List of summer camps

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This is a list of summer camps throughout the world by category.

Traditional Camps[edit]

Religious Camps[edit]

Jewish Camps[edit]

Seventh-Day Adventist Camps[edit]

Sports Camps[edit]

Sleepaway Camps[edit]

Boy Scout Camps (US)[edit]

There are hundreds of camps hosted by the Boy Scouts of America; some of these include:

YMCA/YWCA Camps[edit]

Camp Fire Camps[edit]

Arts and Education Camps[edit]

Arts, Music, and Drama Camps[edit]

Math and Science Camps[edit]

Space Camps[edit]

Computer Camps[edit]

Language Camps[edit]

Camps Focused on Health and Medical Conditions[edit]

Former Camps[edit]

Other Camps[edit]