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Agitated workers face the factory owner in The Strike, painted by Robert Koehler in 1886

The following is a list of specific strikes (workers refusing to work in an attempt to change their conditions in a particular industry or an individual workplace, or in solidarity with those in another particular workplace) and general strikes (widespread refusal of workers to work in an organized political campaign on a broader national or international level).

Chronological list of strikes[edit]

Seventeenth century[edit]

Date Strike Place Country
1619 Polish craftsmen strike Jamestown Thirteen Colonies
Indentured Servants' and Fisherman's Mutiny Province of Maine Thirteen Colonies
1661 Indentured Servants' Plot Virginia colony Thirteen Colonies
1684 Carters' Strike New York City Thirteen Colonies

Eighteenth century[edit]

Date Strike Place Country
1741 Bakers' Strike New York City, Province of New York Thirteen Colonies
1763 Chimney Sweepers' Strike Charleston, Province of Carolina Thirteen Colonies
1766 Silver Miners' Strike Mineral del Monte Mexico
1768 Indentured Servants' Revolt East Florida Territory of Great Britain
1768 Tailors' Strike New York City, Province of New York Thirteen Colonies
1774 Ironworks Strike Hibernia, Province of New Jersey Thirteen Colonies
1786 Printers Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Thirteen Colonies
1787 Weavers Strike Calton, Glasgow Scotland
1791 Carpenters Strike– First Strike in the U.S. building trades Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
1792 River Pilots' Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
1793 Tailors' Strike Wrocław Poland

Nineteenth century[edit]


Date Strike Place Country
1806 Shoemakers' strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
1824 Textile Strike Pawtucket, Rhode Island United States
1825 House Carpenters' Strike Boston, Massachusetts United States
1827 Carpenters' Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
1828 Cocheco Mills Strike Dover, New Hampshire United States
1828 Textile Strike Paterson, New Jersey United States
1831 Live in work, die in fight Lyon France
1831 Shoebinders' Protest Lynn, Massachusetts United States
1832 Ship Carpenters' Ten-hour Strike Boston, Massachusetts United States
1833 Shoebinders' Protest Lynn. Massachusetts, United States
1833 Textile Protest Manayunk, Pennsylvania, United States
1833 Carpenters' Strike New York City United States
1834 Mill Women's Strike Lowell, Massachusetts United States
1834 Textile Protest Manayunk Pennsylvania United States
1835 Carpenters Strike Boston, Massachusetts United States
1835 General Strike Philadelphia United States
1835 Textile Strike Paterson, New Jersey United States
1836 Mill Women's Strike Lowell Massachusetts United States
1836 Tailors' Strike New York City United States
1836 Bookbinders' Strike Philadelphia United States
July 6, 1847 Silk Workers protests Kashmir India
1848 Copper Miners' Strike Burra, South Australia Australia


Frick's letter describing the plans and munitions that will be on the barges when the Pinkerton guards and County Sheriffs arrive to confront the strikers in the 1892 Homestead.
Date Strike Place Country
1850 Tailors' Strike New York City United States
1860 Shoemakers' Strike New England United States
1864 Moonta Mines & Wallaroo Copper Miners' Strike Copper Coast Australia
1865 Upper Peninsula miners' strike Marquette, Michigan United States
1866 Molders' Lockout United States
1869 Collar Launderesses' Strike Troy, New York United States
1872 Shoe Workers' Strike Lynn, Massachusetts United States
1873 Coal miners' strike of 1873 northeastern Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania United States
1874 Tompkins Square Riot New York City United States
1874 Sugar(wages)Strike Riot Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana United States
1875 Coal miners strikes United States
1877 Great Railroad Strike nationwide United States [1]
1877 Cigarmakers' Strike New York City United States
1882 Cotton Mill Strike Cohoes, New York United States
1883 Cowboy Strike United States
1883 Tobacco Workers' Strike Lynchburg, Virginia United States
1883 Molders' Lockout United States
1884 Textile Strike Fall River, Massachusetts United States
1884 Union Pacific Railroad Strike nationwide United States
1885 Cloakmakers' General Strike United States
1885 McCormick Harvesting Machine Company Strike Chicago, Illinois United States
1885 Southwest Railroad Strike nationwide United States
1885 Carpet Weavers' Strike Yonkers, New York United States
1886 Textile Strike Augusta, Georgia United States
1886 Cowboy Strike Great Plains United States
1886 Eight-Hour Strikes nationwide United States
1886 McCormick Harvesting Machine Company Strike Chicago, Illinois United States
1886 Great Southwest Railroad Strike nationwide United States
1886 Collar Launderesses' Strike Troy, New York United States
1886 Haymarket Affair Chicago, Illinois United States
1886 Bay View Tragedy Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States
1887 Longshoremens' Strike Port of New York United States
1887 Sugar Cane Workers Strike Lafourche Parish, Louisiana United States
1888 Burlington Railroad Strike Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad United States
1888 London matchgirls strike of 1888 London United Kingdom
1888 Cincinnati Shoemakers' Lockout Cincinnati, Ohio United States
1889 London Dock Strike London, England United Kingdom
1889 Baseball Players' Revolt nationwide United States
1889 Fall River Textile Strike Fall River, Massachusetts United States
1890 Southampton Dock Strike Southampton, England United Kingdom
1890 Carpenters' Strike for the Eight-Hour Day nationwide United States
1891 Black Laborers' Strike Savannah, Georgia United States
1891 Cotton pickers strike of 1891 Lee County, Arkansas United States
1891 Coal Creek Miners' Strike Anderson County, Tennessee United States
1892 Homestead Strike Homestead, Pennsylvania United States
1892 Buffalo switchmen's strike Buffalo, New York United States
1892 Coeur d'Alene labor strike Coeur d'Alene, Idaho United States
1892 New Orleans general strike New Orleans, Louisiana United States
1893 Printers' strike nationwide Sri Lanka
1894 Coxey's Army marche Washington D.C. United States
1894 Cripple Creek miners' strike Cripple Creek, Colorado United States
1894 Pullman Strike Pullman, Chicago United States
1894 Great Northern Railway Strike nationwide United States
1894 Bituminous Coal Miners' Strike nationwide United States
1895 Yaroslavl Great Manufacture strike Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Governorate Russian Empire
1895 Shoe Strike Haverhill, Massachusetts United States
1895 Trolley Workers' Strike Brooklyn, New York United States
1896 Leadville Miners' Strike Leadville, Colorado United States
1897 Lattimer Massacre Strike Lattimer, Pennsylvania United States
1888 Shoe Workers' Strike Marlboro, Massachusetts United States
1898 South Wales Coal strike Wales United Kingdom
1899 Grain Shovellers' Strike Buffalo, New York United States
1899 Street Railway Workers' Strike Cleveland, Ohio United States
1899 Coeur d'Alene labor confrontation Coeur d'Alene, Idaho United States
1899 Newsboys Strike New York City United States
1899 Russian student strike St. Petersburg University Russian Empire

