List of surviving DuMont Television Network broadcasts

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Still from Captain Video and His Video Rangers, one of DuMont's most popular programs.

The DuMont Television Network was launched in 1946 and ceased broadcasting in 1956. Allen DuMont, who created the network, preserved most of what it produced in kinescope format. By 1958, however, much of the library had been destroyed to recover the silver content.[1] Most of whatever survived was loaded onto three trucks and dumped into Upper New York Bay in the mid-1970s.[2][3] Since then, there has been extensive research on which DuMont programs have episodes extant.

Due to the possibilities that various unknown collectors may be in possession of programs and/or episodes not listed here, and that the sources below may actually hold more than what is listed (for example, through a mislabeled film can), this list is very likely incomplete.

For a list of program series aired on DuMont, see List of programs broadcast by the DuMont Television Network.

Held by the UCLA Film and Television Archive[edit]

Held by the Paley Center for Media[edit]

In addition to the below, there is one listing each for Famous Jury Trials[9] and Small Fry Club,[10] neither of which have any information other than the catalog number.

Held by the Museum of Broadcast Communications[edit]

Held by the Library of Congress[edit]

The J. Fred & Leslie W. MacDonald Collection, formerly MacDonald & Associates film archive in Chicago, is now held by the Library of Congress. In addition to the below, the collection also holds eighteen 30- and 60-second commercials produced in 1951 for DuMont TV receivers.

Held by TV4U[edit]

TV4U, a service of Margate Entertainment, ceased public operations some time in 2012.

Held by the Internet Archive[edit]

The Internet Archive collection is limited to those shows which have lapsed into the public domain.

Held by others[edit]


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