List of supporters of same-sex marriage in the United States

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Supporters of same-sex marriage in the United States are people (most notably, current and former political officeholders), organizations (political and otherwise), and religious denominations, who support extending the right to marry to same-sex couples. The reform of marriage law has been the focus of many LGBT social movements. Same-sex marriage has gained the official support of several U.S. political parties, including the Democratic,[1] Libertarian, Green, an increasing portion of the membership and elected leadership of the Republican Party, along with various other minor political parties. In Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage to be a constitutional right on June 26, 2015.

Political parties[edit]


  1. Democratic Party[2]
  1. Citizens Party[3]
  2. Communist Party[4]
  3. Freedom Socialist Party[5]
  4. Green Party[6]
  5. Justice Party[7]
  6. Libertarian Party[8]
  7. Objectivist Party[9]
  8. Party for Socialism and Liberation[10]
  9. Peace and Freedom Party[11]
  10. Socialist Alternative[12]
  11. Socialist Party[13]
  12. Workers World Party[14]
Affiliated national party organizations
  1. Lavender Greens[15]
  2. Outright Libertarians[16]
  3. Log Cabin Republicans[17]
  4. National Stonewall Democrats[18]
  5. Young Democrats of America[19]

State and local[edit]

State Democratic chapters[edit]

  1. Alaska Democratic Party[20]
  2. California Democratic Party[21]
  3. Colorado Democratic Party[22]
  4. Connecticut Democratic Party[23]
  5. Hawaii Democratic Party[24]
  6. Iowa Democratic Party[25]
  7. Louisiana Democratic Party[26]
  8. Maine Democratic Party[27]
  9. Maryland Democratic Party[26]
  10. Massachusetts Democratic Party[28]
  11. Michigan Democratic Party[29]
  12. Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party[30]
  13. Montana Democratic Party[31]
  14. Nebraska Democratic Party[32]
  15. Nevada Democratic Party[33]
  16. New Hampshire Democratic Party[34]
  17. New Mexico Democratic Party[35]
  18. New York State Democratic Committee[36]
  19. North Carolina Democratic Party[37]
  20. Ohio Democratic Party[38]
  21. Oregon Democratic Party[39]
  22. Pennsylvania Democratic Party[40]
  23. Texas Democratic Party[41]
  24. Vermont Democratic Party[42]
  25. Washington State Democratic Party[43]
  26. Wisconsin Democratic Party[44]
  27. Wyoming Democratic Party[45]

Other Democratic chapters[edit]

  1. District of Columbia Democratic State Committee[46]

State Republican chapters[edit]

Other Republican chapters[edit]

  1. District of Columbia Republican Party[47]
  2. Marin County, California Republican Party[48]

Other state political parties[edit]

  1. California Peace and Freedom Party[49]
  2. Independence Party of Minnesota[50]
  3. New York Working Families Party[51]
  4. Oregon Progressive Party[52]
  5. Vermont Progressive Party[53]

Territorial political parties[edit]

  1. Puerto Rico Movimiento Unión Soberanista[54]
  2. Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party[55]
  3. Puerto Rico Working People's Party[56]

College organizations[edit]

College Democrats of America state federations and chapters[edit]

  1. Arkansas State University Democrats
  2. Brandeis University Democrats[57]
  3. Brown University Democrats[57]
  4. Case Western Reserve University Democrats[57]
  5. Claremont Colleges Democrats[57]
  6. College Democrats of North Carolina[58]
  7. College of William and Mary Democrats[57]
  8. Columbia University Democrats[57]
  9. Cornell University Democrats[57]
  10. Dartmouth College Democrats[57]
  11. Georgetown University Democrats[57]
  12. George Washington University Democrats
  13. Georgia Institute of Technology Democrats[57]
  14. Harvard University Democrats[57]
  15. Indiana University Democrats[57]
  16. Johns Hopkins University Democrats[57]
  17. Lehigh University Democrats[57]
  18. Middlebury College Democrats[57]
  19. Mount Holyoke College Democrats[57]
  20. New York University Democrats[57]
  21. Northwestern University Democrats[57]
  22. Pacific Union College Democrats[57]
  23. Penn State University Democrats[57]
  24. University of Pennsylvania Democrats[57]
  25. Princeton University Democrats[57]
  26. Stanford University Democrats[57]
  27. The College of New Jersey Democrats[59]
  28. The University of Mississippi College Democrats
  29. Towson University College Democrats[60]
  30. Tufts University Democrats[57]
  31. University of California, Irvine Democrats[57]
  32. University of California, Los Angeles Democrats[57]
  33. University of California, San Diego Democrats[61]
  34. University of Chicago Democrats[57]
  35. University of Illinois Democrats[57]
  36. University of Miami Democrats[57]
  37. University of Michigan Democrats[57]
  38. University of Oklahoma Democrats[57]
  39. University of Rochester Democrats[57]
  40. University of Southern California for Obama[57]
  41. University of Texas at Austin Democrats[57]
  42. Vanderbilt University Democrats[57]
  43. University of Virginia Democrats[57]
  44. Wake Forest University Democrats[57]
  45. University of Washington Democrats[57]
  46. Wellesley College Democrats[57]
  47. Williams College Democrats[57]
  48. Yale University Democrats[57]
  49. Yeshiva University Democrats[57]

College Republican National Committee state federations and chapters[edit]

  1. Boston University Republicans[57]
  2. Columbia University Republicans[57]
  3. Cornell University Republicans[57]
  4. Indiana University Republicans[57]
  5. John Jay College Republicans
  6. Tufts University Republicans[57]
  7. University of Chicago Republicans[57]
  8. Macalester College Republicans[62]
  9. Oregon State University College Republicans[63]
  10. University of Miami Republicans[57]
  11. University of Pennsylvania Republicans[57]
  12. University of Rochester Republicans[57]
  13. University of Southern California Republicans[57]
  14. University of Washington Republicans[57]
  15. Yeshiva University Republicans[57]

Young Republicans chapters[edit]

Main article: Young Republicans
  1. Tampa Bay Young Republicans[64]

Elected officials[edit]


  1. Barack Obama[65] (D) (2009–present)
  2. Gerald Ford[66] (R) (1974–1977)
  3. Jimmy Carter[67] (D) (1977–1981)
  4. Bill Clinton[68] (D) (1993–2001)
  • George H. W. Bush, (R) (1989–1993), although he has not stated his position on the issue, he did serve as a witness at a same-sex wedding in September 2013[69]

Vice Presidents[edit]

  1. Joe Biden[65] (D) (2009–present)
  2. Dick Cheney[70] (R) (2001–2009)
  3. Al Gore[71] (D) (1993–2001)
  4. Walter Mondale[72] (D) (1977–1981)

U.S. Senators[edit]

