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This is a list of online mapping services that provide 360-degrees panorama around the world, it is grouped by region.


  • Google Street View is the most comprehensive street view service in the world. It provides street view for more than 85 countries worldwide.
  • The Mapillary project collects crowdsourced images from its users, which are licensed under a CC BY-SA license.[1]
  • OpenStreetCam was created by Telenav and is very similar to Mapillary both by using crowdsourced imagery and for licensing the images as CC BY-SA.[2]


  • Nigeria Nigeria: Moriwo offers panoramic street view of Lagos.[3]


  • Armenia Armenia: Russian company Yandex, offers street panoramas for Yerevan.
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh: Bangladeshi Company Barikoi, offers street360 for Dhaka.
  • China China: Tencent Maps offers street view many cities around China including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Xi'an, Chengdu, Kunming, Wuhan, Lijiang, Dali, Sanya, Wuyuan, Ürümqi, Harbin, Changchun, Gobi Desert, including Lhasa and other sparsely populated places,[4][5] and is currently in the progress of expanding its coverage to other cities in China.
    • Baidu Maps covers most of China's prefecture-level cities and some counties。[6]
    • City8, a Chinese company that offers street panoramas since 2006.
    • Gaode 's street view service stopped in the years 2014/15.[7]
  • India India: A local service called WoNoBo offers street view for some Indian cities.[8] WoNoBo is 360-degree-view platform and it facilitates the creation of local communities online. It also enables local businesses to have an online, social presence.[9][10]
  • Japan Japan: Location View, now defunct.
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: Russian company Yandex, offers street panoramas for Astana, Almaty and Karaganda.[11]
  • Kuwait Kuwait: Kuwait Finder app, by the government of Kuwait, provides street view for most of the country.
  • Malaysia Malaysia: Urban Explorer, a Malaysian company provides paid services for 3D street view services throughout Malaysia. Also provides 3D indoor mapping services.
  • South Korea South Korea: Because Google has not updated its limited coverage of Korea since 2014, domestic services offer much more up-to-date and frequently updated complete coverage. Daum Maps available for PC and smartphones provides up-to-date street view coverage for most of the country:[12] Rival service Naver Maps also offers up-to-date street view and plane view for most of the country.
  • Thailand Thailand: MapJack provides street views of the south of the country.[13]
  • North Korea North Korea: Singaporean photographer Aram Pan created a website called DPRK 360 that provide panoramas of many points of interest.[14]
  • Vietnam Vietnam: ''''offers street view for some streets of Ho Chi Minh City The panoramas are also available on Google Maps via Photosphere. offers street view for selected locations including Vũng Tàu, Hanoi, Sa Pa, and panoramas are also available via Photosphere.


North America[edit]

  • Canada Canada: Microsoft's Bing Maps introduced Streetside in December 2009. It features selected areas in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia associated with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
  • United States United States: Bing Maps Streetside is Microsoft's main competing service to Google Street View in United States. CycloMedia has captured street-level imagery of many large metropolitan areas in the US starting in 2013; it is licensed to business and government organizations and not available to the general public.[28] Streetside, EveryScape and MapJack provide street views of some cities.[13] Mapquest had a street view service called 360 View,[29] which was discontinued in August 2011.[citation needed] HERE/Yahoo! Maps and Bing Maps provide street views of many cities across the US. earthmine uses vehicle-mounted camera rigs to capture imagery and three dimensional data of the urban environment. Apple's Look Around is a technology featured in Apple Maps.[30]

South America[edit]

  • Argentina Argentina: Two Argentine analogues also exist, one is called Mapplo, which is claimed to be the first street view in Latin America.[31] Fotocalle, another Argentine project, is claimed to be the first street view service in the world to provide HD pictures.[32]
  • Chile Chile: Chilean company Publiguías released a service similar to Google's Street View in December 2010 called Street Diving". It currently offers views of Providencia and Santiago communes, with plans to expand it to other communes in the future.[33] XYGO launched a street view service in April 2011 marginally covering seven cities.[34] It now covers over 50 cities and claims to have coverage for 240 communes of Chile, which they will be releasing periodically.[35]


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