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List of subcamps of the Kraków-Płaszów complex of Nazi concentration camps located mostly in the vicinity of Kraków in the semi-colonial district of General Government in occupied Poland between 1942–1944.[1]

Former "Deutsche Emaillewarenfabrik" run by Schindler; today state museum
  1. Kraków Prokocim (Julag II), established in March 1943 at the former "Kabel" plant in Kraków, at 75 Prokocimska street.[2]
  2. Kraków Bieżanów (Julag III, short for Juden-Lager III)
  3. Kraków Zabłocie, Oskar Schindler's "Deutsche Emaillewarenfabrik", former "Rekord" plant, at 4 Lipowa street in central Kraków, with 1,200 slave workers.[3]
  4. Kraków Liban, a stone quarry ("Liban & Ehrenpreis"), close to Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp
  5. Mielec in former Polish airplane factory, set up for Heinkel (Luftwaffe) in 1939, with 2,000 slave workers including (preyed upon) 300 kitchen and maintenance women.[4]
  6. Wieliczka (1944), underground airplane parts factory located at the site of the Wieliczka Salt Mine with 1,700 slave workers.[5]
  7. Zakopane (1942–1943), stone quarry "Stuag" with 1,000 slave workers.[6]

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