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Ripe strawberries

This is a list of strawberry dishes, foods and beverages, which use strawberry as a primary ingredient. Several desserts use strawberries as a main ingredient, and strawberries are also used as a topping on some foods, such as French toast, waffles and pastries.

Strawberry dishes[edit]

Image Name Associated regions Description
Bubu Lubu Mexico A popular trademark for candies from Mexico, featuring a strawberry and marshmallow filling with a chocolate covering. It is manufactured by Barcel (under the control of the Bimbo Company).
Chocolate covered strawberries Strawberries dipped in chocolate[1]
Eton mess England A traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries or bananas, pieces of meringue, and cream, which is traditionally served at Eton College's annual cricket game against the pupils of Harrow School
Fraisier France A classic French cake made of strawberries, genoise and cream[2][3] The word "fraise" means strawberry in French.[3]
Pavlova Australia/New Zealand A cake that is traditionally decorated with a topping of whipped cream and fresh soft fruit such as kiwifruit, passionfruit, and strawberries.[4]
Strawberry cake A cake that uses strawberry as a primary ingredient
Strawberry cheesecake Cheesecake with strawberries that may be used as a topping and/or incorporated into the cake itself
Strawberry Delight United States A dessert salad found in the United States, especially in the South and more rural areas of Minnesota.
Strawberry ice cream Dates back at least to 1813 in the U.S. A flavor of ice cream made with strawberry or strawberry flavoring
Strawberry jam Consists primarily of strawberries, sugar and/or corn syrup. Additional pectin is sometimes added. It is often canned or sealed for long-term storage.
Strawberry parfait A parfait with strawberries
Strawberry pie Consists of strawberries, sugar, a pie crust, and sometimes gelatin. Usually about 70% of the pie by weight may be strawberries. It is often served with whipped cream, or sometimes with ice cream.[5]
Strawberry rhubarb pie A tart and sweet[6] pie made with a strawberry and rhubarb filling.
Strawberries risotto Italy A risotto made with strawberries.
Strawberry shortcake England, 1588 (first printed recipe)[7] Shortcakes are split and the bottoms are covered with a layer of strawberries, juice, and whipped cream
Strawberry sundae A sundae with strawberries as a primary ingredient
Strawberry tart A tart that incorporates strawberries as a primary ingredient
Tanghulu China A traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit. Some versions are prepared using candied strawberry.


Image Name Associated regions Description
Bloodhound (cocktail) A bright red strawberry cocktail made with gin, vermouth and strawberry coulis
Fruli Belgium A strawberry Belgian fruit beer, produced at a craft brewery near Ghent, Belgium
Strawberry daiquiri A common daiquiri variation prepared with strawberry juice or syrup
Strawberry juice Juice from strawberries; may be consumed as a beverage or used as an ingredient in beverages and foods
Strawberry liqueur Liqueur prepared with strawberry as a primary ingredient
XUXU Germany A liqueur produced in Germany which derives its flavor from the strawberry fruit. It also has a small amount of lime juice.

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