List of sugar manufacturers in Tanzania

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This is a list of sugar manufacturers in Tanzania[1]

Output and market share[edit]

As of December 2017, the output and market share of each manufacturer is summarized in the table below:[6]

Annual Output & Market Share of Sugar Manufacturers in Tanzania
Rank Name of Manufacturer 2014 Output (Metric tonnes) Market Share (%)
1 Kilombero Sugar Company Limited
2 Tanganyika Planting Company Limited
3 Kagera Sugar Limited
4 Mtibwa Sugar Estates Limited
  • Totals may be a little off due to rounding.

In May 2017, The East African reported that annual production was at about 320,000 metric tonnes against domestic consumption of about 420,000 metric tonnes.[7] By February 2019, national production was estimated at about 300,000 metric tonnes annually, with national annual consumption of about 670,000 metric tonnes, of which 515,000 metric tonnes were for domestic consumption and the other 155,000 metric tonnes were for industrial use.[8]

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