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Following is a list of stripped Olympic medals. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the governing body that can rule when athletes are in violation of rules in the Olympic Games. The IOC can strip athletes' Olympic honors and request the return of medals. In the case of team events, the IOC can strip medals from a team based on infractions by a single team member. In the table below, for stripped team medals, the athlete in violation is shown in parentheses.

The international governing body of each Olympic sport can also strip athletes of medals for infractions of the rules of the sport.

Nearly all of the stripped medals involve infractions stemming from doping and drug testing. There are notable exceptions, however. Jim Thorpe was stripped of his two 1912 gold medals based on evidence he had participated in professional sports. Thorpe's honors were restored in 1982, thirty years after his death. Ibragim Samadov of the 1992 Unified Team was stripped of his bronze medal after he "hurled his bronze medal to the floor" and "stormed off the stage during the awards ceremony."[1] Ara Abrahamian was stripped of his bronze medal in 2008 for similar reasons.[2]

In very few cases the IOC has reversed earlier rulings that stripped athletes of medals. In the case of Rick DeMont, in 2001 the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) recognized his gold medal performance in the 1972 Summer Olympics,[3] but only the IOC has the power to restore his medal and it has refused to do so.[3]

List of stripped Olympic medals[edit]

This is a list of Olympic medals stripped by the IOC, the governing body of the Olympics.

Olympics Athlete Country Medal Event Ref
1968 Summer Olympics Pentathlon team (Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall)  Sweden Bronze Modern pentathlon team [4]
1972 Summer Olympics Bakhaavaa Buidaa  Mongolia Silver Judo, lightweight [5]
Jaime Huelamo  Spain Bronze Cycling, individual road race [6]
Cycling team (Aad van den Hoek)  Netherlands Bronze Cycling, team time trial [6]
Rick DeMont (See below)  United States Gold Swimming, Men's 400 m freestyle [3]
1976 Summer Olympics Blagoy Blagoev  Bulgaria Silver Weightlifting, Men's 82.5 kg [7]
Zbigniew Kaczmarek  Poland Gold Weightlifting, Men's 67.5 kg [8]
Valentin Khristov  Bulgaria Gold Weightlifting, Men's 100 kg [9]
1984 Summer Olympics Tomas Johansson  Sweden Silver Wrestling, Greco-Roman super-heavyweight [10]
Martti Vainio  Finland Silver Athletics, Men's 10,000 m [11]
1988 Summer Olympics Mitko Grablev  Bulgaria Gold Weightlifting, Men's 56 kg [12]
Angell Guenchev  Bulgaria Gold Weightlifting, Men's 67.5 kg [12]
Ben Johnson  Canada Gold Athletics, Men's 100 m [13]
Andor Szanyi  Hungary Gold Weightlifting, Men's 100 kg [14]
1992 Summer Olympics Ibragim Samadov Olympic flag.svg Unified Team Bronze Weightlifting, Men's light-heavyweight [15]
2000 Summer Olympics Ashot Danielyan  Armenia Bronze Weightlifting, Men's 105 kg [16]
Izabela Dragneva  Bulgaria Gold Weightlifting, Women's 48 kg [17]
Ivan Ivanov  Bulgaria Silver Weightlifting, Men's 56 kg [17]
Marion Jones  United States Gold Athletics, Women's 100 m [18]
Marion Jones  United States Gold Athletics, Women's 200 m [18]
Marion Jones  United States Gold Athletics, Women's 4 × 400 m relay [18]
Marion Jones  United States Bronze Athletics, Women's long jump [18]
Marion Jones  United States Bronze Athletics, Women's 4 × 100 m relay [18]
Alexander Leipold  Germany Gold Wrestling, Men's 76 kg [19]
Sevdalin Minchev  Bulgaria Bronze Weightlifting, Men's 62 kg [17]
Andreea Răducan  Romania Gold Gymnastics, Women's individual all-round [20]
Relay team (Antonio Pettigrew and Jerome Young)  United States Gold Athletics, Men's 4 × 400 m relay [21][22]
Gymnastic team (Dong Fangxiao)  China Bronze Gymnastics – Women's artistic team all-around [23]
Lance Armstrong  United States Bronze Cycling – Men's road time trial [24]
2002 Winter Olympics Alain Baxter  United Kingdom Bronze Alpine Skiing, Men's giant slalom [25]
Olga Danilova  Russia Gold Cross-Country Skiing, Women's 5km + 5km combined pursuit [26]
Olga Danilova  Russia Silver Cross-Country Skiing, Women's 10 km [26]
Larisa Lazutina  Russia Gold Cross-Country Skiing, Women's 30 km [26][27]
Larisa Lazutina  Russia Silver Cross-Country Skiing, Women's 15 km [28]
Larisa Lazutina  Russia Silver Cross-Country Skiing, Women's 5 km + 5 km combined pursuit [28]
Johann Muehlegg  Spain Gold Cross-Country Skiing, Men's 50 km [26]
Johann Muehlegg  Spain Gold Cross-Country Skiing, Men's 30 km freestyle [29]
Johann Muehlegg  Spain Gold Cross-Country Skiing, Men's 10 km + 10 km combined pursuit [29]
2004 Summer Olympics Adrián Annus  Hungary Gold Athletics, Men's hammer throw [30]
Yuriy Bilonog  Ukraine Gold Athletics, Men's shot put [31]
Crystal Cox  United States Gold Athletics, Women's 4 × 400 m relay [32]
Róbert Fazekas  Hungary Gold Athletics, Men's discus throw [33]
Ferenc Gyurkovics  Hungary Silver Weightlifting, Men's 105 kg [34]
Tyler Hamilton  United States Gold Cycling, Men's road time trial [35]
Irina Korzhanenko  Russia Gold Athletics, Women's shot put [36]
Svetlana Krivelyova  Russia Bronze Athletics, Women's shot put [31]
Cian O'Connor  Ireland Gold Equestrian, show jumping [37]
Oleg Perepetchenov  Russia Bronze Weightlifting, Men's 77 kg [38]
Leonidas Sampanis  Greece Bronze Weightlifting, Men's 62 kg [39]
Equestrian team (Ludger Beerbaum)  Germany Gold Equestrian, team show jumping [40]
Rowing team (Olena Olefirenko)  Ukraine Bronze Rowing, Women's quadruple sculls [41]
Ivan Tsikhan  Belarus Silver Athletics, Men's hammer throw [31]
Irina Yatchenko  Belarus Bronze Athletics, Women's discus throw [31]
2006 Winter Olympics Olga Pyleva  Russia Silver Biathlon, Women's individual [42]
2008 Summer Olympics Ara Abrahamian  Sweden Bronze Wrestling, Greco-Roman 84 kg [43]
Jong Su Kim  North Korea Bronze Shooting, Men's 10 m air pistol [44][45]
Jong Su Kim  North Korea Silver Shooting, Men's 50 m air pistol [44]
Lyudmyla Blonska  Ukraine Silver Athletics, Women's heptathlon [46]
Equestrian team (Tony André Hansen)  Norway Bronze Equestrian, team show jumping [47]
Rashid Ramzi  Bahrain Gold Athletics, Men's 1500 m [48]
Davide Rebellin  Italy Silver Cycling, Men's road race [49]
Andrei Mikhnevich  Belarus Bronze Athletics, Men's Shot Put [50]
2012 Summer Olympics Nadzeya Ostapchuk  Belarus Gold Athletics, Women's shot put [51]
Darya Pishchalnikova  Russia Silver Athletics, Women's discus throw [52]
Soslan Tigiev  Uzbekistan Bronze Wrestling, Men's freestyle 74 kg [53]
Tyson Gay  United States Silver Athletics, Men's 4×100 metres relay [54]
Asli Cakir Alptekin  Turkey Gold Athletics, Women's 1500 m [55]