U.S. Senators who publicly support same-sex marriage (SSM)
  Both Democratic U.S. Senators support SSM
  One Democratic U.S. Senator supports SSM
  One Independent and one Democratic U.S. Senator support SSM
  One Democratic and one Republican U.S. Senator support SSM
  One Independent and one Republican U.S. Senator supports SSM
  One Republican U.S. Senator supports SSM
  No position for U.S. Senator
Opinion on same-sex marriage in the United States Senate # %
Total 100 100 100
Opposed 50 50 50
Support 49 49 49
Unknown or ambiguous 1[73] 1 1
  1. Minority Leader Harry Reid[74] (D–Nevada, 1987–present)
  2. Minority Whip Dick Durbin[75] (D–Illinois, 1997–present)
  3. President pro tempore emeritus Patrick Leahy[76] (D–Vermont, 1975–present)
  4. Tammy Baldwin[77] (D–Wisconsin, 2013–present)
  5. Michael Bennet[77] (D–Colorado, 2009–present)
  6. Richard Blumenthal[77] (D–Connecticut, 2011–present)
  7. Cory Booker[78] (D–New Jersey) (2013–present)
  8. Barbara Boxer[77] (D–California, 1993–present)
  9. Sherrod Brown[77] (D–Ohio, 2007–present)
  10. Maria Cantwell[79] (D–Washington, 2001–present)
  11. Ben Cardin[77] (D–Maryland, 2007–present)
  12. Tom Carper[80] (D–Delaware, 2001–present)
  13. Bob Casey, Jr.[81] (D–Pennsylvania, 2007–present)
  14. Susan Collins[82] (R–Maine, 1997–present)
  15. Chris Coons[77] (D–Delaware, 2011–present)
  16. Joe Donnelly[83] (D–Indiana, 2013–present)
  17. Dianne Feinstein[77] (D–California, 1992–present)
  18. Al Franken[77] (D–Minnesota, 2009–present)
  19. Kirsten Gillibrand[77] (D–New York, 2009–present)
  20. Martin Heinrich[77] (D–New Mexico, 2013–present)
  21. Heidi Heitkamp[84] (D–North Dakota, 2013–present)
  22. Mazie Hirono[85] (D–Hawaii, 2013–present)
  23. Tim Kaine[86] (D–Virginia, 2013–present)
  24. Angus King[87] (I–Maine, 2013–present)
  25. Mark Kirk[88] (R–Illinois, 2010–present)
  26. Amy Klobuchar[89] (D–Minnesota, 2007–present)
  27. Ed Markey[90] (D–Massachusetts, 2013–present)
  28. Claire McCaskill[91] (D–Missouri, 2007–present)
  29. Bob Menendez[77] (D–New Jersey, 2006–present)
  30. Jeff Merkley[77] (D–Oregon, 2009–present)
  31. Barbara Mikulski[77] (D–Maryland, 1987–present)
  32. Lisa Murkowski[92] (R–Alaska, 2002–present)
  33. Chris Murphy[93] (D–Connecticut, 2013–present)
  34. Patty Murray[77] (D–Washington, 1993–present)
  35. Bill Nelson[94] (D–Florida, 2001–present)
  36. Gary Peters[95] (D–Michigan, 2015–present)
  37. Rob Portman[96] (R–Ohio, 2011–present)
  38. Jack Reed[97] (D–Rhode Island, 1997–present)
  39. Bernie Sanders[98] (I–Vermont, 2007–present)
  40. Brian Schatz[99] (D–Hawaii, 2012–present)
  41. Chuck Schumer[77] (D–New York, 1999–present)
  42. Jeanne Shaheen[77] (D–New Hampshire, 2009–present)
  43. Debbie Stabenow[100] (D–Michigan, 2001–present)
  44. Jon Tester[86][101] (D–Montana, 2007–present)
  45. Tom Udall[102] (D–New Mexico, 2009–present)
  46. Mark Warner[103] (D–Virginia, 2009–present)
  47. Elizabeth Warren[77] (D–Massachusetts, 2013–present)
  48. Sheldon Whitehouse[77] (D–Rhode Island, 2007–present)
  49. Ron Wyden[77] (D–Oregon, 1996–present)

The Respect for Marriage Act, a proposed bill that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, has 44 Senate cosponsors in the 114th United States Congress.[104]

Former U.S. Senators[edit]

  1. Daniel Akaka[105] (D–Hawaii, 1990–2013)
  2. Max Baucus[31] (D–Montana, 1978–2014)
  3. Dean Barkley[106] (IP–Minnesota, 2002–2003)
  4. Mark Begich[100] (D–Alaska, 2009–2015)
  5. Joe Biden[65] (D–Delaware, 1973–2009)
  6. Jeff Bingaman (D–New Mexico) (1983–2013)
  7. Carol Moseley Braun[107] (D–Illinois, 1993–1999)
  8. Lincoln Chafee[108] (R–Rhode Island, 1999–2007)
  9. Hillary Clinton[109] (D–New York, 2001–2009)
  10. Jon Corzine[110] (D–New Jersey, 2001–2006)
  11. Mo Cowan[111] (D–Massachusetts, 2013)
  12. John Danforth[112](R-Missouri, 1977-1995)
  13. Mark Dayton[113] (D–Minnesota, 2001–2007)
  14. Chris Dodd[114] (D–Connecticut, 1981–2011)
  15. Dan Evans[115] (R–Washington, 1983–1989)
  16. Russ Feingold[77] (D–Wisconsin, 1993–2011)
  17. Al Gore[71] (D–Tennessee, 1985–1993)
  18. Mike Gravel[116] (D–Alaska, 1969–1981)
  19. Kay Hagan[117] (D–North Carolina, 2009–2015)
  20. Tom Harkin[77] (D–Iowa, 1985–2015)
  21. Daniel Inouye[118] (D-Hawaii, 1963-2012)
  22. Tim Johnson[119] (D–South Dakota, 1997–2015)
  23. Bennett Johnston, Jr.[120] (D–Louisiana, 1972–1997)
  24. Nancy Kassebaum[121] (R–Kansas, 1978–1997)
  25. Ted Kennedy[122] (D-Massachusetts, 1962-2009)
  26. Bob Kerrey[123] (D–Nebraska, 1989–2001)
  27. John Kerry[77] (D–Massachusetts, 1985–2013)
  28. Herb Kohl[100] (D–Wisconsin, 1989–2013)
  29. Mary Landrieu[124] (D–Louisiana, 1997–2015)
  30. Frank Lautenberg[125] (D-New Jersey, 1982-2001, 2003-2013)
  31. Carl Levin[77] (D–Michigan, 1979–2015)
  32. Barack Obama[65] (D–Illinois, 2005–2009)
  33. Larry Pressler[126] (R–South Dakota, 1979–1997)
  34. Chuck Robb[127] (D–Virginia, 1989–2001)
  35. Jay Rockefeller[128] (D–West Virginia, 1985–2015)
  36. Former Majority Whip Alan K. Simpson[121] (R–Wyoming, 1979–1997)
  37. Olympia Snowe[129] (R–Maine, 1995–2013)
  38. Mark Udall[77] (D–Colorado, 2009–2015)
  39. John Walsh[130] (D–Montana, 2014–2015)
  40. Jim Webb[131][132] (D–Virginia, 2007–2013)
  41. Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.[133] (R–Connecticut, 1971–1989)

