user in order to chamber and extract a cartridge predominantly consists of a linear motion only, as opposed to a traditional turn-bolt action where the user has to manually rotate the bolt for chambering and primary extraction. A straight pull mechanism is also distinct from lever action and pump action mechanisms. Most straight pull rifles have a striker firing mechanism (without a hammer),[citation needed] and models using a hammer usually have a comparably longer lock time than hammer-less mechanisms.

The Anschütz Fortner action used in biathlon is a good example of an ergonomical straight pull rifle with good economy of motion and high operating speed. The action lever is located close to the trigger, and is accessed by slightly moving the index finger off the trigger. Pulling the lever rearwards ejects the spent casing. The bolt is then pushed forward using the thumb, upon which the firing hand lands naturally in the pistol grip so that the shooter is ready to fire immediately after completing the cycling.


Name Image Cartridge(s) Years
of origin
Browning T-Bolt Browning T-Bolt Sporter Maple .22 WMR .22 Long Rifle, .17 HMR, .22 WMR 1965-1974[1]
 United States
Finnbiathlon[3] .22 Long Rifle 1976-1984[4]  Finland
Izhmash Bi-7 .22 Long Rifle 1979  Soviet Union
Suhl 626/629 East German athlete using a grip action straight pull rifle, 1984. .22 Long Rifle 80's-?[citation needed]  Germany
Izhmash Bi-7-2 East German athlete using a toggle action straight pull rifle, 1980. .22 Long Rifle 1980-1983 (small scale)
1983-1991 (serial production)
?-until present (7-2-KO version)
 Soviet Union
Musgrave Ambidex .22 Long Rifle 1980's-1991[5]  South Africa
Krico 360S .22 Long Rifle 1991-?[6]  Germany
Krico 360S2 .22 Long Rifle 1991-1996[7]  Germany
Anschütz 1827 Fortner German athlete using an Anschütz Fortner straight pull rifle, 2009. .22 Long Rifle 1984-current[citation needed]  Germany
Izhmash Bi-7-3 An Izhmash Bi 7-3 toggle action straight pull rifle. .22 Long Rifle 1990's-current  Russia
Izhmash Bi-7-4 .22 Long Rifle 1991-current  Russia
Izhmash Sobol .22 Long Rifle 1993-?[8]  Russia
Izhmash SV99[9] .22 Long Rifle 1999-?[10]  Russia
PWS T3 Summit .22 Long Rifle 2011-2014[11]  United States
ISSC SPA 22/17, Ninja, Scout SR .22 Long Rifle, .17 HMR 2013-current[12]  Austria
Anschütz Fortner 1727 .22 Long Rifle, .17 HMR 2013-current[13]  Germany
Steyr Scout RFR .22 Long Rifle, .17 HMR, .22 WMR 2016-2018  Austria
Anschütz Fortner 1927 CISM .22 Long Rifle 2016-current[citation needed]  Germany
Volquartsen Summit .22 Long Rifle 2018-current[14]  United States


