List of supermarket chains in Northern Cyprus

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This is a list of supermarket chains in Northern Cyprus.

  • E Lasertek
  • Lemar is a supermarket chain which operates in Northern Cyprus.[1][2] Lemar is one of the only supermarket chains in Northern Cyprus,[3] and it is the largest one.[4] As of January 2015, Lemar has 15 stores in Cyprus.[5] Lemar was established in August 1997 in Lefkoşa, Northern Cyprus. Competitors include supermarkets such as Tempo, Supreme and Starling. Fresh fruit and vegetables are sold,[1] which are sourced from local farms. The subsidiaries of Lemar are Lemar Cineplex, Lemar Café and Burger City. Burger City is a fast food hamburger restaurant chain that has seven stores in Northern Cyprus.[6]
  • Supreme
  • Tempo

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