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives[edit]

Map of congressional districts with representatives who publicly support same-sex marriage
  District's Democratic representative supports same-sex marriage
  District's Republican representative supports same-sex marriage
Opinion of same-sex marriage in the United States House of Representatives # %
Total overall United States House of Representatives 441 100 100
Opposition to same-sex marriage in the overall United States House of Representatives 229 52.64 52.64
Support of same-sex marriage in the overall United States House of Representatives 188 43.21 43.21
Unknown or ambiguous position on same-sex marriage in the overall United States House of Representatives 21[134][135] 4.76 4.76
Support marriage privatization in the overall United States House of Representatives 2[136] 0.45 0.45
Vacancy in the overall United States House of Representatives 2[137] 0.45 0.45
Total voting members of the United States House of Representatives 435 100 100
Opposition to same-sex marriage among voting members of the United States House of Representatives 228 52.41 52.41
Support of same-sex marriage among voting members of the United States House of Representatives 186 42.75 42.75
Unknown or ambiguous position on same-sex marriage among voting members of the United States House of Representatives 18[134] 4.13 4.13
Support marriage privatization among voting members of the United States House of Representatives 2[136] 0.45 0.45
Vacancy among voting members of the United States House of Representatives 2[137] 0.45 0.45
Total non-voting members of the United States House of Representatives 6 100 100
Unknown or ambiguous position on same-sex marriage among non-voting members of the United States House of Representatives 3[135] 50 50
Support of same-sex marriage among non-voting members of the United States House of Representatives 2 33.33 33.33
Opposition to same-sex marriage among non-voting members of the United States House of Representatives 1 16.66 16.66
  1. Minority Leader and Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi[77] (D–California)
  2. Minority Whip Steny Hoyer[138] (D–Maryland)
  3. Former Majority Whip Jim Clyburn[139] (D–South Carolina)
  4. Alma Adams[140] (D–North Carolina)
  5. Pete Aguilar[141] (D–California)
  6. Justin Amash[142] (R-Michigan)
  7. Brad Ashford[143] (D–Nebraska)
  8. Karen Bass[77] (D–California)
  9. Joyce Beatty[144] (D–Ohio)
  10. Xavier Becerra[77] (D–California)
  11. Ami Bera[145] (D–California)
  12. Don Beyer[146] (D–Virginia)
  13. Earl Blumenauer[147] (D–Oregon)
  14. Suzanne Bonamici[148] (D–Oregon)
  15. Brendan F. Boyle[149] (D–Pennsylvania)
  16. Bob Brady[100] (D–Pennsylvania)
  17. Julia Brownley[150] (D–California)
  18. Cheri Bustos[151] (D–Illinois)
  19. G. K. Butterfield[152] (D–North Carolina)
  20. Lois Capps[77] (D–California)
  21. Mike Capuano[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  22. Tony Cardenas[153] (D–California)
  23. John Carney[154] (D–Delaware)
  24. André Carson[100] (D–Indiana)
  25. Matt Cartwright[155] (D–Pennsylvania)
  26. Kathy Castor[100] (D–Florida)
  27. Joaquín Castro[156] (D–Texas)
  28. Judy Chu[77] (D–California)
  29. David Cicilline[157] (D–Rhode Island)
  30. Yvette Clarke[158] (D–New York)
  31. Katherine Clark[159] (D–Massachusetts)
  32. William Lacy Clay, Jr.[100] (D–Missouri)
  33. Emanuel Cleaver[160] (D–Missouri)
  34. Steve Cohen[161] (D–Tennessee)
  35. Bonnie Watson Coleman[162] (D–New Jersey)
  36. Gerry Connolly[163] (D–Virginia)
  37. John Conyers[77] (D–Michigan)
  38. Jim Cooper[164] (D–Tennessee)
  39. Jim Costa[165] (D–California)
  40. Ryan Costello[166] (R–Pennsylvania)
  41. Joe Courtney[167] (D–Connecticut)
  42. Joseph Crowley[168] (D–New York)
  43. Elijah Cummings[169] (D–Maryland)
  44. Carlos Curbelo[170] (R–Florida)
  45. Danny K. Davis[100] (D–Illinois)
  46. Susan Davis[77] (D–California)
  47. Peter DeFazio[100] (D–Oregon)
  48. Diana DeGette[171] (D–Colorado)
  49. John K. Delaney[172] (D–Maryland)
  50. Rosa DeLauro[173] (D–Connecticut)
  51. Suzan DelBene[174] (D–Washington)
  52. Charlie Dent[175] (R–Pennsylvania)
  53. Mark DeSaulnier[176] (D–California)
  54. Ted Deutch[177] (D–Florida)
  55. Debbie Dingell[178] (D–Michigan)
  56. Lloyd Doggett[100] (D–Texas)
  57. Robert Dold[179] (R–Illinois)
  58. Michael F. Doyle[180] (D–Pennsylvania)
  59. Tammy Duckworth[181] (D–Illinois)
  60. Donna Edwards[182] (D–Maryland)
  61. Keith Ellison[77] (D–Minnesota)
  62. Eliot Engel[183] (D–New York)
  63. Anna Eshoo[77] (D–California)
  64. Elizabeth Esty[184] (D–Connecticut)
  65. Sam Farr[77] (D–California)
  66. Chaka Fattah[185] (D–Pennsylvania)
  67. Bill Foster[186] (D–Illinois)
  68. Lois Frankel[187] (D–Florida)
  69. Marcia Fudge[188] (D–Ohio)
  70. Tulsi Gabbard[189] (D–Hawaii)