Name Image Cartridge(s) Years
of origin
Mannlicher M1886 Mannlicher M1886.JPG M86: 11×58mmR
M86-88: 8×52mmR
1886-1887  Austrian Empire
 Kingdom of Hungary
Mondragón rifle 7×57mm Mauser 1887   Switzerland
Mannlicher M1888 M1888.JPG M88 8×52mmR
M88-90 and M88-95: 8×50mmR
M88/24: 8×57mm IS
1888-1896  Austrian Empire
 Kingdom of Hungary
Mannlicher M1890 Carbine Mannlicher M1890 cavalry carbine.jpg M90: 8×50mmR M90/24:8×57mm IS
M90/30, M90/31: 8×56mmR
1891-1896  Austrian Empire
 Kingdom of Hungary
Schmidt–Rubin Schmidt-Rubin-2.jpg 7.5×53.5mm Swiss (GP90 & GP 90/03)
7.5×54.5mm Swiss (GP90/23)
1891-?   Switzerland
M1895 Lee Navy 6 mm Lee Navy 1895  United States
Swiss Mannlicher M1893 Carbine Swiss Mannlicher - Kromar (cropped).jpg 7.5×53.5mm Swiss (GP90) 1895-1905   Switzerland
Chiesanova Rifle (Prototype only) 7.65×53mm Argentine 1895-[citation needed]  Argentina
Mannlicher M1895 Mannlicher M1895 from the Swedish Army Museum.jpg 8×50mmR Mannlicher
M95/30 & 31.M: 8×56mmR
M95/24 & M95M: 8×57mm IS
1896-1920  Austrian Empire
 Kingdom of Hungary
M95M Trombone Conversion[15][16]
(Prototype, only 3 made).
Used in 6.5×55mm by John Larsen,
1952 Olympic Gold medalist
in 100 meter running deer.
ca. 1950  Norway
Ross rifle Ross rifle RCRMM 1.jpg .303 British (7.70×56 mm R) 1903-1918  Canada
General Liu rifle General Liu rifle - 1915.jpg 7.9x57mm S-Patrone 1914-1918  Republic of China
MTB 1925 (Only prototype) 6.5x52mm Carcano 1925  Italy
K31 Mq. 31.JPG 7.5×55mm Swiss 1931-?   Switzerland
Izhmash BO-59
7.62×54mmR 1959-1961  Soviet Union
Izhmash MBO-1
5.6×39mm 1964-1972  Soviet Union
Izhmash MBO-2
5.6×39mm 1965-1975  Soviet Union
L98 Cadet General Purpose Rifle 5.56×45mm NATO 1987-current  United Kingdom
Ruger Mini-14 Bolt-Action Only Ruger Mini Thirty.jpg .223 Rem 1988[17]  United States
Blaser R93 Blaser R93 Luxus.jpg .222 Remington to .500 Jeffery
(also .22 LR kit)
1993-2016  Germany
Blaser R93 Tactical Blaser R93 LRS2 .308 Win 4thNovSniperCompetition06.jpg 7.62 NATO to .338 Lapua Magnum 1993-2017  Germany
Lynx 94 .222 Rem to .375 Ruger 1994-current  Finland
Heym SR 30 Heym SR 30 Straight Pull Bolt Action.jpg .308 Win to .375 Ruger 1996-current[18]  Germany
Mauser M1996
(Model 96 / Model 96 S)[19]
Roessler Titan 16
.243 Win to .300 Win Mag 1996-1997[citation needed]
 Germany /
H&K R8 5.56 NATO, .223 Rem 1998-?[citation needed]  Germany
Sommer & Ockenfuss
SO Griffrepetierer[20]
6mm BR to .416 Rem Mag 1998-2002[21]  Germany
Sommer & Ockenfuss
M98 Geradezug[22]
8×57mm 1998-2002[21]  Germany
Browning Acera .30-06 Springfield to .300 Win Mag 1999-2000[23]  United States
VKS sniper rifle 12.7-мм снайперская винтовка ВКС - Технологии в машиностроении-2012 01.jpg 12.7×55mm STs-130 2002  Russia
Strasser RS05 .222 Rem to .375 Ruger 2005-current  Austria
Blaser R8 Blaser-R8-Profesional.png .222 Remington to .500 Jeffery 2008-current  Germany
Bradley Arms BAR .223 Rem 2008-current  Great Britain
Merkel RX Helix Merkel RX 2010.jpg .222 Rem to .300 Win Mag 2010-current[24]  Germany
Lantac Raven .223 Rem 2011-current  Great Britain
SGC Speedmaster .223 Rem 2011-current  Great Britain
Rößler (Roessler) Titan 16 .243 Win through .375 Ruger. 2012-current  Austria
LMT LM308SP .308 Win 2012-current  United States
LMT LM223SP .223 Rem 2012-current  United States
Browning Maral .308 Win to 9.3×62mm 2013-current[25]  United States
Strasser RS14 .222 Rem to .375 Ruger 2014-current  Austria
Strasser RS SOLO .222 Rem to .375 Ruger 2014-current  Austria
Strasser TAC 1 6.5 Creedmoor to .300 Win Mag 2014-current  Austria
POF ReVolt Light .223 Rem 2014-current  United States
POF ReVolt Heavy .308 Win 2014-current  United States
Warwick WFA1 .223 Rem, .300 BLK 2015-current  Australia
Chapuis ROLS[26] .243 Win to 9.3×62mm 2017-current[27]  France
Saiga KSZ-223 .223 Rem 2017  Russia
Steel Action Hunting Short (HS) .22-250 to .338 Federal 2017-current  Germany
Steel Action Hunting Medium (HM) .270 Win to 9.3×62mm 2017-current  Germany
Innogun Integral[28] .308 Win to 9.3×62mm ?-current  Germany
ADAR Ladoga[29] 6.5mm Grendel, 7.6x39mm,
and .366 TKM
2018-current  Russia
Schmeisser SP15[30] .223 Rem 2019-current  Germany
Kalashnikov TB2-LAW[31] .308 Win 2019 prototype  Russia
Savage Impulse[32] 6.5x48 mm, .308 Win, .30-06, .300 Win Mag 2021-  USA

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