List of supermarket chains in Serbia

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This is a list of supermarket chains in Serbia. As of 2016, there are two dominant retailers operating large chains with stores of all sizes throughout the country: Dutch Ahold Delhaize under the brands Maxi (supermarkets), Shop & Go (minimarkets) and Tempo (hypermarkets), and Agrokor (Konzum) of Croatia under the brands IDEA (minimarkets and supermarkets) and Roda (hypermarkets). Other important retailers include domestic chains DIS, Univerexport and Aman as well as foreign brands such as German Metro and Greek Super Vero.


Name Stores Type of stores Parent
Maxi 195[1] supermarket Netherlands Ahold Delhaize
Shop&Go 161[2] minimarket Netherlands Ahold Delhaize
Tempo 12[3] hypermarket Netherlands Ahold Delhaize
IDEA 301[4] minimarket, supermarket Croatia Konzum
Roda 34[5] hypermarket Croatia Konzum
METRO Cash & Carry 9[6] cash & carry Germany Metro AG
Univerexport 83[7] supermarket Serbia Univerexport
DIS 25[8] hypermarket Serbia DIS
Aman 189[9] minimarket Serbia Aman
Super Vero 6 hypermarket Greece Veropoulos
Lidl in construction hypermarket Germany Schwarz Gruppe

Speciality chains[edit]

Clothing, cosmetics, sport and healthcare[edit]

Name Stores First store in Serbia Parent
Lilly 142[10] 2006 Serbia Lilly drogerije
DM 70[11] 2004 Germany DM
H&M 8[12] 2013 Sweden H&M
NewYorker 20[13] 2007 Germany NewYorker
C&A 12[14] 2012 Netherlands Cofra Group
Đak sport 66[15] Serbia Đak sport
Planeta sport 60[16] 2014 Serbia Planeta sport
Sport Vision 64[17] 1996 Serbia Sport Vision
Inditex 15[18] 2011 Spain Inditex

Home improvement, electronics, furniture and toys[edit]

Name Stores First store in Serbia Parent
IKEA in construction 2017 Sweden IKEA
Forma Ideale 29[19] 2001 Serbia Forma Ideale
Dallas 6[20] 2004 Serbia Dallas Nameštaj
WinWin 104[21] 2014 Serbia WinWin
Tehnomanija 46[22] 2004 Serbia Tehnomanija
Dexy Co 25[23] 1996 Serbia Dexy Co
JYSK 24[24] 2011 Denmark JYSK