  71. Ruben Gallego[190] (D–Arizona)
  72. John Garamendi[191] (D–California)
  73. Chris Gibson[112] (R–New York)
  74. Gwen Graham[192] (D–Florida)
  75. Alan Grayson[193] (D–Florida)
  76. Al Green[100] (D–Texas)
  77. Raúl Grijalva[77] (D–Arizona)
  78. Michelle Lujan Grisham[194] (D–New Mexico)
  79. Luis Gutiérrez[195] (D–Illinois)
  80. Janice Hahn[77] (D–California)
  81. Richard L. Hanna[126] (R–New York)
  82. Alcee Hastings[196] (D–Florida)
  83. Dennis Heck[197] (D–Washington)
  84. Brian Higgins[198] (D–New York)
  85. Jim Himes[199] (D–Connecticut)
  86. Rubén Hinojosa[152] (D–Texas)
  87. Mike Honda[77] (D–California)
  88. Jared Huffman[200] (D–California)
  89. Steve Israel[201] (D–New York)
  90. Sheila Jackson Lee[202] (D–Texas)
  91. Hakeem Jeffries[203] (D–New York)
  92. Eddie Bernice Johnson[100] (D–Texas)
  93. Hank Johnson[100] (D–Georgia)
  94. David Jolly[204] (R–Florida)
  95. Marcy Kaptur[205] (D–Ohio)
  96. William R. Keating[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  97. Robin Kelly[206] (D–Illinois)
  98. Joseph P. Kennedy III[207] (D–Massachusetts)
  99. Dan Kildee[208] (D–Michigan)
  100. Derek Kilmer[209] (D–Washington)
  101. Ron Kind[210] (D–Wisconsin)
  102. Ann Kirkpatrick[211] (D–Arizona)
  103. Ann McLane Kuster[212] (D–New Hampshire)
  104. James Langevin[213] (D–Rhode Island)
  105. Rick Larsen[214] (D–Washington)
  106. John B. Larson[215] (D–Connecticut)
  107. Brenda Lawrence[216] (D–Michigan)
  108. Barbara Lee[217] (D–California)
  109. Sander M. Levin[218] (D–Michigan)
  110. John Lewis[219] (D–Georgia)
  111. Ted Lieu[220] (D–California)
  112. David Loebsack[100] (D–Iowa)
  113. Zoe Lofgren[77] (D–California)
  114. Alan Lowenthal[221] (D–California)
  115. Nita Lowey[222] (D–New York)
  116. Ben R. Luján[223] (D–New Mexico)
  117. Stephen Lynch[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  118. Carolyn B. Maloney[168] (D–New York)
  119. Sean Patrick Maloney[224] (D–New York)
  120. Doris Matsui[77] (D–California)
  121. Betty McCollum[225] (D–Minnesota)
  122. Jim McDermott[77] (D–Washington)
  123. Jim McGovern[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  124. Jerry McNerney[77] (D–California)
  125. Gregory Meeks[226] (D–New York)
  126. Grace Meng[203] (D–New York)
  127. Gwen Moore[100] (D–Wisconsin)
  128. Seth Moulton[227] (D–Massachusetts)
  129. Patrick Murphy[228] (D–Florida)
  130. Jerrold Nadler[77] (D–New York)
  131. Grace Napolitano[77] (D–California)
  132. Richard Neal[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  133. Rick Nolan[229] (D–Minnesota)
  134. Donald Norcross[230] (D–New Jersey)
  135. Beto O'Rourke[231] (D–Texas)
  136. Frank Pallone[232] (D–New Jersey)
  137. Bill Pascrell[233] (D–New Jersey)
  138. Donald Payne, Jr.[234] (D–New Jersey)
  139. Ed Perlmutter[235] (D–Colorado)
  140. Scott Peters[236] (D–California)
  141. Chellie Pingree[237] (D–Maine)
  142. Mark Pocan[238] (D–Wisconsin)
  143. Jared Polis[77] (D–Colorado)
  144. David Price[239] (D–North Carolina)
  145. Michael Quigley[77] (D–Illinois)
  146. Charles B. Rangel[240] (D–New York)
  147. Kathleen Rice[241] (D–New York)
  148. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen[242] (R–Florida)
  149. Lucille Roybal-Allard[77] (D–California)
  150. Raul Ruiz[243] (D–California)
  151. Dutch Ruppersberger[169] (D–Maryland)
  152. Bobby Rush[244] (D–Illinois)
  153. Tim Ryan[100] (D–Ohio)
  154. Linda Sánchez[77] (D–California)
  155. Loretta Sanchez[77] (D–California)
  156. John Sarbanes[245] (D–Maryland)
  157. Jan Schakowsky[77] (D–Illinois)
  158. Adam Schiff[77] (D–California)
  159. Kurt Schrader[246] (D–Oregon)
  160. Bobby Scott[100] (D–Virginia)
  161. David Scott[247] (D–Georgia)
  162. José Enrique Serrano[248] (D–New York)
  163. Terri Sewell[249] (D–Alabama)
  164. Brad Sherman[77] (D–California)
  165. Kyrsten Sinema[250] (D–Arizona)
  166. Albio Sires[233] (D–New Jersey)
  167. Louise Slaughter[251] (D–New York)
  168. Adam Smith[252] (D–Washington)
  169. Jackie Speier[77] (D–California)
  170. Eric Swalwell[253] (D–California)
  171. Mark Takai[254] (D–Hawaii)
  172. Mark Takano[255] (D–California)
  173. Mike Thompson[77] (D–California)
  174. Dina Titus[256] (D–Nevada)
  175. Paul Tonko[257] (D–New York)
  176. Norma Torres[258] (D–California)
  177. Niki Tsongas[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  178. Chris Van Hollen[77] (D–Maryland)
  179. Juan Vargas[259] (D–California)
  180. Marc Veasey[260] (D–Texas)
  181. Nydia Velázquez[261] (D–New York)
  182. Pete Visclosky[262] (D–Indiana)
  183. Tim Walz[263] (D–Minnesota)
  184. Debbie Wasserman Schultz[264] (D–Florida)
  185. Maxine Waters[77] (D–California)
  186. Peter Welch[265] (D–Vermont)
  187. Frederica Wilson[266] (D–Florida)
  188. John Yarmuth[267] (D–Kentucky)

