List of synagogues in Turkey

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This is a list of notable synagogues in Turkey.


Name Founded Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Ahrida Synagogue c. 1460
Ashkenazi Synagogue 1900 Istanbul Ashkenazi Sinagogue Interior.JPG Dome of the Istanbul Ashkenazi Sinagogue.JPG
Bakırköy Synagogue 19th century
Bet Avraam Synagogue
Bet Israel Synagogue 1920s
Bet Nissim Synagogue 1840s
Bet Yaakov Synagogue 1878
Burgazada Synagogue
Caddebostan Synagogue 1953
Estipol Synagogue 2016

Rededicated with morning services (Shahrit) on January 7, 2016 with the Chief Rabbi Ishak Haleva leading services.

Etz Ahayim Synagogue
Hemdat Israel Synagogue 1899
Hesed Le Avraam Synagogue
Italian Synagogue 19th century Sinagoga Italiana Foto Miguel Angel Otero Soliño.JPG
Kal Kados, Corapci Han Synagogue 1880s
Karaite Synagogue Karaite Synagogue.jpg Sinagoga Foto Miguel Angel Otero Soliño.JPG
Hasköy synagogue
Maalem Synagogue Maalem sinagog2.jpg
Mayor Synagogue Mayor Synagogue street.jpg
Neve Shalom Synagogue 1951 Neve Şalom, Istanbul.jpg
Tofre Begadim Synagogue Sinagoga Tofre Begadim. Foto Miguel A.Otero Soliño.JPG Sinagoga Tofre Begadim1. Foto Miguel A.Otero Soliño.JPG Sinagoga Tofre Begadim2. Foto Miguel A.Otero Soliño.JPG
Yanbol Synagogue 18th century Yambol synagogue Foto Miguel Angel Otero Soliño.JPG
Yeniköy Synagogue Yenikoy Sinagogu.JPG
Zulfaris Synagogue
(Jewish Museum of Turkey)
c. 1671 Zulfaris synagogue jewish museum turkey ehal.jpg







Edirne Synagogue's front door.





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