Twentieth century[edit]

Bodies immediately after the Lena massacre of striking goldfield workers in 1912









Listed are some of the work stoppages that occurred in the 1970s.[14]



Twenty-first century[edit]



General strike in Catalonia, 21 February 2019

Chronological list of general strikes[edit]

Date Name Place Country
1820 Radical War Scotland United Kingdom
1835 Philadelphia general strike of 1835 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
1842 General Strike of 1842 England United Kingdom
1877 St. Louis general strike of 1877 St. Louis, Missouri United States
1877 Scranton general strike Scranton, Pennsylvania United States
1886 Walloon jacquerie of 1886 Wallonia Belgium
1887 Sugar cane workers Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana United States
1892 New Orleans general strike of 1892 New Orleans, Louisiana United States
1893 Belgian general strike of 1893 Mons Belgium
1909 Swedish general strike nationwide Sweden
1910 Philadelphia general strike of 1910 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
1912 Brisbane general strike of 1912 Brisbane, Queensland Australia
1917 1917–1919 Brazil strike movement Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
1918 Vancouver general strike Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
1919 Seattle General Strike Seattle, Washington United States
1919 Winnipeg general strike Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
1919 Canadian Labour Revolt nationwide Canada
1920 Italian anti-Fascist general strike Rome Italy
1920 December general strike (one week) nationwide Czechoslovakia
1926 United Kingdom general strike of 1926 nationwide United Kingdom
1933 French general strike of 1933 nationwide France
1934 San Francisco general strike of 1934 San Francisco, California United States
1936 Palestinian general strike nationwide Mandatory Palestine
1942 Luxembourgish general strike of 1942 nationwide Luxembourg
1946 Oakland general strike of 1946 Oakland, California United States
1950 General strike against Leopold III of Belgium nationwide Belgium
1953 Uprising of 1953 nationwide East Germany
1956 General strike of 1956 nationwide Finland
1960–61 Belgian general strike of 1960–61 Wallonia Belgium
1968 French general strike of May 1968 nationwide France
1973 Uruguay general strike of 1973 nationwide Uruguay
1974 Ulster Workers' Council strike Northern Ireland United Kingdom
1976 "National Day of Protest" general strike nationwide Canada
1988 Spanish general strike of 1988 nationwide Spain
1989 Czechoslovak general strike of 1989 (2 hours) nationwide Czechoslovakia
1991 UPS general strike for better wages and job opportunities nationwide United States
1992 April 1992 general strike in Nepal nationwide Nepal
1998 1998 Puerto Rican general strike nationwide Puerto Rico
2002–2003 Venezuelan general strike of 2002–03 nationwide Venezuela
2006 2006 democracy movement in Nepal nationwide Nepal
2007 2007 Guinea general strike nationwide Guinea
2008 2008 Egyptian general strike nationwide Egypt
2011 2011 Oakland general strike Oakland, California United States
2012 U.S. May Day general strike nationwide United States
2016 Indian general strike of 2016 nationwide India
2017 2017 Dignity Strike in support of Political Prisoners nationwide Palestine
2017 2017 Brazilian general strike nationwide Brazil
2017 2017 Catalan general strike Catalonia Spain
2018-2019 School strike for climate America, Europe, Australia, and others. Various
2018 2018 University of Illinois-#Fair Contract Now Strike Champaign, Illinois United States
2019 2019 Belgium general strike nationwide Belgium

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Labor conflict in the United States, An encyclopedia. edited by Ronald Filippelli, assisted by Carol Reilly – Garland Publishing New York & London 1990 (ISBN 0-8240-7968-X)

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