Non-voting delegates Eleanor Holmes Norton[268] (D–District of Columbia), and Gregorio Sablan[100] (I–Northern Mariana Islands) also support same-sex marriage.

The Respect for Marriage Act, a proposed bill that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, has 142 House cosponsors in the 114th United States Congress.[269]

Former U.S. Representatives[edit]

  1. Neil Abercrombie[270] (D–Hawaii)
  2. Gary Ackerman[271] (D–New York)
  3. Daniel Akaka[105] (D–Hawaii)
  4. Rob Andrews[232] (D–New Jersey)
  5. Joe Baca[77] (D–California)
  6. John Baldacci[272] (D–Maine)
  7. Tammy Baldwin[77] (D–Wisconsin)
  8. Ron Barber[273] (D–Arizona)
  9. Bob Barr[274] (R–Georgia)
  10. Tom Barrett[78] (D–Wisconsin)
  11. Charles Bass[126] (R–New Hampshire)
  12. Max Baucus[31] (D–Montana)
  13. Chris Bell[275] (D–Texas)
  14. Shelley Berkley[77] (D–Nevada)
  15. Howard Berman[77] (D–California)
  16. Tim Bishop[276] (D–New York)
  17. Barbara Boxer[77] (D–California)
  18. Bruce Braley[277] (D–Iowa)
  19. Sherrod Brown[77] (D–Ohio)
  20. John L. Burton[77] (D–California)
  21. Tom Campbell[278] (R–California)
  22. Maria Cantwell[79] (D–Washington)
  23. Ben Cardin[77] (D–Maryland)
  24. Dennis Cardoza[100] (D–California)
  25. Russ Carnahan[279] (D–Missouri)
  26. Tom Carper[80] (D–Delaware)
  27. Ed Case[280] (D–Hawaii)
  28. Michael Castle[281] (R-Delaware)
  29. Former Minority Whip Dick Cheney[70] (R–Wyoming)
  30. Donna Christian-Christensen[282] (D–United States Virgin Islands)
  31. Hansen Clarke[100] (D–Michigan)
  32. Sam Coppersmith[283] (D–Arizona)
  33. Ron Dellums[284] (D–California)
  34. Norman D. Dicks[285] (D–Washington)
  35. John Dingell[286] (D–Michigan)
  36. Joe Donnelly[83] (D–Indiana)
  37. Dick Durbin[75] (D–Illinois)
  38. Rahm Emanuel[78] (D–Illinois)
  39. Bob Filner[77] (D–California)
  40. James Florio[287] (D–New Jersey)
  41. Harold Ford, Jr.[288] (D–Tennessee)
  42. Barney Frank[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  43. Joe Garcia[289] (D–Florida)
  44. Former Minority Leader Richard Gephardt[290] (D–Missouri)
  45. Gabrielle Giffords[291][292] (D–Arizona)
  46. Wayne Gilchrest[293] (R–Maryland)
  47. Kirsten Gillibrand[77] (D–New York)
  48. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich[294] (R-Georgia)
  49. Charlie Gonzalez[77] (D–Texas)
  50. Steve Gunderson[295] (R–Wisconsin)
  51. Debbie Halvorson[296] (D–Illinois)
  52. Colleen Hanabusa[297] (D–Hawaii)
  53. Tom Harkin[77] (D–Iowa)
  54. Martin Heinrich[77] (D–New Mexico)
  55. Maurice Hinchey[298] (D–New York)
  56. Mazie Hirono[85] (D–Hawaii)
  57. Kathy Hochul[299] (D–New York)
  58. Paul Hodes[300] (D–New Hampshire)
  59. Joe Hoeffel[301] (D–Pennsylvania)
  60. Rush Holt[232] (D–New Jersey)
  61. Steven Horsford[302] (D–Nevada)
  62. Michael Huffington[290] (R–California)
  63. Bob Inglis[112] (R-South Carolina)
  64. Jay Inslee[303] (D-Washington)
  65. Jesse Jackson, Jr.[100] (D–Illinois)
  66. Nancy Johnson[126] (R–Connecticut)
  67. Tim Johnson[119] (D–South Dakota)
  68. Patrick J. Kennedy[304] (D–Rhode Island)
  69. Mary Jo Kilroy[144] (D–Ohio)
  70. Mark Kirk[88] (R–Illinois)
  71. Jim Kolbe[305] (R–Arizona)
  72. Dennis Kucinich[306] (D–Ohio)
  73. Steve LaTourette[112] (R-Ohio)
  74. Rick Lazio[112] (R-New York)
  75. Mike Lowry[307] (D–Washington)
  76. Mary Bono Mack[126] (R–California)
  77. Dan Maffei[308] (D–New York)
  78. Marjorie Margolies[309] (D–Pennsylvania)
  79. Ed Markey[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  80. Carolyn McCarthy[100] (D–New York)
  81. Cynthia McKinney[310] (D–Georgia)
  82. Gloria Negrete McLeod[221] (D–California)
  83. Michael McMahon[311] (D–New York)
  84. Kendrick Meek[312] (D–Florida)
  85. Bob Menendez[77] (D–New Jersey)
  86. Mike Michaud[313] (D–Maine)
  87. Barbara Mikulski[77] (D–Maryland)
  88. George Miller[77] (D–California)
  89. Susan Molinari[126] (R–New York)
  90. Jim Moran[314] (D–Virginia)
  91. Connie Morella[126] (R–Maryland)
  92. Chris Murphy[93] (D–Connecticut)
  93. Patrick Murphy[315] (D–Pennsylvania)
  94. Bill Nelson[94] (D–Florida)
  95. John Olver[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  96. Bill Owens[316] (D–New York)
  97. Ed Pastor[100] (D–Arizona)
  98. Gary Peters[95] (D–Michigan)
  99. Rob Portman[96] (R–Ohio)
  100. Larry Pressler[126] (R–South Dakota)
  101. Deborah Pryce[126] (R–Ohio)
  102. Jack Reed[97] (D–Rhode Island)
  103. Harry Reid[74] (D–Nevada)
  104. Silvestre Reyes[100] (D–Texas)
  105. Laura Richardson[77] (D–California)
  106. Tom Ridge[126] (R–Pennsylvania)
  107. Steve Rothman[232] (D–New Jersey)
  108. Bernie Sanders[98] (I–Vermont)
  109. Mark Schauer[317] (D–Michigan)
  110. Brad Schneider[318] (D–Illinois)
  111. Chuck Schumer[77] (D–New York)
  112. Allyson Schwartz[319] (D–Pennsylvania)
  113. Joe Schwarz[320] (R–Michigan)
  114. Joe Sestak[321] (D–Pennsylvania)
  115. James Shannon[322] (D–Massachusetts)
  116. Chris Shays[323] (R–Connecticut)
  117. Carol Shea-Porter[324] (D–New Hampshire)
  118. Olympia Snowe[129] (R–Maine)
  119. Hilda Solis[325] (D–California)
  120. Debbie Stabenow[100] (D–Michigan)
  121. Pete Stark[77] (D–California)
  122. David Stockman[126] (R–Michigan)
  123. Betty Sutton[326] (D–Ohio)
  124. Ellen Tauscher[327] (D–California)
  125. John F. Tierney[90] (D–Massachusetts)
  126. Edolphus Towns[328] (D–New York)
  127. Mark Udall[77] (D–Colorado)
  128. Tom Udall[102] (D–New Mexico)
  129. Mel Watt[329] (D–North Carolina)
  130. Henry Waxman[77] (D–California)
  131. Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.[133] (R–Connecticut)
  132. Anthony Weiner[330] (D–New York)
  133. Lynn Woolsey[77] (D–California)
  134. David Wu[331] (D–Oregon)
  135. Ron Wyden[77] (D–Oregon)


