List of suburbs in Greater Newcastle, New South Wales

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Below is a list of suburbs located within the Greater Newcastle region in New South Wales, Australia. This region (officially the Newcastle statistical subdivision) comprises the local government areas (LGAs) of City of Newcastle, City of Lake Macquarie, City of Cessnock, City of Maitland and Port Stephens Council.[1][2] The 2021 Australian Census recorded the Newcastle Greater Metropolitan area as having a population of 682,465.[n 1]

City of Newcastle suburbs[edit]

City of Lake Macquarie suburbs[edit]

City of Cessnock suburbs[edit]

City of Maitland suburbs[edit]

Port Stephens Council suburbs[edit]


  1. ^ There is no single source that states the population accurately. The figure of 611,400 is an average approximation, based on the combined populations of all LGAs at the 2016 census and the 2018 Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates for all LGAs as taken from the individual LGA articles.
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