List of submarines of the Spanish Navy

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Emblem of the Spanish Navy Submarine Units

The list of submarines in the Spanish Navy, commissioned or otherwise operated by the Spanish Navy.

Peral "submarine torpedo boat" Spain[edit]

Peral’s Submarine Torpedo boat in 1888

Isaac Peral class submarine United States[edit]

Isaac Peral launching on July 22, 1916 in Quincy, Massachusetts.

A class Italy[edit]

Cosme García (A-2) submarine

B class Spain[edit]

C class Spain[edit]

C3 submarine with rescue submarine ship Kanguro

D class Spain Spain[edit]

  • D-1 renamed S-11. 1947 – 1965.
  • D-2 refited and renamed S-21. 1951 – 1971.
  • D-3 refited and renamed S-22. 1954 – 1971.

General Mola class Italy[edit]

General Sanjurjo submarine

G Class Spain Germany[edit]

  • 6 ships (G-1 to G-6) German Type VIIC built in Spain under license; cancelled, only one keel laid.
  • G-7; renamed S-01 ex-U-573 Germany 1942 – 1970.

Foca class Spain[edit]

Foca class midget submarines
  • SA-41 1963 – 1967. Preserved at Mahon.
  • SA-42 1963 – 1967. Preserved at Cartagena.

Tiburón class Spain[edit]

  • SA-51 1966. Preserved at Barcelona.
  • SA-52 1966. Preserved at Cartagena.

Balao class submarine United States[edit]

Isaac Peral (S-32)

Delfín class Spain France[edit]

Delfín (S-61), museum ship preserved at Torrevieja

French Daphné class submarine built in Spain under license

Galerna class Spain France[edit]

Tramontata (S-74)

French Agosta class submarine built in Spain under license

S-80 class Spain[edit]


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