List of submarine classes in service

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The list of submarine classes in service includes all submarine classes currently in service with navies or other armed forces worldwide. For surface combatants, see the list of naval ship classes in service.

Ballistic missile submarines[edit]

  • Borei class ballistic missile submarine (Project 955 Borey)
    • Builder:  Russia
    • Displacement: 23,800 tons
    • Operator:  Russian Navy: 2 in service, 1 undergoing trials, 1 ships building
  • Delta class ballistic missile submarine (Project 667BDR Kal'mar / 667BDRM Del'fin)

Guided missile submarines[edit]

Nuclear-powered attack submarines[edit]

Diesel-electric attack submarines[edit]

Non-nuclear submarines with Air-independent propulsion[edit]

Special mission submarines[edit]

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