List of submerged places in Spain

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This is a list of submerged places in Spain. Sometimes, entire villages are submerged under the waters of a reservoir. When the level of waters is low, the structures can emerge and be visible.

Submerged villages and municipalities[edit]

New Riaño, the new village built after the flooding of Riaño, in the province of León, Spain. The old village is located under the bridge. The mountain on the left is Peak Gilbo.

Villages and municipalities under the waters of a reservoir. Sometimes, a new village or municipality is created with the same name in another location:


Submerged landmarks[edit]

Landmarks which are partially or completely under the waters of a reservoir. Some of them may be visible under some circumstances:


Moved landmarks[edit]

Some landmarks have been moved partially or completely to another locations and saved from being submerged:


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