U.S. Governors who publicly support same-sex marriage by party affiliation.
  State's Democratic Governor supports SSM
  State's independent Governor supports SSM
  State's Republican Governor supports SSM
  1. Charlie Baker[332] (R–Massachusetts) (2015–present)
  2. Muriel Bowser[333] (D–District of Columbia, 2015–present)
  3. Jerry Brown[334] (D–California) (1975–1983, 2011–present)
  4. Kate Brown[335] (D–Oregon) (2015–present)
  5. Steve Bullock[336] (D–Montana) (2013–present)
  6. Andrew Cuomo[337] (D–New York) (2011–present)
  7. Mark Dayton[113] (D–Minnesota) (2011–present)
  8. Maggie Hassan[338] (D–New Hampshire) (2013–present)
  9. John Hickenlooper[339] (D–Colorado) (2011–present)
  10. Larry Hogan[340] (R–Maryland) (2015–present)
  11. David Ige[341] (D–Hawaii) (2014–present)
  12. Jay Inslee[303] (D–Washington) (2013–present)
  13. Dan Malloy[342] (D–Connecticut) (2011–present)
  14. Kenneth Mapp[343] (I–United States Virgin Islands) (2015–present)
  15. Jack Markell[344] (D–Delaware) (2009–present)
  16. Terry McAuliffe[345] (D–Virginia) (2014–present)
  17. Jay Nixon1[346] (D–Missouri) (2009–present)
  18. Gina Raimondo[347] (D–Rhode Island) (2015–present)
  19. Bruce Rauner[348] (R–Illinois) (2015–present)
  20. Peter Shumlin[349] (D–Vermont) (2011–present)
  21. Tom Wolf[350] (D–Pennsylvania) (2015–present)


  • 1Governor Jay Nixon personally supports same-sex marriage, but has actively defended the ban on same-sex marriage in his state's constitution.

Former Governors[edit]

  1. Neil Abercrombie[270] (D–Hawaii) (2010–2014)
  2. John Baldacci[272] (D–Maine) (2003–2011)
  3. Brendan Byrne[287] (D–New Jersey) (1974–1982)
  4. Tom Carper[80] (D–Delaware) (1993–2001)
  5. Jimmy Carter[67] (D–Georgia) (1971–1975)
  6. Michael Castle[281] (R-Delaware) (1985–1992)
  7. Ben Cayetano[351] (D–Hawaii) (1994–2002)
  8. Paul Cellucci[126] (R–Massachusetts) (1997–2001)
  9. Lincoln Chafee[108] (D–Rhode Island) (2011–2015)
  10. Bill Clinton[68] (D–Arkansas) (1983–1992)
  11. Richard Codey[352] (D–New Jersey) (2004–2006)
  12. Jon Corzine[110] (D–New Jersey) (2006–2010)
  13. Charlie Crist[353] (R/I–Florida) (2007–2011)
  14. Chet Culver[354] (D–Iowa) (2007–2011)
  15. Gray Davis[355] (D–California) (1991–2003)
  16. Howard Dean[77] (D–Vermont) (1999–2003)
  17. Michael Dukakis[356] (D–Massachusetts) (1975–1979; 1983–1991)
  18. Dan Evans[115] (R–Washington) (1965–1977)
  19. Adrian Fenty[357] (D–District of Columbia) (2007–2011)
  20. James Florio[287] (D–New Jersey) (1990–1994)
  21. Parris Glendening[358] (D–Maryland) (1995–2003)
  22. Jennifer Granholm[359] (D–Michigan) (2003–2011)
  23. Vincent C. Gray[78] (D–District of Columbia) (2011–2015)
  24. Christine Gregoire[360] (D–Washington) (2005–2013)
  25. Jon Huntsman, Jr.[361] (R–Utah) (2005–2009)
  26. Gary Johnson[362] (R–New Mexico) (1995–2003)
  27. Tim Kaine[86] (D–Virginia) (2006–2010)
  28. Thomas Kean[287] (R–New Jersey) (1982–1990)
  29. Bob Kerrey[123] (D–Nebraska) (1983–1987)
  30. Angus King[87] (I–Maine) (1995–2003)
  31. John Kitzhaber[363] (D–Oregon) (1995–2003, 2011–2015)
  32. Ted Kulongoski[364] (D–Oregon) (2003–2011)
  33. Madeleine M. Kunin[365] (D–Vermont) (1985–1991)
  34. Gary Locke[366] (D–Washington) (1997–2005)
  35. Mike Lowry[307] (D–Washington) (1993–1997)
  36. John Lynch[367] (D–New Hampshire) (2005–2013)
  37. Jim McGreevey[368] (D–New Jersey) (2002–2004)
  38. William Milliken[112] (R-Michigan) (1969–1983)
  39. Ronnie Musgrove[369] (D–Mississippi) (2000–2004)
  40. Janet Napolitano[370] (D–Arizona) (2003–2009)
  41. Martin O'Malley[371] (D–Maryland) (2007–2015)
  42. David Paterson[372] (D–New York) (2008–2011)
  43. Deval Patrick[373] (D–Massachusetts) (2007–2015)
  44. Pat Quinn[374] (D–Illinois) (2009–2015)
  45. Ed Rendell[375] (D–Pennsylvania) (2003–2011)
  46. Ann Richards[376] (D–Texas) (1991–1995)
  47. Tom Ridge[126] (R–Pennsylvania) (1995–2001)
  48. Chuck Robb[127] (D–Virginia) (1982–1986)
  49. Barbara Roberts[377] (D–Oregon) (1991–1995)
  50. Jay Rockefeller[128] (D–West Virginia) (1977–1985)
  51. Pedro Rosselló[378] (NPP/D–Puerto Rico) (1993–2001)
  52. Arnold Schwarzenegger[379] (R–California) (2003–2011)
  53. Brian Schweitzer[380] (D–Montana) (2009–2013)
  54. Kathleen Sebelius[325] (D–Kansas) (2003–2009)
  55. Jeanne Shaheen[77] (D–New Hampshire) (1997–2003)
  56. Eliot Spitzer[381] (D–New York) (2007–2008)
  57. Ted Strickland [126] (D–Ohio) (2007–2011)
  58. Jane Swift [126] (R–Massachusetts) (2001–2003)
  59. James R. Thompson [382] (R–Illinois) (1977–1991)
  60. Jesse Ventura[383] (Ref./IP–Minnesota) (1999–2003)
  61. Tom Vilsack[384] (D–Iowa) (1999–2007)
  62. John D. Waihee III[297] (D–Hawaii, 1986–1994)
  63. Mark Warner[103] (D–Virginia) (2002–2006)
  64. Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.[133] (ACP–Connecticut) (1991–1995)
  65. William Weld[290] (R–Massachusetts) (1991–1997)
  66. Christine Todd Whitman[290] (R–New Jersey) (1994–2001)
  67. Anthony A. Williams[385] (D–District of Columbia) (1999–2007)

