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In Russia, most surnames change depending on the gender of the person. The last names in the list below are all in the male form. The feminine form is the same plus an "a" at the end for most surnames ending in "v" and "n". Surnames ending in "y" change to the feminine form by replacing the ending with "-aya". A large number of Russian surnames also end in "evich," "ovich," or just "ich"[citation needed]. Kuzmich and Verenich are common[citation needed] Russian surnames. Surnames ending in "evich" are common[citation needed]. For example, there is Stasevich, Fyodorovych, Ogiyevich, Alkhimovich, and Denisovich. It is believed that the "ich" ending last names originated from northern Belarus and southwestern Russia. Also, the "coch"[citation needed] ending last names are found everywhere in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, but most typically in Belarus and Russia. Other common endings are "-ev", "-ov", "-in", "-ikh", "-ykh", "-sky".

Sometimes family names will be gender-neutral and have no suffix, e.g. Lebed, meaning swan, and Zhuk, meaning beetle. Many Russian surnames are connected to Byzantine, European, Oriental and Scandinavian cultures and have been influenced or originated from there.

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