List of Olympic medals stripped and later returned[edit]

Here is the list of Olympic medals that were stripped by the IOC and later returned by the IOC.

In the case of Rick DeMont, his medal performance is now recognized by the national USOC but not by the IOC, which has the power to return medals.[3] (See above.)

Olympics Name Country Medal Event Reference
1912 Summer Olympics Jim Thorpe  United States Gold Athletics, Pentathlon [56]
1912 Summer Olympics Jim Thorpe  United States Gold Athletics, Decathlon [56]
1952 Summer Olympics Ingemar Johansson  Sweden Silver Boxing, Heavyweight [57]
1964 Winter Olympics Marika Kilius and Hans-Jürgen Bäumler  Germany Silver Figure skating, Pairs [58]
1998 Winter Olympics Ross Rebagliati  Canada Gold Snowboarding, Men's giant slalom [59]
2000 Summer Olympics Relay team (except Marion Jones)  United States Bronze Athletics, Women's 4 × 100 m relay [60]
2000 Summer Olympics Relay team (except Marion Jones)  United States Gold Athletics, Women's 4 × 400 m relay [60]
2004 Summer Olympics María Luisa Calle  Colombia Bronze Cycling, Women's points race [61]
2008 Summer Olympics Vadim Devyatovskiy  Belarus Silver Athletics, Men's hammer throw [62]
2008 Summer Olympics Ivan Tsikhan  Belarus Bronze Athletics, Men's hammer throw [62]
2014 Winter Olympics Nicklas Bäckström  Sweden Silver Ice hockey, Men's tournament [63]

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