Lieutenant Governors[edit]

U.S. Lieutenant Governors who publicly support same-sex marriage by party affiliation.
  State's Democratic Lieutenant Governor supports SSM
  State's Republican Lieutenant Governor supports SSM
  No position for lieutenant governor
  1. Kathy Hochul[299] (D–New York) (2015–present)
  2. Crit Luallen[386] (D–Kentucky) (2014–present)
  3. Byron Mallott[387] (D–Alaska) (2014–present)
  4. Daniel McKee[388] (D-Rhode Island) (2015–present)
  5. Gavin Newsom[77] (D–California) (2011–present)
  6. Ralph Northam[389] (D–Virginia) (2014–present)
  7. Brad Owen[390] (D–Washington) (1997–present)
  8. Karyn Polito[391] (R–Massachusetts) (2015–present)
  9. Phillip Scott[392] (R–Vermont) (2011–present)
  10. Tina Smith[393] (D–Minnesota) (2015–present)
  11. Michael J. Stack III[394] (D–Pennsylvania) (2015–present)
  12. Shan Tsutsui[395] (D–Hawaii) (2012–present)
  13. Nancy Wyman[396] (D–Connecticut) (2011–present)

Former Lieutenant Governors[edit]

  1. Jerry Abramson[397] (D–Kentucky) (2011–2014)
  2. Don Beyer[146](D–Virginia) (1990–1998)
  3. Anthony G. Brown[398] (D–Maryland) (2007–2015)
  4. Cruz Bustamante[399] (D–California) (1999–2007)
  5. John Carney[154] (D–Delaware) (2001–2009)
  6. Michael Castle[281] (R–Delaware) (1981–1985)
  7. Ben Cayetano[351] (D–Hawaii) (1986–1994)
  8. Joy Corning[400] (R–Iowa) (1991–1999)
  9. Paul Cellucci[126] (R–Massachusetts) (1991–1999)
  10. Gray Davis[355] (D–California) (1995–1999)
  11. Howard Dean[77] (D–Vermont) (1987–1991)
  12. Matthew Denn[401] (D–Delaware, 2009–2015)
  13. Robert Duffy[402] (D–New York) (2011–2015)
  14. Mervyn M. Dymally[403] (D–California) (1975–1979)
  15. Lee Fisher[404] (D–Ohio) (2007–2011)
  16. John Garamendi[191] (D–California) (2007–2009)
  17. Bill Halter[405] (D–Arkansas) (2007–2011)
  18. Mazie Hirono[85] (D–Hawaii) (1994–2002)
  19. Tim Kaine[86] (D–Virginia) (2002–2006)
  20. John Kerry[77] (D–Massachusetts) (1983–1985)
  21. Madeleine M. Kunin[365] (D–Vermont) (1979–1983)
  22. Mitch Landrieu[78] (D–Louisiana) (2004–2010)
  23. Abel Maldonado[406] (R–California) (2010–2011)
  24. Kenneth Mapp[343] (R–United States Virgin Islands) (1995–1999)
  25. William Milliken[112] (R-Michigan) (1969–1983)
  26. Tim Murray[407] (D–Massachusetts) (2007–2013)
  27. Ronnie Musgrove[369] (D–Mississippi) (1996–2000)
  28. David Paterson[372] (D–New York) (2007–2008)
  29. Sally Pederson[408] (D–Iowa) (1999–2007)
  30. Pat Quinn[374] (D–Illinois) (2003–2009)
  31. Yvonne Prettner Solon[113] (D–Minnesota) (2011–2015)
  32. Doug Racine[409] (D–Vermont) (1997–2003)
  33. Harry Reid[74] (D–Nevada) (1971–1975)
  34. Chuck Robb (D–Virginia) (1978–1982)
  35. Elizabeth H. Roberts[410] (D–Rhode Island) (2007–2015)
  36. Brian Schatz[99] (D–Hawaii) (2010–2012)
  37. Sheila Simon[411] (D–Illinois) (2011–2015)
  38. Jane Swift [126] (R–Massachusetts) (1999–2003)
  39. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend[412] (D–Maryland) (1995–2003)
  40. John D. Waihee III[297] (D–Hawaii, 1982–1986)
  41. John Walsh[130] (D–Montana, 2013–2014)

Attorneys General[edit]

U.S. Attorneys General who publicly support same-sex marriage by party affiliation.
  State's Democratic Attorney General supports SSM1
  1. Hector Balderas[413] (D–New Mexico) (2015–present)
  2. Cynthia Coffman[414] (R-Colorado) (2015–present)
  3. Jack Conway[415] (D–Kentucky) (2008–present)
  4. Roy Cooper[416] (D–North Carolina) (2001–present)
  5. Matthew Denn[401] (D–Delaware) (2015–present)
  6. Bob Ferguson[417] (D–Washington) (2013–present)
  7. Joseph Foster[418] (D–New Hampshire) (2013–present)
  8. Brian Frosh[419] (D–Maryland) (2015–present)
  9. Kamala Harris[77] (D–California) (2011–present)
  10. Maura Healey[420] (D–Massachusetts) (2015–present)
  11. Mark Herring[421] (D–Virginia) (2014–present)
  12. Jim Hood1[422] (D–Mississippi) (2004–present)
  13. George Jepsen[423] (D–Connecticut) (2011–present)
  14. Kathleen Kane[424] (D–Pennsylvania) (2013–present)
  15. Peter Kilmartin[425] (D–Rhode Island) (2011–present)
  16. Chris Koster1[426] (D–Missouri) (2009–present)
  17. Lisa Madigan[427] (D–Illinois) (2003–present)
  18. Tom Miller[428] (D–Iowa) (1995–present)
  19. Janet T. Mills[429] (D–Maine) (2009–2011, 2013–present)
  20. Ellen Rosenblum[430] (D–Oregon) (2012–present)
  21. Eric Schneiderman[77] (D–New York) (2011–present)
  22. William Sorrell[431] (D–Vermont) (1997–present)


  • 1Attorneys General Jim Hood and Chris Koster both personally support same-sex marriage, but have actively defended the bans on same-sex marriage in their state's constitutions.

