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This is a list of submarines of the Indian Navy, grouped by class, and ordered by pennant numbers within the class.[1]

Commissioned submarines[edit]

Class Picture Type Boats Origin Displacement[a] Note
Nuclear-powered submarines (2 in service)
Chakra (Akula II) class INS Chakra Attack submarine (SSN) INS Chakra (S71)  Russia 12,770 tonnes Under a 10-year lease from Russia since 2012.
Arihant class INS Arihant Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) INS Arihant  India 6,000 tonnes Commissioned in August 2016.[2]
Diesel-electric submarines (14 in Service)
Shishumar class Shishumar class submarine.JPG Attack submarine INS Shishumar (S44)
INS Shankush (S45)
INS Shalki (S46)
INS Shankul (S47)
1,850 tonnes To be upgraded to prolong service life.[3]
Shishumar and Shankush scheduled for upgrades by 2020-21.[4]
Kalvari class INS Kalvari Sea Trial.JPG Attack submarine INS Kalvari (S21)[5]  France
2000 tonnes INS Kalvari was commissioned in December 2017.[6]
Sindhughosh class INS Sindhuvijay Attack submarine INS Sindhughosh (S55)
INS Sindhudhvaj (S56)
INS Sindhuraj (S57)
INS Sindhuvir (S58)
INS Sindhuratna (S59)
INS Sindhukesari (S60)
INS Sindhukirti (S61)
INS Sindhuvijay (S62)
INS Sindhurashtra (S65)
 Soviet Union
3,076 tonnes Sindhuraj and Sindhukesari currently undergoing mid-life refit; Sindhughosh and Sindhuratna scheduled for refit.[4]
INS Sindhurakshak (S63) exploded and sank on 14 August 2013. After being salvaged in June 2014,[7] she was decommissioned in March 2017 and disposed of at sea that June.[8]

Undergoing sea trials[edit]

Class Picture Type Boats Origin Displacement[a] Note
Nuclear submarines (1 undergoing sea trials)
Arihant class Arihant 1.jpg Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) INS Arighat  India Unknown, but greater than 6,000 tonnes Arighat (formerly called Aridhaman) was launched on November 19, 2017.[9]
Diesel-electric submarines (2 undergoing sea trials)
Kalvari class INS Kalvari Sea Trial.JPG Attack submarine INS Khanderi (2017)[5],
INS Karanj (2018)[10]
1,870 tonnes INS Khanderi began sea trials in June 2017,[11] and was expected to be commissioned in March 2018.[12][13]
[14] INS Karanj was launched on 31 January 2018.[10]

Under construction[edit]

Class Picture Type Boats Origin Displacement[a] Note
Nuclear-powered submarines (2 under construction)
Arihant class Arihant 1.jpg Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) S 75
S 76
 India Unknown, but greater than 6,000 tonnes Lead vessel Arihant commissioned in August 2016.[2][15] Arighat (formerly called Aridhaman) was launched on November 19, 2017.[16]
Diesel-electric submarines (3 under construction)
Kalvari class INS Kalvari at the Mazagon Dock Limited on the day of her undocking (4).JPG Attack submarine INS Vela (S 53)[17]
INS Vagir (S 54)[17]
INS Vagsheer (S 55)[17]
1,870 tonnes Expected to be delivered and commissioned from 2018-2020.[14]

Decommissioned submarines[edit]

Class Ships Origin Commissioned Decommissioned Displacement[a] Note
Nuclear-powered Attack submarines
Charlie class INS Chakra (K-43)  Soviet Union 1 September 1987 January 1991 5,000 tonnes Leased for 10 years but returned to Soviet Union in 1991 after 3 years. Decommissioned and scrapped 1992.
Diesel-electric submarines
Kalvari class INS Kalvari (S23)
INS Khanderi (S22)
INS Karanj (S21)
INS Kursura (S20)
 Soviet Union 8 December 1967
6 December 1968
4 September 1969
18 December 1969
31 May 1996
18 October 1989
1 August 2003
27 September 2001
2,475 tonnes Sail on display
Sail on display
As a museum
Vela class INS Vela (S40)
INS Vagir (S41)
INS Vagli (S42)
INS Vagsheer (S43)
 Soviet Union 31 August 1973
3 November 1973
10 August 1974
26 December 1974
25 June 2010
7 June 2001
9 December 2010
30 April 1997
2,475 tonnes Unknown
To be preserved as a museum
Sindhughosh class INS Sindhurakshak (S63)  Russia 24 December 1997 6 March 2017 3,076 tonnes Decommissioned/sunk after accident/salvage
INS Kursura museum ship

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