List of submarine-borne aircraft

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A seaplane launching from British submarine HMS M2.
HMS M2 retrieving her seaplane

This is a list of aircraft carried undersea and used from submarines (see Submarine aircraft carriers).

These were primarily used during the Second World War, also included for comparison are earlier developments of submarine carried aircraft from the First World War and the period between the World Wars.

Type Country Class Role Date Status No. Notes
Aichi M6A1 Seiran Japan portable strike monoplane torpedo-bomber
Arado Ar 231 Germany portable reconnaissance floatplane
Bristol-Burney X.1,2,3 UK flying hydrofoil
Caspar-Heinkel U-1 USA / Germany dismantlable reconnaissance biplane
Chyetverikov SPL USSR
Cox-Klemin XS-1 USA portable reconnaissance biplane 1920s
Cox-Klemin XS-2 USA experimental scout biplane 1920s
Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 "Bachstelze" Germany Rotorcraft observation Rotor kite
Fieseler Fi 103 "V-1" Germany flying-bomb launched from submarine development
Flettner Fl 282A-2 "Kolibri" Germany Rotorcraft dismantlable reconnaissance Project 0 Helicopter
Friedrichshafen FF.29 Germany dismantlable reconnaissance biplane
Hansa Brandenburg W.20 Germany portable reconnaissance flying boat
Loening XSL-1 USA flying boat
Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft L.F.G Stralsund V.19 Germany reconnaissance monoplane
Macchi M.53 Italy reconnaissance
Martin MS-1 USA dismantlable reconnaissance biplane 1920s
Parnall-Peto UK dismantlable reconnaissance biplane
Piaggio P.8 Italy reconnaissance
"Loon" flying guided bomb USA submarine missile launcher development
Sopwith Schneider seaplane UK experimental reconnaissance trial Prototype Modified example.
Watanabe E9W1 "Slim" Japan portable reconnaissance biplane
Yokosuka E14Y1 "Glen" Japan reconnaissance monoplane
Yokosuka E6Y1-N Japan reconnaissance biplane
Mureaux Besson MB-411 France portable reconnaissance monoplane