List of supermarket chains in Norway

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This is a list of supermarket chains in Norway.

Name Stores Type of stores Parent
7-Eleven 162 convenience Norway Reitan Group
Bunnpris 216 discount Norway I. K. Lykke AS
Centra[citation needed] supermarket Norway NorgesGruppen
Coop Marked 384 convenience Norway Coop Norge
Coop Mega supermarket Norway Coop Norge
Coop Obs! 24 hypermarket Norway Coop Norge
Coop Prix 315 discount Norway Coop Norge
EuroSpar supermarket Norway NorgesGruppen
Extra 342 discount Norway Coop Norge
Jacobs 2 supermarket Norway NorgesGruppen
Joker convenience Norway NorgesGruppen
Kiwi 510 discount Norway NorgesGruppen
Meny supermarket Norway NorgesGruppen
Mix convenience Norway NorgesGruppen
Narvesen 440 convenience Norway Reitangruppen AS
REMA 1000 444 discount Norway Reitan Group
Smart Club 3 wholesale Norway Coop Norge
SPAR 276 supermarket Norway NorgesGruppen

Defunct supermarket chains[edit]