Former Attorneys General[edit]

  1. Beau Biden[432] (D–Delaware) (2007–2015)
  2. Jeff Bingaman (D–New Mexico) (1979–1983)
  3. Bruce Botelho[78] (D–Alaska) (1994–2002)
  4. Richard Blumenthal[77] (D–Connecticut) (1991–2011)
  5. Jerry Brown[334] (D–California) (2007–2011)
  6. Steve Bullock[336] (D–Montana) (2009–2013)
  7. Bill Clinton[68] (D–Arkansas) (1977–1979)
  8. Mike Cox[112][433] (R-Michigan) (2003-2011)
  9. Patrick Crank [434] (R-Wyoming) (2002-2007)
  10. Charlie Crist[353] (R–Florida) (2003–2007)
  11. Martha Coakley[435] (D–Massachusetts) (2007–2015)
  12. Andrew Cuomo[337] (D–New York) (2007–2010)
  13. John Danforth[112] (R-Missouri) (1969-1976)
  14. Michael Delaney[423] (D–New Hampshire) (2009–2013)
  15. Lee Fisher[404] (D–Ohio) (1991–1995)
  16. Doug Gansler[436] (D–Maryland) (2007–2015)
  17. Jennifer Granholm[359] (D–Michigan) (1999–2003)
  18. Christine Gregoire[360] (D–Washington) (1993–2003)
  19. Scott Harshbarger[322] (D–Massachusetts) (1991–1999)
  20. Heidi Heitkamp[84] (D–North Dakota) (1992–2000)
  21. Gary King[423] (D–New Mexico) (2007–2015)
  22. Ted Kulongoski[364] (D–Oregon) (1993–1997)
  23. Bill Lockyer[437] (D–California) (1999–2007)
  24. David M. Louie[438] (D–Hawaii) (2010–2014)
  25. Patrick C. Lynch[439] (D–Rhode Island) (2003–2011)
  26. Patricia A. Madrid[440] (D–New Mexico) (1999–2007)
  27. Catherine Cortez Masto[441] (D–Nevada) (2007–2015)
  28. Dustin McDaniel1[442] (D–Arkansas) (2007–2015)
  29. Janet Napolitano[370] (D–Arizona) (1999–2003)
  30. Irvin B. Nathan[423] (D–District of Columbia) (2011–2014)
  31. Jay Nixon[346] (D–Missouri) (1993–2009)
  32. Jim Petro[443] (R–Ohio) (2003–2007)
  33. Thomas Reilly[444] (D–Massachusetts) (1999–2007)
  34. G. Steven Rowe[445] (D–Maine) (2001–2009)
  35. James Shannon[322] (D–Massachusetts) (1987–1991)
  36. Eliot Spitzer[381] (D–New York) (1999–2006)
  37. Tom Udall[102] (D–New Mexico) (1991–1999)
  38. Sheldon Whitehouse[77] (D–Rhode Island) (1999–2003)
  39. Grant Woods[446] (R–Arizona) (1991–1999)


The U.S. Conference of Mayors, representing the mayors of cities with populations larger than 30,000 resolved to support same-sex marriage.[447]

  1. Matt Appelbaum[78] (I–Boulder, Colorado)
  2. Scott Avedisian[78] (R–Warwick, Rhode Island)
  3. Greg Ballard[78] (R–Indianapolis, Indiana)
  4. Tom Barrett[78] (D–Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  5. Tom Bates[78] (D–Berkeley, California)
  6. Ralph Becker[78] (D–Salt Lake City, Utah)
  7. Bill Bell[78] (D–Durham, North Carolina)
  8. Virg Bernero[78] (D–Lansing, Michigan)
  9. David H. Bieter [448] (D-Boise, Idaho)
  10. Dave Bing[78] (D–Detroit, Michigan)
  11. Bill de Blasio[449] (D–New York City, New York)
  12. Connie Boardman [78] (D–Huntington Beach, California)
  13. Peter Bober[78] (I–Hollywood, Florida)
  14. Bill Bogaard[78] (D–Pasadena, California)
  15. Muriel Bowser[333] (D–Washington, D.C.)
  16. Matti Herrera Bower[78] (D–Miami Beach, Florida)
  17. Jim Brainard[78] (R–Carmel, Indiana)
  18. Noam Bramson[78] (D–New Rochelle, New York)
  19. Ardell Brede[78] (I–Rochester, Minnesota)
  20. Michael F. Brennan[78] (D–Portland, Maine)
  21. Pete Buttigieg[78] (D–South Bend, Indiana)
  22. Chuck Cahn[78] (D–Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
  23. Kirk Caldwell[78] (D–Honolulu, Hawaii)
  24. John B. Callahan[78] (D–Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
  25. Stephen Cassidy[78] (D–San Leandro, California)
  26. Dan Clodfelter[450] (D–Charlotte, North Carolina)
  27. Chris Coleman[78] (D–Saint Paul, Minnesota)
  28. Michael B. Coleman[78] (D–Columbus, Ohio)
  29. Suzette Cooke[78] (R–Kent, Washington)
  30. Dennis Coombs[78] (D–Longmont, Colorado)
  31. David Coss[78] (D–Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  32. Jon Costas[78] (R–Valparaiso, Indiana)
  33. Frank Cownie[78] (D–Des Moines, Iowa)
  34. Joseph Curtatone[78] (D–Somerville, Massachusetts)
  35. Henrietta Davis[78] (D–Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  36. Karl Dean[78] (D–Nashville, Tennessee)
  37. John Dennis[78] (R–West Lafayette, Indiana)
  38. John DeStefano, Jr.[78] (D–New Haven, Connecticut)
  39. Christopher Doherty[445] (D–Scranton, Pennsylvania)
  40. Denny Doyle[364] (D–Beaverton, Oregon)
  41. Harry Dressler[78] (D–Tamarac, Florida)
  42. Carol Dutra-Vernaci[78] (D–Union City, California)
  43. Buddy Dyer[78] (D–Orlando, Florida)
  44. Rahm Emanuel[78] (D–Chicago, Illinois)
  45. John Engen[78] (D–Missoula, Montana)
  46. William D. Euille[78] (D–Alexandria, Virginia)
  47. Kevin Faulconer[451] (R-San Diego, California)
  48. Paul J. Feiner[78] (D–Greenburgh, New York)
  49. Bill Finch[78] (D–Bridgeport, Connecticut)
  50. Greg Fischer[78] (D–Louisville, Kentucky)
  51. Bob Foster[78] (D–Long Beach, California)
  52. Eric Garcetti[452] (D–Los Angeles, California)
  53. Don Gerard[78] (D–Champaign, Illinois)
  54. Patricia Gerard[78] (D–Largo, Florida)
  55. Marie Gilmore[78] (D–Alameda, California)
  56. Mary Goloff[78] (Chico, California)
  57. Greg Goodnight[78] (D–Kokomo, Indiana)
  58. Charlie Hales[453] (D–Portland, Oregon)
  59. Michael Hancock[78] (D–Denver, Colorado)
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Former mayors[edit]

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